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  • "Persons" Of Interest

    This is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. The show isn't really about the main characters but the life of the ordinary american. It shows how diverse and how unique the story of each person is. It highlights this fact. Amazing Show. One of my favorites.
  • Batman

    Almost to the end of season 2 in a huge holiday marathon. I have fallen in love with this show. Of course, they better keep the STAR well compensated with rawhides and milkbones (YAY Bear!) Anyway - I think before the Batfleck was announced, there was a wishlist for Batman and I don't know if Caviezel was ever suggested.... But good God. As an older Bat - he would be perfect. He has got the compassionate eyes that landed him the Part of Jesus (for Christ's sake!! ;) He has the badassery and fighting skills. And he does that gravelly voice better then Bale could ever dream. You know - not sure if Caviezel would even do it, but if I were DC - he would have been my 1st choice.
  • Person of Interest has been White Washed

    What a disappointment to find one of our favorite characters killed off in the last episode. We really enjoyed watching the show over the years and Detective Carter has been one of our favorites. There are less and less African-American role models on tv. Detective Carter was a strong, intelligent, attractive black woman with a great career. Which is why its so disappointing to find CBS killing off a great role model. Thinking about it, one by one, blacks have disappeared from this show. Perhaps its an indication that this one's not for us.
  • The Crossing...

    It seems writers for great series like person of interest or even Dexter feel the need to give their show "depth" by killing off characters that you get attached to over several seasons. Where is it written that this is a good thing? What's the bloody point, it does not serve any constructive purpose.

    From the beginning, Person of Interest felt like a show that I could watch to have fun, and where the good guys would always win, even if they got beat up quite a bit. It does not spice things up, it just makes me sad, and I'm more than a bit frustrated at how they managed to turn all that fun upside down.

    Really, killing off a key character at the end of the episode on a stray bullet, and within just a few seconds? The writers tried too hard to bring us something unexpected - instead they botched up the whole series.

    I won't be buying any more of this, I am fed up with this artificial brainf***.
  • DVD follower of Person of Interest.................

    behind you live viewers. The Crossing was so full of impossible situations I grew weary. The morgue is surrounded - and then it wasn't. A miracle !! Several that way. The end of the episode smoothed out so quickly from total mayhem - ridiculous. No way Fusco comes back from multiple broken fingers for such a heroic response, Yes, its TV - but give me a break and leave a fragment of believability somewhere. Carter dead - tells me the new romance could not work. I'll stop.....
  • The Crossing

    I usually love the show. I watch TV to escape the bad things in life. On TV good guys WIN! They don't get killed. If I wanted true life I'd watch the news or 60 minutes all day. Keep it simple. Good guys win. I'd love to watch 'the following' show but the good guys NEVER win. Writers just have it backwards on that one.

    Score for show is when I pretend Carter didn't get killed.
  • Save BEAR

    Great show, excellent writing, lovely actors and BEAR.
  • Stupid Writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why just why please explain to me what good this does for the show?

    I think many people will hate this and many people will stop watch the show because of this!

    I just do not understand why when you can go all different directions with the show.

    Really not necessary to kill of Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • killing Carte are you crazy

    you are crazy, if they are contemplating killing Carter, it's crazy, it's like we're killing the show kidney. Have to do something if not this show comes in chopped then I am telling you.
  • Who dies Tonight??? .... Not Fusco ... but the dog!!!

    i'm trying to think outside the box on this one ...

    Last episode, when FInch noted that things were about to get very active, Mr. Reese suggested to Finch that he get Bear a ballistic vest for a guard dog.

    This is foreshadowing.
  • Used to be my favorite show - This season is a mess. - OK, I changed my mind

    November 12th show was great. I will continue to watch. Carter rocks!

    This season they have apparently become bored with simply writing a good show. Shaw is OK but they really don't know what to do with her or how to write for her. They only have that "she wants to shoot someone" deal. I don't like that Carter has been busted to patrolman. What, exactly is Root there for? Then there is this new secret organization that is there to protect people's privacy. Now they are taking three episodes to kill off Fusco. I have no interest in seeing him cry while being tortured. Sorry, but I'll tune in again after Thanksgiving.

    This thing is all over the place and out of control. Too many characters with no direction.
  • Disappointed this Season

    I agree with those that think it's gone a little haywire this liked the weekly different HR stuff and the new mean, big bad women, is too much.

    Carter was the only female actor the show needed, except for those in the weekly shows. The smart alecky women on there don't add anything to the show.
  • Great Show

    Great show with great characters supported by amazing actors. I love this show, the story line is interesting and it has enough twists to keep it going.
  • season 3 is ok

    this is one of my fav shows, i love reese. however, shaw is a bit annoying and overly done. i get the tough girl thing, but we get the point. chill out. ugh, i can barely watch it anymore without being annoyed. i do love root though, she is super interesting. carter is getting more awesome.
  • Loving the new season!

    As much as I love Finch and Reese, I am really glad that they introduced Shaw. And I actually find Roots return to be a very interesting twist as well. I can't wait to see where they take the rest of the season, especially with Carter and HR. So many strong female characters this season!
  • This season

    ... just keeps getting better.
  • COOL :)

    i saw the 3 season this week for this episode, Shaw and the DOG :)

    Shaw: "We're not any agency, we're just a... I don't even know what we are. To be honest, I'm only in it for the
  • Root not a fan

    They should have killed off that Root character last season when they had the chance....
  • You work for me now, son.

    Carter was absolutely the BEST thing about this episode. I do hope they keep it up.

    I'm still not interested in Shaw one bit, but at least her presence wasn't so assaulting this time around...

    The number of the week was good and Reese was awesome. I think Finch letting Shaw know that it's basically okay to ignore instructions could lead to bigger problems later on because she's so unstable. Loved seeing Root show up, especially if she's going to get payback for Shaw shooting her. Missed Fusco.

    Overall, I'll be showing up for the core 4 (Carter/Reese/Fusco/Finch) and to see Root's storyline reach its conclusion... I can't wait to see how Carter takes down HR.
  • Freaky Root

    B4 last night, I enjoyed POI. Last night after freaky Root was reintroduced - I lost interest. Her role's too demonic & creepy. I liked POI when it was helping people. Root contradicts that so I'll no longer watch it.
  • 3's a crowd!

    Love Series 1 and 2, and although im enjoying series 3 i cnt help but feel with sam's inclusion 3 is a crowd, the dynanism between reese and harold is so what lacking from the previous it will get better.
  • perky Carter

    becoming a training officer after demotion a new twist in Carters career
  • Adding Shaw was actually -

    Although her acting as a tough character could improve, and of course given time it will; I believe adding a tough female character was the right call especially when it adds polar chemistry between characters such as in the case of Reese and Shaw. This show just gets better and better and not just with a new regular cast member, but with so many enemy plots presenting in so many angles; thus creating a story with exciting conspiracies that keeps predictable conclusions that plague now-day TV shows. Everyone has their own taste in TV Shows, but my opinion based on the quality of previous episodes and plot complexity it is by a good margin the best show this year.
  • I'm Shaw you'll change your opinion

    I think a couple of you guys are unjustly hating on Shaw. I think or more accurately hope, she's going to end up working with Root. The machine aka the writers obviously see the potential with Root hence her re-purposing. I predict a spin-off but with bad ass chicks and a cat named Kangaroo. I look forward to what comes next. Also there seems to be a theme of two. Reese and Harold, Bosco and Carter, Elias and and Shaw. There's a point to Shaw, I'm Shaw of it.
  • Friends and Undercovers

    I could say a wholeeeee lot... but the small scene at the end summed it all up - the producers and writers have not lost their knack... when Scarface thanked Carter... and then later on turned up to pick up the cash and diamonds... Elias is up to his old tricks just like the writers are, just like Finch and John (with the ensemble)... they all are... (maybe even Bear ;-))

    Yay - the series style has survived the break!
  • With a little help from their friends

    Considering all the enemies that Reese and Harold have, now that they are no longer under the radar, they need all the help they can get. Sarah Shahi is great in the role of the trigger happy Samantha. Now that Carter has been demoted she has to resort to her friends in low places (Elias), and Fusco has had to increase his skill set. They will probably need all hands on deck once Root gets out. Then there is the machine, it is playing a game keeping all sides at bay, it will be interesting to see how that plays out now that the machine is in god mode.
  • Another Regular? Why?

    Not looking forward to Sarah Shahi. I feel she is a weak link as an actress and do we need another regular? Please don't muck up the waters with too many unnecessary characters as you did with LOST. The rest of the cast is so strong. Such a sharply written show.

    at show, great actors!! Don't ever canle
  • Why destroy a perfect system??

    Just recently I finished watching the second seasons finale. I am as stunned as I was a year ago while the first season ended. This is the perfect show: Story-wise (so compley, my jaw is still down), camera/filmmaking wise, actor/actress wise.... rarely you stumble upon an episode that is "just OK". in fact, I cannot remember any.

    Now, four times this season our perfect team got some help from the beautiful Sarah Shahi. I just found out that she was promoted to the main cast for season 3.

    My God, please don't make her an equal to Reese. She ofcourse is a fighter, but when you put her next to our favourite knee-shooter, the whole concept will crumble.

    We had our power women: Carter and Zoe.

    The Brain: Finch.

    The Gun: Reese

    And all the marvelous other characters.

    Why put another main character into the equation. I don't get it.

    Is this for ratings? Oh, yes, we need a stunning, young woman.

    Just the other day I read a comment of another fan, who had said that he/she is getting sick of those beautiful, young women who can kick ass men twice their size.

    I totally agree.

    Please don't get me wrong: I like those in NCIS, Hawaii-Five 0 ...

    But we had Carter and Zoe and the crazy bitch Root.

    Isn't that enough?

    Please don't destroy this wonderful system we had there.

    But, since there are no known facts about her part in season three... maybe I am getting ahead of myself.
  • Amzing show

    This is one unique show. Never seen anything like it. And its great. Muchael Emerson and Jim Caveasel make a great team, and the typical mystque from Abrams is all there. Lets hope this show does not end up like Lost, seen season 1 so far, and have lots of questions, lets hope we get answers, unlike Lost.
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