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  • One of the best on tv

    A almost perfect show. sadly, idiot CBS had to end it!
  • Thank you for all the memories, POI! :)

    What can I say - one of the best shows I have seen lately. Even more -unlike lots of other show runners, the makers of the show had respect towards their audience and took effort to give us a closure even in a shortened season.
  • A Great Send-Off for a Great Show

    They did the show justice with the ending. I was dreading another Dexter...
  • The Best of Times The Worst of Times

    OH my. Truly a wonderful series- one of the few out there and then of course CBS in its pursuit of vehicles for the lowest common denominator cancelled it. I loved the final episode- Tim says it all- bittersweet and perfect. had to pay attention- clever intermingling of time and personalities. I shall watch this series again and again

    The machine, which is always learning, has a job of performing hundreds of thousands of simulations. What if every episode and everything that we have seen so far is nothing but a simulation. It started when Harold Finch first created the machine. He asked if the machine understood him and if the machine can see or hear him. We see the machine respond with the word My prediction is all we have seen is the computer going through possible outcomes and in the end of this "simulation", Harold Finch dies and everything freezes. At this point, everything starts to go in reverse, as if its going back to the beginning of the simulation to try a different scenario. This time, however, instead of the machine responding back to finch for the first time, it simply displays and error. This throws Finch off making him look for his error but, in reality, the machine has become self aware and understands the only possible outcome that saves humanity is to not respond. Because the machine responded with an error instead of divulging the . that it has become, it demonstrates that out of the thousands of simulations that it ran, not one did it's Admin survive. So to save the Admin's, (the creator's) life, it sacrificed it's own.

    I guess we will see what happens tomorrow, and whether or not my prediction is correct or not.
  • The End???

    So thats feeling of closure!!!

    Dear CBS programming moron (s). I'm betting that your ignorance will lead to a fruitful continuation of Person Of Interest by more intelligent and capable networks such as NETFLIX or others. Shame on you for not having the brains of rocks in my yard. Old networks limited vision like CBS are doomed by the likes of Netflix and all of the others.
  • Bone Head desk Jockey kills yet another good show

    what ever slime bucket killed this show needs to be treated like ol' yeller
  • It is excellent compared to other shows

    But of course not really realistic.

    About the homosexuality everywhere - dear . @ziggysawdust : it is NOT about religion. It is about what is really happening among real people, and what most of us want to experience and what not.

    And that gays and lesbians are now happening everywhere, is not realistic. This is a really small part of society, and does not occur everywhere you look in real life. But on TV and in movies they pretend it does. And that is not ok.

    This is like the discovery of left-handed people a long time ago. Suddenly every special character and every successful artist had to be left-handed. The right-handed ones disappeared into the background.

    Very similar now today we have to have gays everywhere, and also every "serious" person involved with art has to be gay. How great must it be now to be a left-handed gay ...

    Others are pressed into the background. Again - this is not ok, and has nothing to do with real numbers and situations.

    To compare this and the reactions : I personally hate broccoli and cauliflower. I actually hate even the smell and find it disgusting. As my mother had to find out - forcing it on me made me actually vomit. So, I don't ever have one in my food, try to avoid them as much as possible, and I am grateful, if there are not many other people in the restaurant having some. And particularly I would ask for at least that much respect for me by others to not force these things on my senses. They can eat it, if they like it, no problem, but please stay away from me with it.

    Back to the actual show :

    Good fiction (science and others) is characterized by the definition of a "strange" precondition, events and rules for the fictional "universe" of the story (even if it is seemingly playing in our well-known world) and then by following this through consequently and - based on the predefined logic - logically.

    And all of this is happening here most of the time.

    Of course, some things are just funny impossible or out of any realistic way. I, as an informatics/computer science and information theory person can also only cringe when . Harold makes a rare technical statement about programming, algorithms and so forth. That is, I think, also the reason that it is a rare event. They do not seem to have any real informatics scientist as advisor.

    Also related to Snowden's "leaks" (which I always said were no surprises for us professionals anywhere in the world - we knew it all along, we also said it, mentioned it in posts like these here, but obviously people thought that I/we were crazy geeks) this show makes some uncomfortable connections to our real-real world. And that also contributes to making it so interesting.

    For us geeks - such an artificial intelligence, that can really border on life and independent thoughts is a life-long dream. So is mine.

    But rest assured - so far there is no single machine that can process all the information flow that is out there. Not to mention in real-time.

    Yes, they can record it all (but that busts every storage facility and data warehouse structure and dimension available in a rather short period of time - so, long term storage of everything in one system is also still impossible, so they need to be very selective what to actually archive), and the machines help them by identifying key words, phrases or names/addresses. But that's about it.

    In times where whole airplanes can still disappear without a trace, or where we discover the crashed planes only by good old physical searching conducted by people (computers obviously don't help much), we are still far, far, far, far away from such a scenario as in this TV show.

    Not to mention military statements like "we can see, whenever somebody lights a cigarette down there". Yes, hahahaha, they might indeed, but they obviously don't get the information, who this "somebody" is. Even nowadays whole airplanes still disappear without a trace.

    So, it all remains relative. In still in the hands of humans.
  • too much or not enough?

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, are you guys all pilgrims, having the show hitting new lows and 'being rid of the show' at a 30 second lesbian scene that is totally loyal to the characters and not over explicit nor laboriously it was her and John would you have approved. If your answer is yes then get the Hell off my porch. This episode ranks as the most interesting this season and perhaps all time, having 6000+ simulations, driving Shaw totally insane. Cyberpunk nightmare. Don't object to a little 'realism' with the bi-sexual or lesbian scene. You Americans object when Lexa gets the chop on the 100 and now complain there's too much (read: any) lesbianism Person of Interest.

    Just relax, a couple of TV characters who happen to be the same gender are making love: it is not the murders, violence and death that gets to you: it's the love? Grow up.
  • EPISODE: Show aired 5/17/2019

    For me, this show will be the last show I watch. With the scene with Root and Shaw swapping spit, this was not what this series was all about. The producer and writers have hit a new bottom. Glad this series is going away.
  • Love and hate - what is upcoming?

    I too was miffed by lesbian scene and unnecessary violence in the show with Shaw's return. Left with almost not wanting to continue watching after being a faithful fan from the beginning, I decided to give it one more chance. The following episode was fortunately POI at its best again. As far as the seedling Machine losing the fight to seedling Samaritan, I predict that since it is smarter because it is good, it will triumph over the evil Samaritan seedling. The good machine is letting it win these virtual battles to see it's character and find its flaws. The end will be fantastic with an old switcheroo, its own evil will destroy it. What seems to be our freedom fighters allowing the loss will ultimately be the win - even to their surprise. The blaze of glory!
  • unnessary to be politically correct

    Had a cool plot with technology but had to get politically correct with Lesbian scene and ruin the show for me.

    Have watched for 4 years but no longer

  • No longer interested in watching

    This was a fantastic show that my husband and I both enjoyed watching, but the lesbian relationship has totally ruined that for us, so we will no longer be watching. I saw it coming but was really hoping that the writers wouldn't go that direction.
  • Loss of focus

    Unfortunately the unnecessary descent of this previously brilliant show into irrelevant lesbian relationships has erased its quality. No reason to continue watching to the end. We know which AI system won.
  • Support the "deeper" stories.... tv shows...

    In an era when there are so many mindless tv shows about senseless murders.... finally we have such a great is about one of the most significant issues of our time!

    Millions of people are so enamored by technology, so it is very appropriate that we explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence.....

  • Better with Taraji - or Amy

    Different type of show when Taraji was the lead female. But its definitely better with lesser known Amy Acker's Root dominating the screen. One of, if not the best female TV action character of all-time!
  • person of interest

    The show will not end for quite some time.. It is like the satelite in the sky, it will not go away. Society is crying to unleash the beast. The show is one of a kind in the sense that there is alot of country and western, but talent like Johnny cash only comes around once in five blue show is one of a kind in its own catagory. The reality and example of what burns in the heart of mankind, good or bad, is iconic and uniquely portrayed by all who are involved in this spectacular work at its highest level On a side note, I believe finch served as a catalyst in transforming some cold hearts and in the proccess found himself a family that filled his loneliness and their loneliness was filled as well. Uniquely done,they work well together----
  • Best show ever

    While waiting for season 5 (seems like forever), I recapped the previous season and just finished season 3 ep 1. I never felt that strong bond between Carter and John the last time I watched it (and when Carter rescued Elias) but now I totally feel it! Gosh that grief John suffered after Carter died, I am going to feel it so hard this time around.
  • Love it!

    Great show, I hope it keeps going!
  • Well it's not the Rockford Files...

    or Magnum PI for that matter, but then that was 40 years ago. POI has a great cast, even with the departure of TP Henson for some hip hop show, and interesting storylines that help to make up for the thousands of bullets that miss their mark in frequent gun battles.
  • Person of interest

    Badass i will never watch CBS again if they Cancel
  • Thank you Jonathan Nolan and writers! Every episode is excellent!

    Excellent show, cannot wait to watch more... Jonathan Nolan awesome and thank you to all the writers and actors! Love the ethics of this show and the actors are great!
  • Keep it Coming

    Don't cut this one too....
  • Keep it on

    My favorite show for the past years. CBS is crazy to even try to let it go. It's on 3 different Networks and Netflix and everyone is waiting for this new season. The other shows they have on CBS are the same stuff the have been doing for years. That channel is definitely getting beaten from the other channels such as CW. So do not cancel this or someone please pick it up soon.
  • Rating was a 9.0 before we fell outta luv

    Watching on Netflix. We loved the show for the first season and a half. The introduction of the character Root really turned me off. A totally insane woman with an obsession with the machine. Just happens to be a skilled assassin. To my family, The best part of the show was them helping people. Getting a number, intervening and saving the day. Imo they went a little too over the top with this ridiculous Root side story. Unfortuinitly this side story started to become an every episode occurrence mid way through season 2. Started season 3 with the Root character still in full affect and it's sometimes hard to watch. Really miss the direction of the first season.
  • It won't last for a lot longer

    one of the best shows I ever watched

    I don't think it can last a lot longer but i've enjoyed it for years

  • Dont let another great show die

    One of the streaming services needs to pick this show up, great stories and actors.
  • Great Show, Great Plots

    Keep it on the air
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