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  • We can't let them cancel POI

    What are we going to do about the network canceling POI? I just don't think I can take this. Why do they cancel such great shows?
  • Keep Person Of Interest On!

    Keep POI on.. the best show on TV. We watch it as a family and talk about it the next day! WELCOME TO THE MACHINE!
  • We Need A Full Season of POI!!!

    This is an amazing series. When I see the many new series launched in 2015, few stand comparison to Person of Interest. The characters and the acting are strong and the show is still quite creative, well-written, and enjoyable. I hope the network lets it run a couple more years at least. It is certainly not "tired" and, unlike The Blacklist or Minority Report, POI has certainly not jumped the shark. We may need a write-in campaign to keep the show alive, but let's hope there is sanity in the network boardrooms.
  • The Best Ever!!!!

    If James Caviezel is in a movie or a tv series, it's the best. I love the choice of actors in this show. It's So cool and I never want this show to be ended. EVER!! I love this show because of it's overall quality. Characters are the best, story line is mind blowing. Person of Interest Tv show is the COMPLETE PACKAGE. All Time Best Series without a doubt.
  • Excellent in every aspect, very underrated compared to inferior shows

    Most well-rounded show ever: amazing writing, acting, choreography, cinematography & music. Continuously evolves & is interesting as ever after 4 seasons. Characters are the best & are developed in the past & present, a remarkable feat. Never a dull episode as the story is unbelievable even in standalones with an abundance of humour. Visuals & music wrap up this complete package. Better than many 'best of all time' series
  • Best show ever

    This is the best show ever, I have never followed a show without missing a single episode before. The suspense, the characters, the story line and basically the idea itself which is so close to the hidden truth that so many people can't see in the real world we live in. I can't wait to see season 5, and I think it would be a crime against over 10 million people who watch the show to only have 13 episodes thus rapping up the show as I heard. Let's hope we see a full season like the seasons before.
  • Originality at its best!

    Finally original, great non-overrated actors! Amazing stories!
  • WHERE IS SEASON 5???!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know when season 5 is supposed to be starting? I'm getting PoI withdrawal here!!! ;-)
  • Person of interest must stay

    This is one of the best written story lines I have ever seen. This is a very suspenseful and thought provoking series. Compared to some of the other programs on tv these days this is absolutely the best. I hope CBS does not cancel it. The actors are perfect for the roles they play. I am in love with this show and I for one would hate to see it be canceled. I hope there is enough material for a few more seasons. Great work and kudos to the producers and directors of this show. Lets not give up just yet.
  • Not as the creator imagened

    It started as a brilliant idea of how to help people the government considered them as irrelevant, but then the writers imaginations went completely out of the line, creating stupid side story about computer machine turned to become God and have its own brain to control people.

    If the writers want this show to live long, then just stick to the main idea and continue the story line of helping people, no need to imagine the impossible, at the end it is just a computer machine, unplug it and it will die. I have rated this show with 10 in the beginning but now, I can't give it more than 5.
  • Herold finch

    "Only the paranoid survives" great speech by finch. I love this guy
  • Just became a fan

    I was never interested in this show until WGN pick it up in syndication.. I'm in love with the show.. I hope that syndication helps with it viewership.. I seen on tv by the numbers that they only ordered 13 episode for this season.. "Fingers crossed" it gets another season
  • Simply the best

    Never seen a better one. If you start watching the first season, you need some episodes to get into, but then it will catch you and never again let you go. Other series are suffering loss of quality over time, but this one is getting better and better.

    I hope many seasons will be following.
  • Humor in their quips

    Luv their characters. Not afraid of anything, want justice, enjoy laughter while working. Terrific writers!
  • disappointed

    this series start as a action thriller but now its only a lesbian love drama... story stuck in same place , same scenes... its only the first seson it was great after the two women become main characters its start to bore.. really really borring... could have done better... RIPerson of interest
  • Mind Blown

    After recently binge watching this show I must say I am very impressed. I love this show and amazing characters make up for having a subpar plot. In my eyes all the seasons are pretty equal, a lot of people are saying Season 4 was bad in comparison, but I enjoyed it. The "numbers" were more interesting and the situations were more complex, the Brotherhood gang was a great force against Elias, and as someone mentioned If-Then-Else was probably the best episode out of the 90 episodes. I give it a 9 for two reasons. First, season 4 got away from going into the past of each character and learning about them. Specifically Root, she becomes a prominent character, but we don't know much about her besides why she is fascinated with the machine. There is still a lot more to Harold and Shaw that could of helped also. Second, the idea of AI vs. AI is a bit confusing. Just in the sense of how the co-exist with one another if they're same thing? What makes Samaratin so much more powerful than the Machine? You know like somehow defining the difference between the machines. Overall, great series, sucks it got bad ratings for season 4 and that it may soon be cancelling. The actors are amazing and the writers need to just make it more compelling again.
  • This person has lost interest

    unstable troll -1 ( and laughing)

    stupid fanboys -0 ( and crying in their cereal)
  • Hey Billyray

    I find it equal parts funny, fascinating, and sad that you take all of this as some sort of "personal victory" for you. Every regular visitor to this site knows about the unstable rants you've been posting here since Carter got killed off.

    What you don't seem to realize is that as mentally and emotionally stable people, the rest of us don't revolve our lives around the TV shows that we like. When a show that we like ends, we either find another show to watch, or simply do something else with that hour of our lives.

    Like most here, I look forward to watching what should be an awesome final season, and after that we will move on with the rest of our lives. I know "moving on" and having a life outside of television are strange and foreign concepts for you, but if you ever become capable of it, you'll be a much happier person!!!
  • A copy of "Angel" Season finale

    Do you remember how finished the last episode of Angel? It seemed to me a copy of the same idea. Too bad this fourth season. I did not understand anything of what happened. Sorry for a bad english...
  • shocking!!!

    This episode was surprising for me i would love there to be more than 4 season i would like it to continue for at least season 5,6,7,and 8 PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is this intentional?

    Quoted from MIT tech:

    "To make the Machine work as well as Fink imagines, HP needs to create memristor memory chips and a new kind of operating system designed to use a single, giant store of
  • A great loss

    I cannot believe I am saying this as I have loved this show through the first three seasons and thought it was the best thing on television: I will stop watching it.

    This season was not good except a few exceptions, If-Then-Else was even one of the best episodes of all seasons. I had hoped it would remain the same quality again but unfortunately it was not to be. The reason is mainly the negative and depressing tone it has taken on and the lack of humour. Mr Reese seems to have become a side character where he should be centre stage. Root turned our better than I expected and was even the only good thing about the last half of season 4. Samaritan and Greer are not interesting, same as Control. They should have pulled a sack over all three instead of just the one.

    I already had my doubt after season 3's cliffhanger as I could not see it going anywhere interesting and I was proven correct. I see even less where they will be going in Season 5.

    So I wish the show well but I will not be watching it any further.
  • Root is the root cause of POI's down turn.

    The Root character Is ridiculous! She was a good villain but she sucks as a good guy. Also how does she go from being a hacker to a trained killer. She has become the tough guy on the show. John it the hero, everyone else are sidekicks. They need to get back the shows base story. Kill Root and Samaritan off and get Shaw back.
  • Comparing Last to earlier Seasons.

    I guess the fascination of my POI was about the characters. You see, while we were learning about the machine and the story on earlier seasons, we were also learning about the characters. Both were intertwined. The introduction of Root, her past, why she wanted to reach machine. Now those characters are mostly settled, there seems to be no exploring. I believe the writers are struggling too. There were some nice stories this season but they really can not go near season 2 at all. Every show eventually reaches a point that the premise is largely lost and the story is so large the cost is FOCUS.
  • Are the machines actually warring?

    This season of POI has been a real disappointment. This "war" between the AI's has been a joke. Computers functioning on the level of the Machine and Samaritan would have resolved the conflict in days. If not faster, these things function on the microsecond level, minutes are forever for these things.

    One important point that is completely glossed over is the Machine is IN Samaritan. So once the two realized they could not co-exist the Machine should have reset the spin rates on drives, voltage regulators, temperature controls on controls and literally cooked Samaritan. This would have happened so fast by the time any human realized what was going on and thought WTF it would have been over.

    Conversely Samaritan has access to massive resources and would have done a brute force search and found and eliminated the Machine.

    So this entire season was a colossal waste of time and exercise in plot convenience nothing more. So when this season finishes and if there is no resolution between the AI's conflict I am done with this show.

    Sadly this show has the potential to last several more seasons but only if they move on and start advancing the story again. As it stands now it stagnant and beginning to die a slow painful death due to lack of story advancement.

    My advice fire the writers and get some who understand how fast AI's would function and resolve the war and move on with new stories. The Machine helping society is way more interesting than this war. Especially when the war is more a phoney war...

    Anyhow that is my thoughts on the matter. Cheers
  • the machine has been letting me down

    This show has been one of my favorite shows in recent memory. However, this season hasnt been that stellar. Now, while ill admit that im still upset that sarah shahi hasnt been around, they have been faltering. Its my hope that theyre going to put the warring machines back into play soon.
  • Season 4 Bad scheduling

    Who decides the gaps between the episodes this season ? It really hurts the show's story telling. I wonder the reason behind this.
  • My Favourite Show Currently Airing

    Person Of Interest is the closet you'll get to a fully fledged Batman series on TV that isn't a prequel. Reese, Shaw, Root, Carter, Fusco, Finch, are all wonderful characters and the stories just get more complex as the show goes on, eventually becoming a fully serialized masterpiece by Season 3. The villains/anti-heroes are some of the best on TV - Elias, Greer, and the show can even make you sympathize with them when it needs to (Scarface).

    Excellent stuff, and the soundtrack (songs like Nina Simone's Sinnerman, Fever Ray's If I Had a Heart, Johnny Cash's Hurt, Portishead's Roads and Radiohead's Exit Music For A Film) is so, so good. Must watch.
  • Where is Miss Shaw?

    Miss Shaw was one of the best characters, if not the best, on the show. She disappeared and needs to return.
  • stand still

    the show isn't going anywhere and kinda getting repetitive, im starting to get bored. more elias + machine + Samaritan less dominic.
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