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  • I may have reviewed this show before but...

    I recommend that anyone who hasn't watched this and is considering it to give it a go. Person of Interest in its entirety starts out with that face punching, gut kicking, ex-blackops kind of action you like to see in the movies with the added subtext of helping the little guy and a peppering of skilled acting. After a few seasons, they kind of let up on the action and you're starting to question whether or not Mr. Cavazel might be getting too old to kick some righteous ass (ie. he walks into a bar and guys fly out the window, you don't see how, you just hear the grunts and breaks), but then the show evolves with a new story and fresh ideas so while I feel it hit a lull with a lack of action, it makes up for it by pushing the characters and the story forward. I only hope they continue to find a way to keep the story fresh as I've grown attached to the characters and look forward to one day seeing John Reese roundhouse kick someone in the head.
  • Terrible show

    Come on guys what happened to the writers from the first two seasons. The 1/6/2015 show was awful. I almost turned it off several times but was hoping it would get better. It didn't! It is so confusing it really makes no sense! Go back to the original premise if you want to keep viewers!
  • Not Liking Samaritan

    Milan is right. It's becoming the "Red John" .The show is in a nose dive (Ratings wise and losing needs to find it way back to how it was during the first two years, the show needs to put Samaritan to rest....
  • Love the show, geat cast but

    Samaritan is Person of Interest's Red John. Dump it before it kills the show.
  • New plot

    A quite good episode for the upcoming ones. It is again the beginning of an end, I like it.

    Ok there was not much action in this one, but there will be, as told. The storyline is ones again being build up, soon there will be a qlimax where a main character will be killed of... My guess is Shawn..
  • Still decent

    The 1st season was great, but each year has gotten a bit less spectacular as they pull away from the original premise of what the show sold us on.

    That being said, when they really get their stuff together for an episode or 2, its still at the top of the game. Carters murder last year, the ep where Scarface gets killed shows that the show can still grab you & keep you tuned in sometimes.

    More shocking to me is.... although it took what, 2 years to happen, I don't really hate Shaw anymore. She was insufferable & pointless for the 1st year & a 1/2. Now she at least has either grown on me finally. Still my least favorite character, but at least I don't hate her anymore.
  • Not quite there

    I'm a huge POI fan but this particular episode I thought was less well written than many... the possible romance between Shaw and the thief guy was laboured and Root's inquiries and interest a bit heavy handed... there were also a couple of continuity problems... and not enough Reese.

    Still enjoyable enough and moved the plot forward.... but not as slick and entertaining as usual. One of POI best qualities is it's 'smarts' and this episode may have been dropped on it's head while being penned ;-)
  • More and more impressed with each episode.

    I have seen over 45 shows ,person of interest is SO FUCKING AWESOME.
  • I have tried, really, but not without Carter!!

    After 3 or 4 episodes after Taraji Henson left PoI I stopped watching show.

  • POI Just Continues to Get Better

    And it was great to begin with. continues his fascination with the idea of stories that strain our definition of just who the enemy really is. The dialogue is sharp and never wasted. The stories themselves are complete within themselves, and yet the greater story evolves and traps you into really caring about all these characters, and, yes, Bear too! This is a show that is definitely set in the possible now, but is not afraid to examine the consequences of where we are all heading, into a horrifying future of our own creation. If you're looking for humor, it's here. If you're looking for mystery, it's here. If you're looking for a techno-thriller, it's here. Most of all, Person is a show that involves each one of us. If you've seen all the seasons, and you still don't feel involved, you're not paying attention.
  • end root

    hate root. loved the show until root was added. it has turned this this show into something almost like supernatural and there are enough of those. of course liked it better with carter. i have stopped watching. hopefully the root character will end and i will definitely watch again
  • Pretenders has it ALL.

    It's almost impossible to find a show with everything, but this one nails it. This episode, Pretenders, has it all: action, comedic breaks, great continuity, no wasted dialog or drawn out interpersonal scenes. Just twists and turns everywhere. The funniest bit of dialog is when the fake detective asks Reese "how he does that with his voice?" Hysterical. Great show.
  • A show with heart, brains and a lot of fun

    Season 1 of person of interest is a slow burn techno thriller, that at first glance could be dismissed as just another series that takes the big brother conspiracy theory that someone is always watching to new heights. What eventually shines through is a story with heart that is championed by Michael Emerson's portrayal of Harold Finch. While Caviezel may be the big Hollywood draw card designed to bring viewers to the series, it is Emerson's Finch that brings you back week after week as you learn what drives this mysterious benefactor to help the helpless. I will admit, season 1 at times feels very procedural and offers more questions then answers, but as the show progresses, and as the several plot threads begin to develop, Person of Interest becomes one of those shows you don't want to miss. With Taraji Henson, the extremely underrated Kevin Chapman and the additions of Amy Ackers, Sarah Shahi, Person of Interest is a show with brains, but is so much fun and doesn't take itself too seriously at the same time. If your reading this Person of Interest is possibly the best TV show you are not watching right now.
  • Brotherhood - Wow

    Wow! Person of Interest is back and going strong! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • More Amy Acker - in each Episode!!!

    Overall the show is great! But it's such a pity, that there is no Root in the Episode 4. Please, MORE AMY ACKER in each Episode!!! She is The Highlight of the whole show!
  • Filming.

    Seriously does it have to be so dark. ? Cant hardly see what is going on.

    Although the season's premiere is a bit slow, I AM going to give this season a chance. I love the characters (YES and Shaw, and even Root has grown on me) and almost all storylines so far were great. So I'll be waiting for next week......
  • Person of Interest

    One of the best tv show by far. I don't understand why some people they say is not interesting anymore.

    Can't stop watching. Season 4 premier was just simply amazing can't wait for the rest season episodes.

    Great acting by all Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi Love you all keep up the good work.
  • Person of Interest: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    Person of Interest hooks in viewers in the beginning and keeps them watching for awhile which is awesome since that seems to be the one of the biggest problems of most tvs series today. The show's dialogue is believable and doesn't mask the characters intelligence with fake or fancy words like a lot of technical tv shows like to do. Though I would say that the way the characters operate computers is unrealistic with all the beeping noises that pop up when they load up multiple windows when tapping random keys on the keyboard. Action scenes when shown are often choreographed well enough to be believable. The cinematography is just as good if not better then a good amount of tv shows out now. The music fits well with each scene these are some good examples of good synergy between music and the scene (I recommend only watching the first one if you haven't watched the show yet. Don't blame me if I spoiled anything about the major plot line of the show, you are accountable for your own actions)

    (Go to youtube and type in Person Of Interest John vs Swat Unit Season 3 Episode 10)

    (Go to youtube and type in Person of Interest 3x10 The Devil's Share Opening Scene )

    The cast of characters are great, but as the show progresses the characters of Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker seem to have some trouble finding their place in the show as they seem to disrupt the chemistry between the characters of Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, and Kevin Chapman. As the show progresses even further, Sarah Shahi's character seems to find some chemistry as the "hammer" of team machine, but Amy Acker's character seems to have trouble finding her role in the show. You begin to wonder where Amy Acker's character is going in regards to whether is she good or bad. This kind of character can often be good for a show, but it can be a risk if not done properly since it could often lead the viewer confused if the characters position in relation to the other characters has landed properly. In other words does the characters actual intentions seem clear or interesting to the audience? With a closer look into the roles of each actor and their abilities as actors, Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P Henson, Kevin Chapman, and Amy Acker seem to fit their roles well, but Sara Shahi's acting isn't quite there yet. I often feel like Sarah Shahi's overplaying the toughness in her character whereas with the psychotic character played by Amy Acker feels natural and the toughness from Taraji P. Henson feels natural. Personally I feel Jim Caviezel's character would have been better off without all the whispering talk, but it fits his character. Amy Acker's voice can be very annoying, but can grow on you. Michael Emerson despite playing a lot of villains throughout his career, he plays a protagonist very well which is most likely because of his characters troubling history. He has the image of a engineer and to be honest he looks like he would play a perfect evil scientist. Bear has awesome synergy with Michael Emerson's characters, lol.


    Unfortunately as the show goes on Taraji P. Henson's character dies and her female bravado is left to Sarah Shahi who often struggles to find that perfect amount of strength in her character like Taraji P, Henson did in her character. With Taraji P. Henson gone I feel there is a gaping hole in the show now that needs to be filled quick for the sake of the chemistry of the cast. I believe in order to fill this hole there needs to be an added character to the cast or at least give Jim Caviezel more screen time with Kevin Chapman as that connection between team machine and the NYPD isn't as strong as it used to be which leaves Kevin Chapmans role in the future questionable in whether how significant it will be. As for the villains the characters are portrayed very well. Despite Robert John Burke's obvious appearance as a bad cop his character is placed well between the good guys and Clarke Peters who is the head of HR which is filled with bad cops. Enrico Colantoni plays his role well as his appearance does well to make viewers misinterpret him as a good guy where in fact he is a son of a mob boss.


    As the seasons go on more bad guys are shown and interestingly one of them appears to be a big threat way later on in the show, John Nolan, uncle of the shows writer Jonathan Nolan, plays a villain who wants to destroy the machine by overshadowing it with his own machine. John Nolan plays his villain role well enough to feel a similar feeling as Dian MicDiarmid's role as Darth Sidious in Star Wars, though I wouldn't say both actors are equal in performance since these are entirely different productions. Hopefully season 4 will fix problems and continue to intrigue its audience and reel back in those that have lost interest do to the chaotic yet very interesting third season.

  • Lost Interest

    This show was really fun when it was a new case each episode. Now its just a high tech soap opera.

    Not for me anymore...
  • Why did they have to kill the black character?

    I like the show, but stopped watching the show since that happened. I gave the show a high rating because when I watched I really liked it. But that was the past.

    Reading the reviews of recent episodes and how the show has changed makes me realized I haven't been missing much anything anyway.
  • Persons of Interest

    started watching this and now cant stop... all actors are amazing they all have there own personality, which makes for good tv.... cant wait for new series....
  • Uno dei migliori telefilm d'azione di tutti i tempi.

    Questo il nuovo caplavoro di J. J. Abrams,creatore di Lost,pieno d'azione,personaggi dal carisma irresistibile e molta tensione.
  • Shaw ruined the show.

    Shaw is the reason I stopped watching. the addition of this flat( pun intended) comic book character ruined everything else. It has turned into a jiggle show. You may as well watch Charmed. Telling the story of the machine could have been so interesting, but NO. They had to ruin everything by having these two Buffy the vampire Slayers do everything, and Jim follow them around like a puppy dog. As a woman, i find these kind of characters offensive. the show is obviously looking for a young male demographic. Well, fine. Its a different show now, and the old fans best go elsewherewhich they are doing if the ratings are anything to go by.
  • This Used to Be My Favorite Show!!

    In the beginning it was the show we waited for all week. It has just gotten dumber and dumber. Who wants to see so much of those 2 women!! Jim Caviezel/John (spelling)must be bored to death with his part. I am trying to find something else to watch now.
  • re-runs

    I don't know how to create a new review so I'm overwriting this one. I totally agree with Saikopi. Root is in charge now and I DON"T LIKE It. She started out fun and quirky and is now annoying and taking over the whole show. I like Harold and John. And Shaw has grown on me. So she and Root have reversed positions to my liking. Like Shaw now; do not like Root. (Nothing personal to the And I really like Lionel. He has some really great lines. They need to use him more as well. And John has been delegated to muscle. He is too smart for that (not to mention easy on the eyes so I want more of
  • Best show

    like this one
  • root rot

    How come this Root person has became the whatnot main character of this show? One who dictates every outcome. Hating it, (yeah yeah hater gonna hate) but yes i'm hating how this shows turned out. Get rid of the "conspiracy controversy trying to be like 'Lost'" and grow some balls on Harold how he deserves. Get original writes back ,look first episodes that made this show how it is supposed to be. This direction the show's been taking is been less and less entertaining. Back to the shows basics or cancel this pile of wannabeedgy it has became.
  • one of the best shows on at the moment

    a rollercoaster of a show. action, humour and clever take on conspiracy and espionage. can't wait for the next season!

    . they do a great job in making you look forward to the day Greer gets his comeuppance! He's the new smoking man but much worse!
  • How could it be better but it keeps getting better !!..

    This show just keeps getting better just my opinion.

    I don't really understand hernyb's comments but each to there own and can have his/her own opinions.

    I just think this season has been simply awesome and a must watch and then watch again in case you've missed some little piece of the story.

    Anyway just my opinion It rocks.
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