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  • truly enjoyable tv!

    We my wife and I cant get enough of Jim Cavizievel ! he has chrisma and is a truely gifted actor! Keep him going! We havent missed anything he's been in! A+ to person of interest!
  • til death

    Hello, I would like to know the title of the song that plays at the end of this episode. A woman sings.

    Thank you.
  • Love this Series!!

    This is one of the best shows on TV and I am so happy to hear they have made the right decision and renewed it, yay! Usually they cancel great shows but this time they knew what they were doing for a change. Love Jim Caviezel as the lead and that's the main reason I watch this faithfully and even own all of the episodes thru Amazon streaming videos. Thank you thank you for renewing a great series!!!
  • A MUST-WATCH!!!!!!

    I cannot believe why this show isn't getting any more awards(besides PCA). This show is absolutely lovely. It's performances, writers, plots, music and concept is utterly superb! Jim Caviezel totally owns this show but the writers do a good job of not focusing unfairly too much on him. It makes sure that ALL the characters are equally important to this show's success and the wierd thing is that THEY ARE. John Reese is completely a new kind of badass that television has never seen before.

    What attracted me to this show was the people associated with it. With Jonathan Nolan as showrunner along with . Abrams as executive producer, this show is as great as you'd expect it to be. This show is absolutely thrilling! Now, it's even the fastest growing show viewers-wise. Hope it gets nominated and wins even more awards.

    All the things that I have mentioned are just 10% of describing how excellent this show is.

    Great job, Cast AND Crew. You don't want to forget the guys behind the camera, you know?

    I love this show so much!
  • Currently My Favorite Show!!!!

    POI fantastic show, with wonderful actors, good chemistry and great stories. My favorite character in the series absolutely John Reese the guy knows how to kick ass with such a cool swagger that it never gets old watching him do it every single episode. I love the way they gives the flash backs and yes I can really feel that every single character have deep interesting story line.

    Best acting: is by Taraji P. Henson (Detective Carter)

    Best episode: this one is tough because there are plenty of awesome episodes. I have to say final 4 episodes are fantastic along with 13th episode "Root Cause"

    I'm looking forward to Season 2 anxiously and am glad I've found a wonderful show that intrigues me.
  • Grat Show Enjoyable!!!

    A great show to watch. Keeps you interested not want to miss a min and never miss an episode. And Mr Finch, some eye candy!!!
  • superb !

    One of the best shows. Every episode is very strong. The cast is exellent. Hope to see more episodes coming our way. A MUST WATCH SHOW !!
  • Enjoyable

    While I prefer a tv series with a more intense serial arc, this show, while heavily episodic, is solidly entertaining. Sure it gets somewhat silly in spots (ala Ateam) but all the characters are likeable and the 'stories of the week' are decent enough. Its one of my favorite current tv shows.
  • Reacher-Movie

    Just read the 'Reacher" series of books, Jack Reacher "is" John Reese.... Caviezel would be perfect in the movie but Cruise is going play the 6"5" Reacher.......bummer

    Oh, Oscar, so you think a gay couple is sick and disgusting and shootings-stabbings-car crashes are more wholesome and family oriented????? Turn the dial.
  • Harold + Bear = great show

    Show was a solid 8.5 for me, but after the addition of Bear, it jumped to a 9.5.

    Keep Bear and I'll keep watching.
  • ROOT mayne really gets 2 my nerves

    Is root evil o wat?
  • Best Show on TV

    I cannot say how much I love this show. It has everything you could ask for in a tv show, a great 'story of the week', a fantastic mythology in the background which grows from week to week, great humor and above all two main characters (Harold Finch and John Reese) who you can't help but genuinely grow to care for over time. The writing and the actors are totally amazing, especially Michael Emerson, who looks so sweet I can't help having a soft spot for. I highly recommend giving this show a go, miss this and you'll be missing a rare TV treat.

    this show is one fo the coolest shows ever!!!!
  • Best show in a really really long time

    This show is too good for me to review, I'm just glad it didn't get cancelled.
  • Great series

    I love this serial and am quite dissappointed it was not aired last thursday. I also hope that the write manages to bring back "Root" again and turn her into someone good.....wishful

    Hate to see her as a villain and also would miss her
  • nice surprise

    I watched the first 8 episodes and thought: 'Good, but treading water. I'll stop watching the show but keep an ear to the internet. If it moves anyone, I'll continue.' Nothing much happened on the internet. But then I saw, that season 2 had premiered and thought: 'OK, so it didn't fail. I'll watch some more'.

    That break from November '11 to September '12 would never have happened if only I'd watched one more episode. In that episode the series broke the traditional cliche story line and really started to move.

    The final episode of season 1 was so full of content and action, that it felt like an entire feature length movie. I literally had to check my watch to confirm, that only an hour had passed.

    This is my new favorite show.
  • Confused

    why is the show on the site if you cant watch it? I love the show and hate the fact I cant watch it. when I get off work I catch up by watchng online. Please fix this. i would love to see how cater is doing with working with them two. This season is going to be great.!!!!!!!
  • Good actors, good story, good show!

    Love this show. Action, brains and suspense. Good writers plus good actors make all the difference.
  • Confused: has Elementary at 9:00

    I'm so confused. lists Elementary at 9:00 but the 9 p.m. slot should be Person of Interest, one of my favorite shows! I can't wait for the new season and I thought it began tonight at 9:00!!!!!!!!!?
  • Glad It's Back!

    I am so glad this show is back. It's a unique show that I look forward to every week.
  • Never a boring moment

    Love this show! The concept is fantastic, the script and direction is brilliant and the action is second to none!

    Every week seems to bring new twists and plot lines, it doesn't seem to get boring. Biggest question is...can Reese rival Bauer? That's a question I won't answer! :)


    I just looked at all of the ratings of this show below and am pleasantly surprised to see almost 100% of folks rating it a "10". It deserves it! This is probably the best show on TV today. Great cast - especially Michael Emerson & Jim Caviezel! Their natural chemistry cannot be scripted. Outstanding writing and direction! I hope CBS continues to give this show every bit of support it deserves so that even more viewers will tune in! Once you watch it, you're hooked! Thanks, CBS! (This absolves you from your not having CHAOS's back and killing that super show off so fast)... ; )

    PS - I just got my POI Season 1 DVD in the mail today! Am having my own POI "marathon" leading up to their 09/27 season opener!
  • Keeps Pulling Me In

    This Show is Great, Every time I watch a Episode of it I want to watch the next one!

    Glad to see a few people loving it as well and hope CBS keeps it going!

    Cant wait for Season 2!!!!
  • Excellent series

    As long as creators of PoI do not fall standart network show traps like too much humour , action that hurts nobody , romance or banal messages I think we shall have a great crime/action/thriller series for some time. Main charactrers and actors are great. I think Nolan and Plegeman understand one thing. This show is not about cases or mysteries or one big conspiracy. It is about characters and how they develop....

    I just learned that Caviezel donated money to the 2006 campaign to re-elect U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. As much as I like Person of Interest I will never be able to see this show again knowing that the main actor is such a stupid and insane person.

    Whoever agrees with me spread the word and, please, stop watching this maniac!
  • love the show

    Best TV show yet,a fresh and new idea waiting 4 the new episodes to begin.Love the whole crew u rock john Reese please hurry with the new episodes can't hardly wait
  • Different

    A fresh and different idea
  • big fan

    Love this show. Can't wait for the new season!
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