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Person of Interest

Tuesday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2011 In Season



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  • perky Carter

    becoming a training officer after demotion a new twist in Carters career
  • Adding Shaw was actually -

    Although her acting as a tough character could improve, and of course given time it will; I believe adding a tough female character was the right call especially when it adds polar chemistry between characters such as in the case of Reese and Shaw. This show just gets better and better and not just with a new regular cast member, but with so many enemy plots presenting in so many angles; thus creating a story with exciting conspiracies that keeps predictable conclusions that plague now-day TV shows. Everyone has their own taste in TV Shows, but my opinion based on the quality of previous episodes and plot complexity it is by a good margin the best show this year.
  • I'm Shaw you'll change your opinion

    I think a couple of you guys are unjustly hating on Shaw. I think or more accurately hope, she's going to end up working with Root. The machine aka the writers obviously see the potential with Root hence her re-purposing. I predict a spin-off but with bad ass chicks and a cat named Kangaroo. I look forward to what comes next. Also there seems to be a theme of two. Reese and Harold, Bosco and Carter, Elias and and Shaw. There's a point to Shaw, I'm Shaw of it.
  • Friends and Undercovers

    I could say a wholeeeee lot... but the small scene at the end summed it all up - the producers and writers have not lost their knack... when Scarface thanked Carter... and then later on turned up to pick up the cash and diamonds... Elias is up to his old tricks just like the writers are, just like Finch and John (with the ensemble)... they all are... (maybe even Bear ;-))

    Yay - the series style has survived the break!
  • With a little help from their friends

    Considering all the enemies that Reese and Harold have, now that they are no longer under the radar, they need all the help they can get. Sarah Shahi is great in the role of the trigger happy Samantha. Now that Carter has been demoted she has to resort to her friends in low places (Elias), and Fusco has had to increase his skill set. They will probably need all hands on deck once Root gets out. Then there is the machine, it is playing a game keeping all sides at bay, it will be interesting to see how that plays out now that the machine is in god mode.
  • Another Regular? Why?

    Not looking forward to Sarah Shahi. I feel she is a weak link as an actress and do we need another regular? Please don't muck up the waters with too many unnecessary characters as you did with LOST. The rest of the cast is so strong. Such a sharply written show.

    at show, great actors!! Don't ever canle
  • Why destroy a perfect system??

    Just recently I finished watching the second seasons finale. I am as stunned as I was a year ago while the first season ended. This is the perfect show: Story-wise (so compley, my jaw is still down), camera/filmmaking wise, actor/actress wise.... rarely you stumble upon an episode that is "just OK". in fact, I cannot remember any.

    Now, four times this season our perfect team got some help from the beautiful Sarah Shahi. I just found out that she was promoted to the main cast for season 3.

    My God, please don't make her an equal to Reese. She ofcourse is a fighter, but when you put her next to our favourite knee-shooter, the whole concept will crumble.

    We had our power women: Carter and Zoe.

    The Brain: Finch.

    The Gun: Reese

    And all the marvelous other characters.

    Why put another main character into the equation. I don't get it.

    Is this for ratings? Oh, yes, we need a stunning, young woman.

    Just the other day I read a comment of another fan, who had said that he/she is getting sick of those beautiful, young women who can kick ass men twice their size.

    I totally agree.

    Please don't get me wrong: I like those in NCIS, Hawaii-Five 0 ...

    But we had Carter and Zoe and the crazy bitch Root.

    Isn't that enough?

    Please don't destroy this wonderful system we had there.

    But, since there are no known facts about her part in season three... maybe I am getting ahead of myself.
  • Amzing show

    This is one unique show. Never seen anything like it. And its great. Muchael Emerson and Jim Caveasel make a great team, and the typical mystque from Abrams is all there. Lets hope this show does not end up like Lost, seen season 1 so far, and have lots of questions, lets hope we get answers, unlike Lost.
  • gr8 show

    Harold you do a gr8 job like the style mr. Reese you are the best man out their
  • i'll be Watching!!!!

    Can't wait for Season 3

    Great cast that works well together, and writers!!!

  • totally true....

    this show is totally real, few months ago we found out there is a program dedicated to spy on people, it is like this show predicted what is going to happen, every episode better than the last one and I really can't wait for the new season........
  • somehow this works

    Totally ridiculous concept, brilliantly executed. Acting and settings are terrific.
  • The best ,and Caviesel ,great he can do any thing and with that good locks ... GREAT SHOW.

    Is the only with some type of violence i see and even my kid is allow because is so smart and is not violence for ratings is history you follow the show to now what is the end,and is like the best shows like from the the writer thank you,thank the Mr Caviesel you can do ,Jesus and this great man or dance you are great and many,many,years of this show please.
  • Edgy, Clever, well written, this show keeps getting better and better with every episode!

    I am so glad that this show has been renewed. I hope that this story continues for a long time! With every episode I watch the story gets deeper and deeper, with more clever twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat!! Bravo!!! Bravo!! =)
  • Best Show!!!

    DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT ROOT WAS marked YELLOW from very beginning?????? AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Superb

    Possibly the best show ever made apart from Game of Thrones, it's close. i can't decide.

    OMG this show is just AMAZING. I love it. It's so gripping. I can't wait till the next season. On tender hooks already.
  • Cool Show

    Got late in the game in watching this show, in fact, the first season was watched on DVD and I'm early in the second season.

    It's a solid show. It is well cast and it is quite gripping. At this point in time as I'm watching it, our heroes have encountered many antagonists.

    Anyways, this show is a keeper. I hope it will spawn many more seasons.

    Sure you wonder about some of the tech, like the cloning of phones for example, but hey, every show must have its gimmicks.
  • Person of Interest

    Harold is good hacker and his software is perfect by scenarios.. So .John always uses usb-sticker for download information from PC.. why????

  • New Face, new dynamics?

    Supposedly Sarah Shahi will be "up-graded" to regular status as of Season 3--CBS et al liked her that much. Hope she remains edgy and keeps the boys on their toes!

  • excellent

    this show has had me captivated from the start its exciting and mysterious at the same time always a twist and turn in story to catch you off when you think you sussed the plot .. i have high hopes this will continue for many seasons to come
  • Creepy Heroes

    I love the show, I love the 2 main characters - John Reese and Harold Finch are a bunch of creepy heroes have you ever seen them smile ?
  • Extremely interesting!

    The premise of the show it's very unique, the plots are very creative, the characters... There are no words to describe the characters, let's just say that the people who created them and the ones portraying them on the show are brilliant. Amazing. Also, Jim is perfect for the part.
  • I love this show when it's on

    I love the writing, the acting, and everything about the show iteself. I hate the fact that I can't count on this show being on every week. More often than not, there is a 1, 2, or even 3 week break before the next show and I really do not like that. I don't like the fact that all the networks just put their shows on hiatus whenever they like. It used to be appointment TV and now it's get it when you can TV.
  • Shaw come back!

    I want shaw to join the team full time!!!
  • Outstanding and creative

    Person of Interest has to be my favorite TV show, living in the UK we only get a fine selection of the crime dramas that are available in the US and Person of Interest is the only one worth watching. The acting is smart and compelling, the show delivers strong performances and the cast is utilized perfectly to provide a balanced and compelling series of emotions.

    From the first and second episodes I was completely hooked on the show. Emerson and Cavizel deliver amazing and in depth performances that strike up a balance of serious conversation and light hearted humor, the most attractive feature of the show is the cast and how Emerson and Cavizel play the roles. Reese and Finch are amazing in depth characters and the show avoids the typical bromance between two male leads (the typical shit that is designed to attract a high 18-49 audience). The relationship between the two is dynamic and layered and the audience can connect with the relationships between the cast as you get a sense that Reese and Finch care for each other on a professional level. Taraji P Henson and Kevin Chapman deliver great performances too.

    The storyline is both unique and compelling and unlike anything else on TV, the plot of a machine to stop crime seemed farfetched however the plot is told in a realistic way and the show is one of the most exciting to watch.

    The stories are well written by a team of great writers and the end is never predictable. The CIA backstory and Finch's past are drip fed episode by episode providing just enough information to feel satisfied but wanting to know more. For such a complex plot the writers have managed to find a perfect way to deliver the information in a way that makes sense.

    The level of action is pleasing without being OTT and the stunts are amazing, Elias is a very compelling and cold villain as is Root, both villains are outstanding. This show is amazing and the only thing I look forward to. In a time where the best shows have gone on for too long and new shows are often weak and the same this is a gem that stands a cut above the rest.

    Wishes for Season 3:

    1. Move Person of Interest next to the Big Bang Theory or after NCIS to maximize ratings (it really deserves it)

    2. Keep up the level of action

    3. Keep the same writers

  • Finally!!!

    This is SUCH a cool show!! Finally a show that is engaging and thoughtful! Even my hubby got into it! It's a show for the hard working man and the housewife! I would recommend watching the first 5 shows in Season 1, you will be hooked! A couple of actresses on this show are also on 'The Following', another awesome show!
  • astounding!

    truly one of the best series i have watched! the story, the actors and ofc the tech .. no words really.

    Gripping and addictive show with great action, drama & suspense. Each episode keeps you on edge and something you never expected happens. just amazing!

    Hope this show will really go on not like Last Resort which appears to have gotten canceled as soon as the first season is done.
  • An intelligent thriller

    Person Of Interest is no cookie-cutter crime drama, it is an interesting show about how 2 people with dark pasts can best utilize their skills to prevent crimes.

    James Caviezel portrays John Reese who once served in the military doing covert operations joins forces with an enigmatic computer expert who goes by the name Harold Finch, portrayed by Michael Emerson. And together, they use Finch's secret system called "The Machine" to determine who needs their help.

    Also in the cast are Taraji Henson as NYPD Det. Carter, who became their reluctant partner despite her suspicions of both Reese & Finch, as well as Kevin Chapman who is also an NYPD detecttive, Lionel Fusco who sometimes himself acts suspicious.

    This happens to be the best show CBS has on their network. I for one am a huge fan & it would be a crime for this show not to continue.
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