Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2014 on CBS

Episode Recap

Interpol agent Alain Bouchard captures a thief responsible for the theft of a rare dagger from a museum. However, Bouchard never finds the dagger.

Reese arrives at the library from Italy, wearing his new suit, and Finch and Sam tell him that they have a new Number from The Machine. The Number is Kelly Lin, a Hong Kong immigrant who works as a professional event planner and has an international reputation. She is managing an event at the Museum of natural History that night and Finch gets them all on the invitation list.

As Reese dons a tux for the event, Sam comes in wearing a revealing dress. They're surprised that she's dressing up for the occasion and Sam assures them that she can work it when she has to. Finch and Reese arrive outside the museum and notice protestors, and Finch explains that the museum is hosting a display of cultural artifacts from around the world. The protestors are against the artifacts being removed from their native countries.

Sam is already inside and listens in as the museum director complains to Kelly that someone is storing dry ice coolers. She assures him that she has everything under control and then watches as Sam helps a businessman choking on a shrimp puff. Kelly comes over to thank her and they discuss Kelly's accent. Kelly merely says that she's traveled around a lot and walks away.

Finch and Reese enter the museum and speculate as to whether Kelly is a spy. The lights go out and Kelly tells everyone to stay where there are. An explosion goes off outside and Reese goes to investigate, and discovers that someone has rigged the dry ice coolers to explode. Meanwhile, a masked thief steals a Cezanne painting and heads for the door. Sam goes after the thief and catches up to them outside, and rips off the mask. She's surprised to discover that it's Kelly, who fights back with some impressive martial arts skills. Sam gets the upper hand but Kelly shoves a man at her and escapes into the crowd.

When the police arrive, Sam claims that she lost her purse and convinces them to let her in to get it. Once inside she checks the table where the staff kept their personal items and recovers Kelly's computer. Bouchard is there and telling the police that he's been trailing Kelly for five years. The Interpol agent warns the police that Kelly hires derelicts to use as distractions and then kills them, leaving a trail of dead bodies. Sam meets Reese and Finch at their car and warns them that Kelly is dangerous. Finch isn't convinced and checks the GPS chip on the computer to find where Kelly has been. She frequents a bar, The Purloined Letter, and the team goes there to see if they can find Kelly. Once they arrive, Finch bluejacks the phone lines and listens in as Kelly meets with a man, Cyril. She complains that she had to hurt a guard to steal the painting and then hands it over to Cyril. He calls her Jiao and warns her that she's not done, and that she has a lot to lose if she doesn't complete her next job for him. Disgusted, Kelly leaves the bar.

The next morning, Reese and Bear follow Kelly to an apartment. Meanwhile, Finch runs a background check on Kelly using her real name and discovers that she is a former Olympic gymnast. She was cut from the roster in Hungary while practicing for the world championships, and no reason was ever given. Since then, Kelly has disappeared off the grid.

That night, Sam breaks in to Kelly's apartment after the thief leaves and finds it curiously empty. She finds the plans for her next robbery behind the mirror and confirms that there is a map of the city with a street intersection circled in red. Sam realizes that it's an ideal choke point for an attack and keeps searching, and finds information on a Guttenberg Bible. Finch realizes how valuable it is and confirms that it's in New York... and being shipped back to Europe the next day.

Sam arrives at the intersection and discovers that Kelly has knocked out the streetlights. There's a spike strip on the street and Sam moves it out of the way just as Kelly arrives. The thief draws a gun and tells Sam that she doesn't know what she's doing, just as the security team drives by with the Bible. Furious, Kelly tells Sam that it's too late to stop them. Cyril calls Kelly and asks how the robbery went, and she tells him that she didn't get the Bible. She insists that she can still get it, and Cyril responds by sending her a live video of her daughter, Kai... a hostage to force Kelly to go through with the thefts.

Sam takes Kelly to a safehouse and ties her up, and Finch explains that they want to help her. Kelly explains that she became pregnant and had to give up her career as a gymnast. No one would employ her and she was forced to live on the streets, stealing to feed herself. Kelly robbed a pawnshop belonging to Cyril and his people in a Czech crime syndicate. They recruited Kelly to use her gymnast skills to steal for them, using her daughter as a hostage. When Finch points out that derelicts have been killed because of the thefts, Kelly admits that she didn't know about it and explains that Cyril hired them and killed them afterward. As for the Bible, Kelly explains that Symmetric Security Solutions are guarding the Bible at their NYC office. Since they can't rescue Kai, Finch suggests that they help Kelly steal the Bible to buy the girl's safety.

The team starts coming up with a plan and Fusco arrives with the blueprints. He explains that he got them from his contacts in security and shows them off. There is only one elevator up to the 18th floor where there are six security rooms, and the Bible is held in one of them. Each room has biometric scanners, an electrified cage, IR eyebeams, and motion sensors. Reese figures that they'll need to meet with someone at Symmetric.

The next day, Fusco calls Bouchard and identifies himself, and says that the NYPD has a lead on Kelly. He gives Bouchard her address and the Interpol agent heads out to investigate.

At the library, Finch orders a 3D printer and unpacks it.

Fusco identifies the car belonging to Symmetric's security supervisor, Farrow, and pulls him over. He claims that the man is stealing a stolen car and asks to see his ID. Once Fusco has it, he lifts Farrow's fingerprints and gives the ID back. Meanwhile, Finch confirms that Cyril and his extortion steal culturally-significant artifacts and then sells them back to the owners, or to the highest bidders. He then uses Farrow's fingerprints and the 3d printer to make a hand glove.

When Kelly leaves her apartment, Bouchard approaches her and says that he knows who she is. When Kelly says that he has nothing on her, Bouchard promises to follow her no matter what until he does have something. As he leaves, Kelly tells Finch that Bouchard has taken the bait. Bouchard then calls Farrow at Symmetric and warns him that Kelly plans to steal the Bible. Farrow tells the Interpol agent which room they're moving the Bible to... unaware that Finch and Reese are listening in.

That night, Kelly scales the Symmetric building to the roof and prepares to go in. Meanwhile, Reese contacts Aris Zappo, a customer rep for Symmetric, and asks the security company to secretly transport a trigger for a nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, Finch hacks the Symmetric HVAC systems and turns up the heating, and then leaves with the hand-glover.

Zappo takes Reese to Symmetric to show him their security systems, unaware that Sam is hiding in the trunk of Reese's car. Meanwhile, Farrow takes Reese into the only open elevator and Reese knocks him out, and then heads for the security room. He tries to break in but the alarms go off and the security guards easily capture him. Farrow calls the NYPD to take Reese in and then goes to reset the alarms. Once everyone leaves, Sam and Kelly emerge from an air vent and Finch warns Sam that they have 45 seconds until the alarms reset. Downstairs, Fusco arrives and takes Reese into custody, and Reese tells the detective to drive him to the airport.

Racing against the clock, Sam puts on the fake fingerprints and leaks them to simulate human sweat, faking out the biometric scanners. The door opens and Finch programs the room's security cameras for a three-minute loop of an empty room. Kelly and Sam enter the room and confirm that the temperature has risen to the same temperature as the human body, jamming the motion sensors.

Bouchard arrives at Symmetric and asks to see the Bible. Farrow tells him that they've already stopped the thief and they have everything under control.

Sam gives Kelly a boost up to the supports on the ceiling. The gymnast swings from support to support, bypassing the laser grid, and arrives at the electrified cage.

A guard informs Farrow that his fingerprints have been used to activate the secure room. The supervisor realizes that something is up and heads for the room with a security team.

Kelly swings over the top of the cage, opens the lock on the case, and removes the Bible. A minute later, Farrow and his team burst in and discover that the Bible is gone. Bouchard realizes that they're too late.

The next day, Bouchard receives orders from his superiors to return to France. Sam comes up behind him and captures him at gunpoint, and takes him to Finch's car. Finch tells Bouchard that they borrowed the Bible temporarily.

That night, Kelly goes to The Purloined Letter and gives Cyril the Bible. When she says that their arrangement is over, Cyril tells him that she doesn't stop working for him until he says that she can, or Kai will pay. Bouchard and Finch are listening outside, and Finch tells Bouchard to do what he has to. After a moment, Bouchard calls his NYPD liaison.

Cyril brings up another live video feed of Kai in Hungary. As he watches in surprise, Reese takes out his men and then leans into the camera, telling Cyril that there's been a change in plans. As he leaves with Kai, Cyril goes for his gun but Sam, sitting at the bar, shoots him in the leg. The police arrive with Fusco, who says that he'll take Sam in. She finishes her drink and leave with the detective.

Once Sam joins Finch out in the car, they watch as the police take Kelly away. Finch assures Sam that once Reese brings Kai to the states, he'll speed up her citizenship application. As for Kelly, finch admits that it's all up to Bouchard.

At the station, Bouchard tells Kelly that he can't extradite her to Europe because she's now an American citizen. He doesn't care that she was forced to commit the robberies under duress... but points out that his reputation is made now that he's brought in Cyril and his syndicate. Bouchard tells her that she deserved the gold medal she would have won if she competed in the Olympics, tosses her the keys to her handcuffs, and walks out.

The next day, Sam takes Kelly home and Kelly wonders if she'll make it in the real world. Reese and Finch arrive with Kai and Sam tells her to work on being a mom. Kai runs to her mother and Kelly tells her that they're going home.

Back at the safehouse, the team share a drink to their triumph. Fusco points out that they make a good team, but Reese says that one teammate is missing. He pour a drink into an empty glass and they share a toast to Carter.

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