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  • Lost Interest

    This show was really fun when it was a new case each episode. Now its just a high tech soap opera.

    Not for me anymore...
  • Why did they have to kill the black character?

    I like the show, but stopped watching the show since that happened. I gave the show a high rating because when I watched I really liked it. But that was the past.

    Reading the reviews of recent episodes and how the show has changed makes me realized I haven't been missing much anything anyway.
  • Persons of Interest

    started watching this and now cant stop... all actors are amazing they all have there own personality, which makes for good tv.... cant wait for new series....
  • Uno dei migliori telefilm d'azione di tutti i tempi.

    Questo il nuovo caplavoro di J. J. Abrams,creatore di Lost,pieno d'azione,personaggi dal carisma irresistibile e molta tensione.
  • Shaw ruined the show.

    Shaw is the reason I stopped watching. the addition of this flat( pun intended) comic book character ruined everything else. It has turned into a jiggle show. You may as well watch Charmed. Telling the story of the machine could have been so interesting, but NO. They had to ruin everything by having these two Buffy the vampire Slayers do everything, and Jim follow them around like a puppy dog. As a woman, i find these kind of characters offensive. the show is obviously looking for a young male demographic. Well, fine. Its a different show now, and the old fans best go elsewherewhich they are doing if the ratings are anything to go by.
  • This Used to Be My Favorite Show!!

    In the beginning it was the show we waited for all week. It has just gotten dumber and dumber. Who wants to see so much of those 2 women!! Jim Caviezel/John (spelling)must be bored to death with his part. I am trying to find something else to watch now.
  • re-runs

    I don't know how to create a new review so I'm overwriting this one. I totally agree with Saikopi. Root is in charge now and I DON"T LIKE It. She started out fun and quirky and is now annoying and taking over the whole show. I like Harold and John. And Shaw has grown on me. So she and Root have reversed positions to my liking. Like Shaw now; do not like Root. (Nothing personal to the And I really like Lionel. He has some really great lines. They need to use him more as well. And John has been delegated to muscle. He is too smart for that (not to mention easy on the eyes so I want more of
  • Best show

    like this one
  • root rot

    How come this Root person has became the whatnot main character of this show? One who dictates every outcome. Hating it, (yeah yeah hater gonna hate) but yes i'm hating how this shows turned out. Get rid of the "conspiracy controversy trying to be like 'Lost'" and grow some balls on Harold how he deserves. Get original writes back ,look first episodes that made this show how it is supposed to be. This direction the show's been taking is been less and less entertaining. Back to the shows basics or cancel this pile of wannabeedgy it has became.
  • one of the best shows on at the moment

    a rollercoaster of a show. action, humour and clever take on conspiracy and espionage. can't wait for the next season!

    . they do a great job in making you look forward to the day Greer gets his comeuppance! He's the new smoking man but much worse!
  • How could it be better but it keeps getting better !!..

    This show just keeps getting better just my opinion.

    I don't really understand hernyb's comments but each to there own and can have his/her own opinions.

    I just think this season has been simply awesome and a must watch and then watch again in case you've missed some little piece of the story.

    Anyway just my opinion It rocks.

    This show started off with interesting, well-written episodes, but this season has been pretty much a bust, and the last few episodes -- including the season finale -- were just awful. I don't know if the original writing team has moved on to greener pastures, but the Samaritan episodes and the concluding mock trial were just over-the-top lame. If that's the way this show is going, and it actually is picked up for another season, I likely won't watch it. They need to get back to the concept that made the show interesting in the first place and scrap all the hokey plot lines that have dominated this year's episodes.
  • A thinking man's 24

    How do you review perfection ? How can you even begin to comment when the very air has left your lungs after having watched 3 seasons of some of the best Tv ever made ?

    This show has it all, attention to detail, very dry humor, a dog that kicks ass. Shaw and Root contrast each other as brilliantly as Finch and Reese do. I wasn't a fan of Fusco's but every time he says miss cuckoo clock I can't help but burst out laughing.

    This morning after having watched the finale, the world actually felt different, it felt like I was being watched...... I almost expected to see Neo walking down some dark side street wearing a t shirt that says, I am not a Samaritan..

    can't wait for season 4

  • A Peek into the Future

    With stories so well written and thoughts so frightening, little violence is needed!
  • Trial Not well Ending was Awesome

    The "trial" was not written well. It did not fully discuss what specific Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights are infracted by surveillance and recording , wire tapping, indefinite holding of prisioners, no due process etc.

    On the Other last 15 minutes were nail biting, amazing, and even sad. The ending left me wondering if this was the LAST episode of the series. Samaritan with its ruthless NWO leader is now makes it clear They can no longer operate as they did. They are now an imminent threat to the Government (so how can they still work seems they have left the characters in a position to reinvent themselves. All bets are off. It also leaves it open for cancellation should ratings or salary disputes have not read the show has been 'renewed" for a 4th season. CB Swaits till end of MAY to start revealing what will return....

    Episode all around was interesting and certainly had a tremendous conclusion.... if only the trial had been a bit more well researched and eloquent...
  • PROMIS>Omnivore>Carnivore>PRISM/NSA>Northern Lights (Harold Finch's Machine)>Samaritan

    This is the "Software Eats World" big flick in the timeline surrounding Person of Interest that has me wondering how Samaritan will work in the next two episodes. Feel free to google any of the software items in the "review title" and you'll find that these databases and internet monitoring systems have had a checkered past in the government's hands. Person of Interest is a reflection of how a database becomes a helluvalot more than a database. Mr. Reese's line "no wonder people don't trust their government" sums it up.
  • Person of Interest Review

    Person of Interest is a great show and I hope there are more seasons to come. I compare this show to Burn Notice, another great show. I 100% reccomend that you watch this show!
  • Seriously, what's with the frequent breaks?

    Again, why do they have so many breaks? Can the network be more frustrating? Its killing me! When its reaching its final stage of the season. Wouldn't it be better with some continuity then?

    I don't live over in the states, so can someone please tell me what's going on? I've never seen a show with more frequent short breaks than Person of Interest.

    Oh, and the reason for my whine is simple, I love this show!
  • Can I Have Some More Please!!

    POI is by far the best program on TV, so more seasons please. Also I'd happily pay to watch a POI film if it were ever to be made. Thank you all the people involved in making POI what it is. Nuff said :)
  • The machine gave my number

    Words can barely express the disappointment I felt when Carter was killed off of the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it up until that point, and even mustered up enough to watch the next two episodes, though with not as much enthusiasm as before. What I find most distressing is the fact that a lot of people found the subtle hint at a possible romance between Carter and Reese ridiculous. Why? Most good relationships are founded in deep friendship and one can easily begin to fall for someone you both admire and have a great deal in common with, especially the longer you deal with that person. I thought the possibility had good promise and would have been interesting to watch unfold, even if they never crossed that bridge. I hope the show continues to thrive but at the end of the day, I suppose the whole Skynet idea will be brought to the surface. #Terminator
  • Reese

    This TV Show Must Continue at least 4-5 more seasons.
  • What Happened to Ms Carter?

    I am so disappointed that police officer Ms Carter was killed. She gave the show more personality! A little more character. I can't remember off the top of my head what her rank was; but I miss her.
  • Shit's about to get overload

    Dunno about others but i sense something big's about to showdown.... its been building up for quite a good number of episodes now, i think it'll be much clearer next episode. POI is of d hook!
  • Patience,its getting there ... ? Hopefully ...

    A new story develops ... Kind of a shallow start,if you ask me .

    Last scene felt like Batman and Robin :-)
  • Something is missing....

    I have been looking forward to seeing a new POI for weeks and this episode was very flat indeed. I hope the writers start bringing the magic back into this show. I agree with the other reviewer - things were not clear and if this is an indicator of what expect in the future, then yes the show has lost its bearings. But I hope they will clear this up and bring back the wow to the show.
  • The Vanishing Reese

    What's happening behind the scenes to this show? It was television's most explosive and engaging new series, and now it's tepid at best. In the latest series, we find the co-heroes [Reese and Shaw] called in to stop child kidnappers from killing a 10-year-old boy. Okay, decent set-up, except that we have had little to no connection to this kid or anyone else associated with this case, so there is zero audience investment in the outcome. Then Reese confronts a bar full of bad guys for what is shaping up to be a classic fight scene, and they cut to the end of it with all the guys on the floor. bull&*t on that. If there' no budget for a fight, do something else. Shaw pulls her gun a few times and settles another dispute, which Reese is apparently no longer capable of. The list goes on. Here's my point: The show has lost it's bearings. In the first episode of the series, there was this "bum" sitting on a train who is approached by a pack of thugs who assume he's a helpless derelict. Needless to say, things turn out very differently for them and POI was born. He was then recruited by a tech billionaire to solve crimes and together with help from inside the NYPD, they made a highly unlikely, and thus, very likable pair. Then it changed, lost it's focus, and not sits on autopilot in "run out of idea" mode. I hope this gets straightened out before POI is cancelled. I had great hope when Reese decided to rejoin the group, but in a way, he never really did.
  • Rise of the Machines:-)

    I have seen seen tonnes of shows. But this is MindBlowing
  • Question about this episode

    Ok I have missed a lot of episodes, but who is the missing team mate that Mr. Reese was referring to in the end? Ms Carter?
  • Best Drama TV Show in History!

    Its the Best Drama Show It has the smartest script on TV the Cast is Amazing John Reese is cool with his fighting skills, sharp mind, and his John Reese Voice Finch smartest guy alive he is the reason the team, numbers, even The Show exists Shaw the most Beautiful woman alive she has the Reese qualities and its cool to see a woman Kick Ass! Root she is as smart as Finch And she is also very mysterious and pretty

    Its a little bit like The Dark Knight but its not It will keep you hold on to the couch from beginning to end don't believe that you will Rate from 1-10 an 11 or Love it as Much as Me then GO WATCH IT

  • Defenently puts a twist on crime shows

    I got to say, this user is impressed that CBS managed to create an exciting original show that also reflects modern technology stronger (Almost Human is still to recent to review for me as of right now). Well written plot, likable characters, the fact that the series feels new every time you see an ad for it on CBS... the list of pros to this show is pretty long from my POV.
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