Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2014 on CBS

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  • Pointless episode

    I rarely say this but this episode was rather pointless. The reason being.... If they had agreed to work with Root five episodes back then Root could easily solo this mission and it would take her about 15 min total, no casualties, no excessive force. and wham bam thank you ma'am done!!!!

    The reason it would be simple is Root has a different relationship with The Machine than Finch does. Whereas Finch has only one purpose for The Machine-- saving lives. Root sees The Machine as alive and an accomplice. Root has asked the Machine in the past for additional information and to aid her in her time of need. The machine does a system check to see if any favors involved harming/taking human life and if the favors don't harm people---- it helps Root out.

    So back to what I am saying, Finch's moral code prevents him from trusting Root or allowing her to join the team. Plus Root is one of my favorite characters.
  • Not really much action in this episode

    Not really much action in this episode, but the story was interesting enough, although not great. On the plus, we got to see bear for a few seconds.
  • Provenance

    A good show here tonight, but a bit underwhelming. Reese returning was quick and expected, but there was no reason to delay the inevitable I suppose.
  • carter

    Sarah shahi is hot but dull and blah. Big mistake killing carter....
  • So much leaping around for what?

    I'm not too worry about the ratio of Reese/Shaw/Finch/Root/Fusco... it was just that this was easily the worst POI ever!

    The story didn't really fit with the overall tone of POI and the thief/gymnast (to coin a pun) was just 'lame' (and she can't act).

    POI has always punched above it's weight, script-wise, sometimes mixing pathos with tongue in cheek but this time it just plain missed the mark. Sad smiley face (first time I've had to give it a below average rating).
  • Decoys and Dead Accomplices

    Too much Shaw, not enough Reese/Finch interaction, though the opening of the episode was promising. Of course Finch would jump at the chance to get his hands on the Gutenberg Bible. If nothing else, this episode was pretty high on my geek list, just because of the subject matter. Also, Finch with a 3D printer? Priceless. Mustache Reese, WTF? It's a bit of a different flavor from other episodes, but I'd be disappointed by now if PoI didn't keep me on my toes. I think the story was a little too big for the episode (and Reese getting them into the building for the Bible and then suddenly being in China, seriously?), but it was an interesting watch and the ending was sweet.
  • Nice way to ease Reese back into the frey

    Fun show tonight with some interesting twists and turns to it. We needed a show that wasn't deadly serious in order for Reese to slip back into the group. I cried "widdle girl tears" when Reese poured a glass of Scotch for Carter and the last shot of the show featured her glass. ~sigh~ NICE touch that the creators of the show realize the fans still mourn her loss, unlike Julian Fellowes barely mentioning the mega-death of Mathew on Downton Abby. I also thought that the Interpol man was going to be a bad guy; nice that he had a heart and helped Lin escape. I liked the show: I can suspend ANY amount of disbelief for something I love. Hey, I still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa! LOL
  • What Happened?

    I consider Person of Interest to be the best show on network TV, and I'm almost always very impressed with the storyline, writing, and quality of the show in general. The Devil's Share was one of the finest hours of television ever produced, and 4C, while a laid-back episode, was still tremendously enjoyable.

    With that said, this episode was horrible. The plot was contrived and cliched, and so much suspension of disbelief was required that it became a pain fairly quickly. Every few minutes, I was saying "come on" and every part of the plot has been done so many times before. From the fact that the security personnel discussed complex security features over the phone to the uneven bars in the high security building to Reese's mysteriously finding the child in China to the POI's incomprehensible escape to Reese's horrible fake mustache (seriously, what was that?), every plot progression was an eye roller.

    The music was laughably over-the-top, and the accents in this episode, too, were pathetically overdone. Everything about this episode felt off. Here's hoping next week is better.