Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2014 on CBS

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  • Interesting episode

    Interesting episode that goes back in time to when Finch, Reece, and Shaw crossed paths before they came together as the group we know now, Even Root was involved.
  • Ram - POI

    A strong episode of Person of Interest here. Good glimpse of the backstory for these characters, but it also could have served as an enjoyable standalone episode on its own merits.
  • I wish he didnt...

    (SPOILERS) Great episode, lots of information on the teams past. I loved the Dillinger character and I wish he hadnt died. It would be nice to see him again. Is it possible that there were others before him? Im pretty sure there were. ...
  • Great but confusing episode

    Enjoyed the episode, going back to 2010 before the Harold & Reese team, but it was a bit confusing. I've watched every episode from season one to now but forget how Harold

    & Reese got together. This episode revealed this guy Dillinger was with Harold until

    he screwed Harold and got killed himself. BUT the episode never showed how Harold and Reese teamed up, the episode left you hanging.

    Still the best show on TV this year, the only one I faithfully watch every week.

  • Important Backstory

    Excellent backstory as to how Harold and Reese crossed paths and, eventually, will be a team. The episode makes it clear as to how many different folks are vying for the code. This is stuff we both didn't know and some stuff we believed we knew. It tied it up well Not an action oriented episode, but a very compelling "learning curve" as to what and why. Still, of course, many questions abound. All in all, an excellent episode for the faithful. And in that, there's the beauty. This episode would likely be anathema to the network. It's one that unless you were on-board would be trying at best. But, for the faithful it was a watershed of piecing parts of the puzzle together. You, the faithful, simply gotta love it.
  • RAM indeed!

    At least we now know how that Ardos laptop came to be, why Reese and Kara ended up there..

    What was the pre-Reese Finch like (still Reese (Bored and possibly running his own POI-ish! program by the way of Canada!)..

    And the machine has been collecting HER own computer-mad-skilled personnel. Decima guy made up the lie to Kara about who sent them to more RAM!

  • Mr. Dillinger

    Another slam out of the park. While it started off seeming just a new look at how we got to where we are today, it grew (as PoI always does) until it was hyper-relevant. All the names from the past, all the pivotal points. Beautiful. It was wonderful to have 2010 Finch in a wheelchair, though it wasn't at all believable that he would be able to dig a grave with his back still that recently injured. It did a stunning job at explaining why Finch targeted Reese later, though we still have a year before they team up. I want to know what Finch did in the time between when he had no one (except the goons who picked up Reese in the pilot). As for Root picking up Casey... I really want to know where that'll go. Great episode!
  • It was okay...

    I mean it was a pretty good episode but it wasn't great. It was interesting enough to keep me watching but there was no "omg... that was freaking awesome!" moments. I'm still waiting for that spark.
  • Simply Awesome...

    Usually no Fusco makes me sad.... but this episode was just beyond epic.... A glimpse of the past which might be very pivotal as it may have been the single most compelling reason why Finch chose John Reese to be his man for the job.... and after a few episodes without Root. we catch a minute of her ushering a future plot that just gave me goose bumps... Episode like this just definitively puts POI a cut or more above the rest of other shows of the same genre...
  • Epic Episode

    This episode was just amazing. Ecellent how the treads of the story line just came together. Not a very action filled episode, but i was truely mesmorized by the story and i loved the way all the main characters are represented as having already been involved in the "maschine" in the past. The maschine is moving them like pieces on a cheeckersboard, without them knowing untill later on. If you havent seen this episode I really recommend it.