Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on CBS

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  • Great episode.

    Great episode, I especially loved the back story of Shaw. Shaw is turning out to be a brilliant addition to the team and the show! I liked how carter turned the tables on the rookie.
  • Awesome!

    Amazing episode. David Slack writes the best episodes, and Shaw's backstory and Sarah Shahi's performance were excellent. The HR storyline is also awesome and Simmons vs. Reese was epic!
  • Razgovor

    A very strong episode of Person of Interest. Good use of a kid to mirror the character of Shaw, but you didn't even have to appreciate that to appreciate the action throughout the episode.

    Well-written, good ending as well.
  • Move Over Rover, Carter Takes Over

    One of the best episodes. Carter really rocked on this one too, love the way she handled her little dip$#!+ partner! A nice number of the week which shoehorned in the bigger HR darkness it revolved around a very charismatic young Russian girl who wants to be a black ops baddie. Only thing is her playing spy has intersected with HR's new bath salts designer drug ambition. Shaw, who can be quite annoying, was made almost human too with a good back story. As a long-time viewer it was nice to see so many things working together in one episode in which Reese, John, and crew get the upper hand as well as save their number. Still, Carter was the centerpiece who really brought it all home. Good writing and execution here make for one of the top episodes of then entire 2+ year run thus far.
  • Remember "Firewall"? :)

    Remember watching "Firewall" and getting stressed out, then applauding, then laughing, then stressed again, then cheering, then ... Well, I don't want to say too much, but this episode is almost as good as the ones penned by Jonathan Nolan himself.

    And this one wasn't even a midseason finale, much less a season-ender! :)

  • Best episode ever!!

    What more could you ask from this one??

    Got back story on Shaw. Reese beating the crap out of Simmons. Carter playing the spy against HR. And Root at the end!!!

    Only thing missing was Fusco.
  • Badass!

    This episode rocked for me, there was so much going on it felt like a small movie. I am really loving the direction that Carter has taken, bad-ass vigilante cop in the making. And Shaw, AWESOME use of her this week! Can it get any better?
  • "You don't work for HR anymore son. You work for me now"

    This is my first review ever on the site and have been a huge fan of the show since it's inception. "Razgovor" is easily one of my top 5 favorite episodes of the series so far. From seeing emotion from Shaw for the first time, to the "number" herself, to Reese deciding to fight mano a mano, to the "Gross!" audio tape, to the Root sighting, and to Carter having her best moment in the show, this was easily a season or series finale quality episode. Person of Interest continues to prove that it is the best quality show on TV right now.
  • Girl's Night Out

    Yeah, yeah, a lot of you may think that title is better suited to "Ladykillers", but seriously: This episode was ALL about Shaw and Carter, and their unbridled AWESOMENESS.

    So, I've always liked Shaw, but she doesn't always get to shine. This episode was ALL about shiny Shaw, though.

    Yes, we got some of her snarky oneliners and classic competence (and orneryness) "I'm just in it for the dog", "I bugged your office" but the real treat was watching her slowly fall for the perky, independent, self-possessed little wannabe spy-girl.

    Kids on shows like these are always a risk, because they easily become annoying in any number of ways - but Gen worked. She was believable as clever, she was believable as tough, and she was believable as emotionally mature/insightful. Well done, casting office/writers!

    Shaw's backstory was painful, and answered a few questions while asking a few more - but it doesn't really matter if she turned into "Robocop" because of the accident or if she was always like that, because THIS is the Shaw that we have, so there's little point in speculating on maybe's and might-have-beens.

    Watching her bond with Gen was heartwarming and very in character, and her Terminator-like rage when the girl was taken from her was very well done.

    I mean - she stole blood from the badguy to keep going, how badass is that!?!

    Meanwhile, Carter was watching, listening, and planning ahead.

    I had an inkling when she confiscated the gun from idiot!Laskey, and it came true: Now it's the main hold she has on him, and he's basically screwed either which way.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy - except possibly Terney.

    Loved, loved, LOVED the barscene where she PWNED the poor rookie (and the dirty cop behind the counter), and it was SO reassuring to see good old Competent!Carter back in the saddle again - I nearly lost faith last episode, when she stated Terney wasn't HR "because he's being an ass because it's personal", but clearly that was just to throw the boys off her lead.

    So: Go Shaw! Go Carter! Go Baby!Spy Gen!

    (And if that final hug-and-awkward-pat wasn't one of the sweetest things you've ever seen (it gave me ALL THE FEELS!), I'm not sure you're human. I mean, The Machine would have CRIED if it had eyes!)

    And as I'm sitting there, all worn out, trying to catch my breath from all my hollering, going "awwww" at the sight of Shaw sleeping with Gen's memento - and then ROOT is there!

    WIth a stun gun!

    Which she uses on Shaw!

    And then she makes a creepy statement!

    And then they END THE EPISODE! :o

  • Other action shows... this is how it's done.

    What a total blast of an episode! Shaw, the man and Carter got to actually shoot the bad guys to death while a side mission also got entwined in the main story arc. There were quips, fake outs and funnies .. and all without Fusco or Bear... How is that even possible?

    PoI can be a horribly uneven show and the well written, early season episodes do shine so very bright and this is no exception. We got some rough action mixed with a frantic pace that drove the story with turns that made sense (that the writers cared enough to do do the basics right on an already winning episode is a sadly rare things these days) and rolled the main season arc comfortably into the story of the week.

    I'm so glad Carter got her big scene and got to show more of her chops as an individual on the show, too often she is bewildered like Fusco at the crews demands and it was just great for her character to shine in several ways.

    Shaw got plenty of screen time and some really decent character development, that she badly needed, from the stilted killer.. well to the slightly less stilted killer. But the main thing is she got time with us and it made her more human... which is why the final scene was the perfect and natural way for the show to go.

    John took a backseat, no bad thing since the girls were doing some great work, but even so he got a fun fist fight and some action of his own.. sadly the one minus point I had for the episode was the heavy handed (pun intended) nitro scene whose explanation was just unnecessary but forgivable.

    Not even a child actor could bring this episode down, she was adorable enough to get a pass on the couple of stilted line deliveries and made up for it with some charming an perfectly executed funny lines.

    .. and just to stamp their mark on the show they end with a really wicked final scene that i think every longtime viewer has been itching for them to get to.

    My first A of the season and a wonderful surprise. Now just praying that this season won't have the awful PoI mid-season slump this year.
  • How to love so many badasses

    The last minute when Root appeared I got some extra goosebumps. And that was after an episode that had me on the tip of my chair while watching.

    Although I wasn't a big Shaw fan, making her more humane made her more likeble and she will fit in better. I seem to remeber that Shawwas more of a normal person when she first appeared on the show, but this episode made upt for her appearence in the last ones.

    But Root.......... How can we love a bad character like her so much. It must be the interaction between her and the others.
  • Represents the show's essence

    Reese knows...

    Carter is smarter than RH expected...

    Shaw has feelings...

    Let's star by saying this is the best episode since Shaw's first appearance. The action, the follow up and the final surprises give this episode everything POI is. Excellent!

    Carter is brighter than t
  • Read the Labels, Harold

    Backgrounds, man in the suit, literally duking it out with HR AND saving children? Did I miss something and we're back in season one? Hey Finch, how much you know about chemistry? Enough. And that small smile. And "The voices are there, you just have to listen" applies to so many people, myself included. AND THEN, out of nowhere left field, Crazytownbananapants returns to kidnap Shaw! Everything was working for this episode. Absolutely everything. Carter went to town. Reese muscled his way through the episode. Shaw and Finch bonded. The one thing I was bothered by was that Shaw definitely had Reese shoes on this week, but I think it's been a long time coming, so it's all good.
  • And on, and on...

    The episode is rated purely for the excellent performance from all actors. Especially Carter's most profound moment of the season, which had me smiling triumphantly. Even Shaw, whom I equally love/hate had an amazing performance. We got some background on her character, learned a lot about her personality, and it was executed wonderfully.

    As a breath of fresh air, we got some nice Finch moments. Funny ones (the scene with the audio tapes), and imposing ones. Watching him be in control of the situation, giving out the orders and asserting his role as the team's 'head honcho' was great. It's something the first 4 episodes was lacking.

    What wasn't fantastic about this episode was the utter removal of Fusco. Not even a mention of him in this episode, a major step-down from the extremely small involvement he's had in season 3 so far. Which is dumbfounding considering just how heavy the HR plot is becoming. I love Carter, but I'm getting dizzying confusion about why she's out to handle the HR situation solo. Fusco is deep undercover with HR. He's the HR 'guy'. Where is he when his ex (hopefully soon to be reunited) partner is staring down the teeth and throat of the same dirty cops he's buddied up with? Are we ignoring the fact that he's not just a vending machine detective, and his life/career is as much on the line as Carter's?

    That's the most blatant "WTF" factor holding me back from enjoying this show without flinching. The fact that its writers are attempting to force us into liking new characters while leaving gaping holes and unfinished plot devices with old ones. Many people are asking the same thing: "Where the h*ll is Fusco in all this?"

    And of course, the cliffhanger at the end is about Shaw. Shaw, who just got an entire episode of character development thrown at us. Shaw, who was just put through the wringer, whose fans are just starting to digest their dose of Shaw development. It's not that Shaw isn't enjoyable in her own way, it's the nagging question: what is it with the writers and their obsession with her? That's the reason so many people are hating on this character. A new face has been dropped into the middle of an ongoing major plot train without any clear purpose for being there.

    All in all, still no Fusco, Shaw is being used far, far too much for situations where Fusco and/or Reese would be better suited. And I don't even remember what Reese did in this episode. He beat someone up, or something. His role was the same as one of the dynamic detective duo, not as Finch's number one agent. Great. In the future, can we have some advancement in character development for our ignored heroes of seasons 1 and 2?

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