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  • One of the best on tv

    A almost perfect show. sadly, idiot CBS had to end it!
  • Thank you for all the memories, POI! :)

    What can I say - one of the best shows I have seen lately. Even more -unlike lots of other show runners, the makers of the show had respect towards their audience and took effort to give us a closure even in a shortened season.
  • The Best of Times The Worst of Times

    OH my. Truly a wonderful series- one of the few out there and then of course CBS in its pursuit of vehicles for the lowest common denominator cancelled it. I loved the final episode- Tim says it all- bittersweet and perfect. had to pay attention- clever intermingling of time and personalities. I shall watch this series again and again

    The machine, which is always learning, has a job of performing hundreds of thousands of simulations. What if every episode and everything that we have seen so far is nothing but a simulation. It started when Harold Finch first created the machine. He asked if the machine understood him and if the machine can see or hear him. We see the machine respond with the word My prediction is all we have seen is the computer going through possible outcomes and in the end of this "simulation", Harold Finch dies and everything freezes. At this point, everything starts to go in reverse, as if its going back to the beginning of the simulation to try a different scenario. This time, however, instead of the machine responding back to finch for the first time, it simply displays and error. This throws Finch off making him look for his error but, in reality, the machine has become self aware and understands the only possible outcome that saves humanity is to not respond. Because the machine responded with an error instead of divulging the . that it has become, it demonstrates that out of the thousands of simulations that it ran, not one did it's Admin survive. So to save the Admin's, (the creator's) life, it sacrificed it's own.

    I guess we will see what happens tomorrow, and whether or not my prediction is correct or not.

    Dear CBS programming moron (s). I'm betting that your ignorance will lead to a fruitful continuation of Person Of Interest by more intelligent and capable networks such as NETFLIX or others. Shame on you for not having the brains of rocks in my yard. Old networks limited vision like CBS are doomed by the likes of Netflix and all of the others.
  • Bone Head desk Jockey kills yet another good show

    what ever slime bucket killed this show needs to be treated like ol' yeller
  • too much or not enough?

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, are you guys all pilgrims, having the show hitting new lows and 'being rid of the show' at a 30 second lesbian scene that is totally loyal to the characters and not over explicit nor laboriously it was her and John would you have approved. If your answer is yes then get the Hell off my porch. This episode ranks as the most interesting this season and perhaps all time, having 6000+ simulations, driving Shaw totally insane. Cyberpunk nightmare. Don't object to a little 'realism' with the bi-sexual or lesbian scene. You Americans object when Lexa gets the chop on the 100 and now complain there's too much (read: any) lesbianism Person of Interest.

    Just relax, a couple of TV characters who happen to be the same gender are making love: it is not the murders, violence and death that gets to you: it's the love? Grow up.
  • Better with Taraji - or Amy

    Different type of show when Taraji was the lead female. But its definitely better with lesser known Amy Acker's Root dominating the screen. One of, if not the best female TV action character of all-time!
  • person of interest

    The show will not end for quite some time.. It is like the satelite in the sky, it will not go away. Society is crying to unleash the beast. The show is one of a kind in the sense that there is alot of country and western, but talent like Johnny cash only comes around once in five blue show is one of a kind in its own catagory. The reality and example of what burns in the heart of mankind, good or bad, is iconic and uniquely portrayed by all who are involved in this spectacular work at its highest level On a side note, I believe finch served as a catalyst in transforming some cold hearts and in the proccess found himself a family that filled his loneliness and their loneliness was filled as well. Uniquely done,they work well together----
  • Best show ever

    While waiting for season 5 (seems like forever), I recapped the previous season and just finished season 3 ep 1. I never felt that strong bond between Carter and John the last time I watched it (and when Carter rescued Elias) but now I totally feel it! Gosh that grief John suffered after Carter died, I am going to feel it so hard this time around.
  • Well it's not the Rockford Files...

    or Magnum PI for that matter, but then that was 40 years ago. POI has a great cast, even with the departure of TP Henson for some hip hop show, and interesting storylines that help to make up for the thousands of bullets that miss their mark in frequent gun battles.
  • Person of interest

    Badass i will never watch CBS again if they Cancel
  • Thank you Jonathan Nolan and writers! Every episode is excellent!

    Excellent show, cannot wait to watch more... Jonathan Nolan awesome and thank you to all the writers and actors! Love the ethics of this show and the actors are great!
  • Keep it Coming

    Don't cut this one too....
  • Keep it on

    My favorite show for the past years. CBS is crazy to even try to let it go. It's on 3 different Networks and Netflix and everyone is waiting for this new season. The other shows they have on CBS are the same stuff the have been doing for years. That channel is definitely getting beaten from the other channels such as CW. So do not cancel this or someone please pick it up soon.
  • It won't last for a lot longer

    one of the best shows I ever watched

    I don't think it can last a lot longer but i've enjoyed it for years

  • Dont let another great show die

    One of the streaming services needs to pick this show up, great stories and actors.
  • We can't let them cancel POI

    What are we going to do about the network canceling POI? I just don't think I can take this. Why do they cancel such great shows?
  • Keep Person Of Interest On!

    Keep POI on.. the best show on TV. We watch it as a family and talk about it the next day! WELCOME TO THE MACHINE!
  • We Need A Full Season of POI!!!

    This is an amazing series. When I see the many new series launched in 2015, few stand comparison to Person of Interest. The characters and the acting are strong and the show is still quite creative, well-written, and enjoyable. I hope the network lets it run a couple more years at least. It is certainly not "tired" and, unlike The Blacklist or Minority Report, POI has certainly not jumped the shark. We may need a write-in campaign to keep the show alive, but let's hope there is sanity in the network boardrooms.
  • The Best Ever!!!!

    If James Caviezel is in a movie or a tv series, it's the best. I love the choice of actors in this show. It's So cool and I never want this show to be ended. EVER!! I love this show because of it's overall quality. Characters are the best, story line is mind blowing. Person of Interest Tv show is the COMPLETE PACKAGE. All Time Best Series without a doubt.
  • Excellent in every aspect, very underrated compared to inferior shows

    Most well-rounded show ever: amazing writing, acting, choreography, cinematography & music. Continuously evolves & is interesting as ever after 4 seasons. Characters are the best & are developed in the past & present, a remarkable feat. Never a dull episode as the story is unbelievable even in standalones with an abundance of humour. Visuals & music wrap up this complete package. Better than many 'best of all time' series
  • Best show ever

    This is the best show ever, I have never followed a show without missing a single episode before. The suspense, the characters, the story line and basically the idea itself which is so close to the hidden truth that so many people can't see in the real world we live in. I can't wait to see season 5, and I think it would be a crime against over 10 million people who watch the show to only have 13 episodes thus rapping up the show as I heard. Let's hope we see a full season like the seasons before.
  • Originality at its best!

    Finally original, great non-overrated actors! Amazing stories!
  • WHERE IS SEASON 5???!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know when season 5 is supposed to be starting? I'm getting PoI withdrawal here!!! ;-)
  • Person of interest must stay

    This is one of the best written story lines I have ever seen. This is a very suspenseful and thought provoking series. Compared to some of the other programs on tv these days this is absolutely the best. I hope CBS does not cancel it. The actors are perfect for the roles they play. I am in love with this show and I for one would hate to see it be canceled. I hope there is enough material for a few more seasons. Great work and kudos to the producers and directors of this show. Lets not give up just yet.
  • Simply the best

    Never seen a better one. If you start watching the first season, you need some episodes to get into, but then it will catch you and never again let you go. Other series are suffering loss of quality over time, but this one is getting better and better.

    I hope many seasons will be following.
  • Humor in their quips

    Luv their characters. Not afraid of anything, want justice, enjoy laughter while working. Terrific writers!
  • Hey Billyray

    I find it equal parts funny, fascinating, and sad that you take all of this as some sort of "personal victory" for you. Every regular visitor to this site knows about the unstable rants you've been posting here since Carter got killed off.

    What you don't seem to realize is that as mentally and emotionally stable people, the rest of us don't revolve our lives around the TV shows that we like. When a show that we like ends, we either find another show to watch, or simply do something else with that hour of our lives.

    Like most here, I look forward to watching what should be an awesome final season, and after that we will move on with the rest of our lives. I know "moving on" and having a life outside of television are strange and foreign concepts for you, but if you ever become capable of it, you'll be a much happier person!!!
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