Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 4

Reasonable Doubt

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • The Grey line

    I have been asking the question "what if the POI deserves to be dead?" I finally got my answer. sometimes bad people exist and its not worth saving their lives. Reese turned a blind eye tonight and I dont blame him. I actually think that Reese the Boyscout finally grew up a little. Finch is still the heart and soul of the group still believing in his righteous quest to save all of humanity from itself. But I really respect the writers for taking Reese in a different direction.

    And Kudos to the show creators for using the fictional FriendCzar application in order to find the Book club meeting. I sure hope we get a future appearance from Jimmi Simpson's character.
  • Saw it coming...

    I don't know if it was too predictable because they showed her best friend in the beginning for no reason, or maybe it was the fact that i just re watched Double Jeopardy a few days ago... which made this episode too predictable.
  • Yeah Bear!

    Bear goes undercover at a Veterinary surgery to foil a robbery. The rest of the episode wasn't as exciting.
  • Reasonable Doubt

    A solid episode, but they tried to give us too many twists and turns, and I still have to question anyone's ability, whether they really were a DA or an undercover expert, being able to avoid the cops so easily, even before Reese's help.

    Not exactly a memorable one.
  • Too Many Words

    Episode is full of WORDS. Never ending twists that just are too silly and implausible.. Plot is far fetched, not enough action for Reese. . Not even enough drama. The actress didn't convey very many emotions despite the range of circumstances (suspect in murder, for . Episode tried too hard/ As someone else points, this epsiode rips off the movie Double Jeopardy (which I also despised). I was BORED. Not anywhere as good as ANY episode of Season two. Sorry this one is a FAIL. What happened to ROOT? She escaped psychiatric prison and???
  • Strep Throat Yields Balance

    While this episode ran live on Tuesday night, eastern time, Sarah Shahi tweeted that she had to be written out of two days of shooting this episode because she had strep throat. I don't wish illness on anyone, but the silver lining was there was not too much of Shaw this episode. I can't yet forgive POI for making Reese her spotter a couple of episodes back. SO WRONG! Yes, Shaw is 2 years behind Reese in her recovery from the government betrayal of herself and her partner, but that means she has to EARN her way to approach parity with Reese (unless Mr. C. is ill one week and has to be written out to recover). The way the season started off as The Shaw Show, I thought maybe he had to get out to make a movie that would require more than a month to shoot.

    Oh, yeah, and PLEASE, more Lionel.
  • mmmh!

    Trovo simpatico che una volta tanto i grandi abbiano preso un granchio! Shaw la trovo ogni volta molto acuta nei giudizi. Un bel episodio ma mancava qualcosa, forse un po' di mordente.
  • MVP goes to Bear, but that it

    Just wanted to say that the story although not the most original, works well enough, but was let down by the guests weak acting. But the new guy seems more interesting now, HR 2.0?
  • Judgment

    This was a huge week for Reese, character-wise. I think Shaw's rubbing off on him, that he feels it's okay to make judgment calls as he did at the end of the episode. If he doesn't get crap from Finch next week for that, I'm going to be very disappointed in the show. I didn't catch what was wrong with Bear (other than it seemed implied that he was likely being spoiled between Reese and Shaw), but it was nice to see him front and center. The case was convoluted and messy (as these things are bound to be), and its conclusion fit, despite the implications. And I SO CALLED Carter's partner. Not sure who he's working for, but it's gotta be HR.
  • Sigh...

    This would have received a higher rating if it hadn't been a blatant ripoff of the movie 'Double Jeopardy'. Even that last line the wife says as she's pointing the gun. Really? Are the writers so out of creativity that they're copying the plot of early 2000 movies point by point?

    Anyway, the rating gets knocked for that, and also because I'm wondering where the beef is with Shaw. I do enjoy her character, and I get she's part of the 'team' now. I've never quite understood the reason why writers are so horrible at balancing screentime and involvement for all of the main is not nearly enough Fusco at all this season, poor Lionel who's been reduced to errand boy and desk jockey-turned-goofy man. Seriously, in this episode Reese asked 'Is (an NYPD detective) in HR?', as if Officer Carter is supposed to know this. Hey Reese, guess which one of your detectives might know the answer to this? Maybe the plucky one that you forced to stay in HR to be your personal spy?

    Let's just say that the thing with Carter's new partner was predictable. Still, it had potential.

    Other things bothered me about this episode. Jumping from a 9 story building into a garbage truck? This is New York. Those bags aren't full of rainbow pillows, they're filled with glass and plastic and cardboard and ugly things that people throw into garbage. Person of Interest usually doesn't force me to suspend belief this hard. It was like watching a stunt in CSI: Miami, where they think people survive explosions because they wear shades.

    Much as I love Carter (and now Shaw), seeing that she gets the spotlight (again) in the next episode leaves me doubtful that Fusco will ever get more than one, aimless non-advancing episode each season. Is this the show desperate for more viewers, giving the attractive females with the sex appeal all the screentime? If that's how it's going to be for the remainder of the series, then count me out. Let's get some balance back. Stop using Fusco for his 2 minute screentime gags, and use him as he was obviously intended to be used. Let Finch be a little more than the voice on the earpiece.

    Next episode doesn't look to improve much, but here's hoping for a better episode 6, 7 and 8.