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  • promising but please make it morebelievable??? psh psh the social security numbers


    so this is written after seeing the pilot, and yes i have an issue with those SS#s not that i wanna steal and identity but im sure they could do better than the repetitive or filled with zeros numbers on the "list"

    SO far the show its giving me what i wanted.. something different .. as always fox brings those type of shows that arent ur classic cop shows...

    this actually reminds me of human target, but of course that show was way better than this one like 4times.. and we only got to see 2 seasons... so i wouldnt doubt only seeing 1 off this.

    anyways ill stick around this for being different.

  • So far so good! JJ Abrams (As mentioned) really never ceases to make me way "WOW"


    So far so good! JJ Abrams (As mentioned) really never ceases to make me way "WOW" when I see his shows. Good visuals, clean looking editing, good script, good actors .. What more do we want from a new show?Let's see how it progresses over the next few weeks, I think we have a hit here!

  • JJ Abrams never ceases to amaze and this show doesn't fall short. I will enjoy watching the rest of the season...


    What do you get when you cross an ex-special forces agent with nothing to lose and an extremely wealthy man with access to a super computer that generate the social security numbers of individuals who will be involved in near-future crimes? Another gem from JJ Abrams. This show is smart and different. John Reese is dealing with the death of a lover (in his own way) when he is approached by Mr. Finch with a job proposition. He wants Reese to investigate people who will somehow be linked to a crime that will happen soon. Finch created a computer that could predetermine terrorist acts for the CIA, which separated into 2 groups, "relevant" being terrorist intelligence and "irrelevant" being all other major crime. He accessed the back door into the program after the fact the the irrelevant intelligence is deleted at midnight every night started to haunt him. Now, all he gets are social security numbers (the unfortunate catch), but with Reese's help, hopes to use his unlimited financial resources to track these people down and determine their involvement in these crimes, ultimately, with the hopes of preventing said crime.

    I like how Reese and Finch remain in contact throughout investigating. I like the dialogue. I also know that there is much more to Finch than he is telling. I mean he doesn't even reveal a first name and says that he doesn't exist anymore, at least not that the government knows about.

    A pontential problem Reese faces, besides the danger his job puts him in, is a local cop has her eye on him for finger prints of his that have been present at many a crime scene over the years. Could she be an obstacle that he has to continue to get past, or (in my hopes) an ally??

    But Reese could potentially be a very loose cannon. Right after he left the top-secret government work, the woman he loved was killed. Afterward, he tried for months to drink himself to death and lived on the street. There is obviously more to her death and I'm guessing Finch will be able to produce information about it.

    I'm happy to say that i will be waiting patiently after every episode for the next to come.

  • I had very high hopes for this show starring Michael Emerson and James Caviezel.


    I think it has potential. I see that this has been compared to Human Target but I was thinking more in the line of 24. James Caviezel reminded me so much of Jack Bauer who could be tortured, shot or poisoned & then be chasing the terrorists in the next hour, literally! Superman to say the least. And in Person of Interest this ex-CIA operative can take on a train or roomful of people & take them all down. Superman II!!

    I'm not really sure how a computer spitting out a list of SS #'s can predict who is going to be involved in a crime. I'm not really buying that concept. But I'm intrigued by it & will see if it really is credible.

    The premiere introduced us to Mr. Finch, the inventor & financier of the system & to Mr. Reese ex-CIA with issues. Mr. Finch tells him he can give Reese a purpose. Saving lives. So they team up to help a woman DA who turns out to be the real criminal.

    I think they made a good foundation for this show which now they need to build on to keep us tuning in.

  • Abrams' Genius meets Nolan's Class


    With Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams at the helm, I had great expectations from this show and it delivered in the best possible way. 'Person of Interest' is a sophisticated, intriguing, intense thriller with an exciting plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. After '24', this is probably the only show that stands out in this genre.

    Jim Caviezel (Reese) plays an ex-CIA hit-man (which itself sounds cool) who is a tough guy but at the same time has strong feelings for his dead girlfriend which he tries to suppress. Michael Emerson, who we know as 'Benjamin Linus' from 'Lost', plays a scientist who hires Reese to do his dirty work. Emerson, who is known to play complex characters, keeps up his end of the bargain by giving a flawless performance. Even though the show has just began, I can see Jim and Emerson sharing great on-screen chemistry in the future (hopefully there is one).

    There is a vast difference between writing a screenplay for a movie and a TV episode. But, that did not matter since, Johnathan Nolan, making his debut in the TV industry, had great help in the form of Abrams, who has been doing this day in, day out for so many years. Apart from the talented writing, the show also showcased some riveting action sequences, good editing and awesome visuals. The surveillance cam shots added another dimension to this show.

    'Person of Interest' has a lot of potential and I would hate to see it become just another crime show. I hope it continues to impress and gets a renewal soon.

  • I love this show!


    When I saw the promos for this show, I thought it lookedintriquing, and I was not disappoinged. Granted, it does try to "make Big Brother look good"--but, surprise, surprise, IT (almost) DELIVERS!! At least, it gives a different ANGLE to Big Brother--a post- 9/11 Big Brother, whose creator is brought to realize its potential in preventing tragedies of lesser import as well as full-blown attacks.
    "John" is a fairly straightforward character--a former government operative who has lost the person he loved most and is rescued from self-destruction by "Harold".
    There isn't anything straightforward about "Harold". Who is he really, and who is the mystery man "Our Founder" who showed him the callousness of the machine and started him on his path. What EXACTLY happened to the "Founder", apart from the fact that he has died? Why the bone grafts in Harold's neck? How was he injured? He is more the "mystery man" than "John Reese", and I look forward to seeing more of this story unravelling.

  • This is the best show I have seen in a long time. I am 62 and believe me I have seen many shows. The actors are awesome, every week has been exciting, and I look forward to the next show. It is the only show that holds my husbands interest. Keep it up!!


    This is the best show I have seen in a long time! I am 62 and believe me I have seen many shows. The actors are awesome, every week has been exciting,and I look forward to the next show. It is the only show that holds my husbands interest. Keep it up!

  • Big fan of the show, it has strengthened my adoration of Jim Caviezel and actually taught me to love Michael Emerson (lost is evil). Fingers crossed this one makes it to a second season :)


    Wow, have to say this did on the surface sound a bit like Minority report but I think honestly it has found the necessary depth to be something more thanks to the wonderful casting, from JC (ha ha) to even Fusco, wow. Great start and I am hoping this one survives the distance.

  • An interesting, modern tech-based premise which works, making this different to the usual crime-type story. The two leads are good actors and good characters, with intriguing over-arcing and backstories emerging. Finally a role that suits Jim Caviezel.


    I expected very little from the show (despite the illustrious creators) but I've been pleasantly surprised. Even the cliches they've used they've used well and with a bit of a twist, and finally I'm seeing Caviezel (can never spell it) in a role that he's really good in. Always felt his previous roles weren't a good match so even though I like him he's always seemed a bit... off. And the building chemistry between Reese and Finch as well as the twisting plot lines that don't always go where you think, and the visuals with the use of different video vision, it all adds up to a pretty good show so far. Not to mention, the hook of knowing just what happened to Finch... I think the show is getting better the more we learn and the overarching story becomes more involving. This has great potential - if the networks actually let it run.

  • The new show A Person Of Interest is an awesome show.I look forward to watching each week.It keeps you entertained and very curious what is going to happen. Reese and Finch are excellent actors.I hope it stays on so we can watch it next season.


    The new show A Person Of Interest is an awesome show.I look forward to watching each week. It keeps you entertained and very curious what is going to happen Reese and Finch are excellent actors.I hope it stays on so we can watch it next season.

  • I really liked the concept of this show when I first heard about it and, so far, I'm not disappointed.


    To be honest, I had to watch the pilot a couple of times to get my head around everything that was taking place, but that isn't unusual because it's often the same way with a lot of new shows when we are bombarded with a whole slew of new characters and situations. Upon viewing the pilot for the second time, it was all much clearer and I really enjoyed it, just as I have enjoyed the episodes since then.

    The casting and writing are both excellent and I like the constant element of suspense. The more I watch, the more I enjoy it and I think if you like a good suspense/thriller/sci-fi combination and you haven't seen this one then you should certainly give it a chance.

  • Fantastic show, Jim Caviezel is perfect for this role. The show would be boring if they had used someone else.


    I must admit that i was not so sure about Persons of interest when i first heard about it, but was plesently surprised when i got a chance to see it. Jim Caviezel is fantastic in this role, they could not have chosen a better actor for the part.

  • I love this show! I was curious a few weeks ago & tuned it in. Now I'm hooked for good as they say! I hope it endures!


    All the characters are well played. The idea of this super computer is already in action I do believe, by IBM for the US Government. This show plays well and all the characters are very good. I would be remiss not to single out Mr. Calm, cool & collected, James. I'm a woman after all & this is a person of interest to me with his debonair look and well modulated voice. I'd take him home to meet the family any day...........just not to meet my girlfriends!

  • The Pinnacle Of Badassdom


    I am a guy with simple needs. Give me a couple of kickass shows a week, and I'm happy. So when primetime television started to feel like it was trying too hard to please, my thirst for that one show that brought out the teenager in me increased with each passing day.

    Person Of Interest started on CBS 2 months ago....and life is good!

    Right from the premise to the cast, the show has captivated and intrigued my sensibilities. Jim Caviezel is brilliant as John Reese. There are people who would disagree, but consider his character. Reese is a broken man, with nothing left to live for. Although it isn't clear as yet why he broods the way he does (I don't think his girlfriend's death is the only reason), he possesses a specific skillset. Take away a craftsman's tools, and he becomes obsolete. So when a certain reclusive billionaire named Harold Finch gave him a purpose, a reason to do what he does best, along with unlimited funds and access to some really cool weapons, the most badass character on primetime television is born. He's mechanical and has a glassy stare, but each week the writers peel off a layer from Reese's shell to reveal an increasingly complex and interesting character.

    Now we come to Harold Finch.....Michael Emerson is freakin' awesome!! I loved him in Lost and his portrayal of Finch is nothing short of genius. His detached and awkward personality is a surprisingly comfortable fit to John Reese. We've been given a few snippets of information about how Finch created the machine, but I am eager to learn more about Finch himself. I have complete confidence in the writers that they won't disappoint.

    After 8 episodes, the fun is just beginning.

    The Elias storyline sounds promising and I hope to see more of Enrico Colantoni (We will....right??).

  • I thought this would be the best new show this season but it was one of the worst i watched the 2 episodes and im so bored and im going to give it a 3rd episode if it sucks i wont watch it again.


    I had high expectations and from what ive seen from Abrams and Nolan i thought it would be so much better because they all have done great work all these year Nolan in writing batman and dark knight with his bro and Abram in one of the best series Lost. Person of interestdoesn'thave a goodstory lineit has action but without a good story it is boring wedon'thave a mainstory lineyet no mainvillainand until now each episode has him going to save someone so idon'tknow where r they going with this but im gonna give it some more time to see if it gets better or not but im not gonna watch it live i will just dvr it and watch it when i dont have anything to do because it iscompetingwith the best new drama scifi which is the secret circle.

  • Making Big Brother look cool.


    The film 'Minority Report' gave me the willies, and quite frankly so does 'Person of Interest'. Sometimes I swear I can hear George Orwell crying out from the grave, or perhaps laughing his ass off and saying "I told you so!". The thought of some super geek using a super computer to figure out who's about to do something nasty and then siccing a governmenttrained bully boy on him just creeps me out. The thing is, if you use a computer, a cell phone, a credit card or any one of a number of the high tech gadgets that none of us can seem to live without now that we've gotten so used to them, goverment alphabet agencies without number are already doing this to everybody to a certain extent, and the faceless people involved aren't alwaysas altruistic as the protagonists of 'Person of Interest'.Brrr....

  • Totally boring.


    What's this supposed to be - a procedural, or a superhero thing? A single super-trained action hero is always at the right place, has infallible phone-snooping tech at hand, manipulates court evidence just like that, fights a roomful of people and wins (shoots some six people in the leg without one of them getting a shot off? Seriously??

    Another thing - he lets off a grenade in a car (flash-bang? Smoke?) and that makes the car jump up under the right rear axle and turn over?? Come on, guys, that's just sooo lame.

    Plus, it takes itself far too seriously. No humor whatsoever.


  • What a Great show!!!!


    My wife and I just love the show. Suspense from beginning to end

    Great casting. We DVR and replay them often. I do not give it a 9 just so

    you keep improving on it. We like it because there are several plots going on at the same time. We hope it keeps going.

  • Excellant Show

    This has been one of the best shows this season. I can't wait for more. The story lines are really good. My son and I watch them together and really love the suspense.
  • The Best Show of 2011

    It's the kind of show that gets better with every episode. Story is just amazing and the cast do a superb job of carrying it forward with perfection. Thank you Jonathan Nolan & J.J Abrams for the best show of 2011.
  • My new best friend!

    I love this show! From the excellent and sarcastic bad ass role of "Mr. Reese" to the eccentric and awesome "Finch" this is definitely one of my all time favorite shows. It is so different than your other run-of-the-mill cop shows these days. The chemistry between the leads is excellent and while this show at one point seemed to be all about cool self contained episodes a cool story arc is emerging. Great entertainment, period.
  • A saver for the the show...

    I like the premise of the show...Get Carter was one episode that brought some new life back into it. I don't know how long the writers were planning this episode but it helped bring what i was hoping wouldnt happen...that they would run out of new and different ideas. Well done and i will keep watching.
  • Don't get to excited pepes...

    There's just one problem with this show, it fantastic! So anyone who knows about CBS, knows it's just a matter of time till they move it and or cancel it. Anybody remember "THE UNIT" those idiots moved it to Sunday and let the NFL's overtime games screw with the timing of when it showed just like what going on with the "Good wife".
  • Reese Whisper

    John Reese whispered his way into my heart within the first two minutes of the series and he's had my attention ever since. This show is quite simply fantastic. It's probably one of the best new shows of the season. Period. It started off strong and continues to get better. Unapologetic viglilanteism w/o the happenings of beauracratic red tape. It sets itself apart from other crime procedurals as a result. For at least an hour the rules don't apply and a kickass dark hero can give us the perfect amount of action to makes us feel as though we're watching a mini-movie every single week. It's dark, unexpected, suspensful, actionpacked, sarcastic and funny. The musical tracks are so well thought out and fitting. John Reese is practically droolworthy in his role and the dynamic with the amazing Michael Emerson's Finch, makes for one of the best new dynamic duos on tv. Mix in the supporting roles of Carter and Fusco, guest starring big bads like Elias, and the role of the machine itself and this show is a gem. Plain and simple.
  • Amazing Shows

    This show is nice original behind-the-scenes, type thriller. I like that they don't want to be famous or in the lime-light but still help people. Reese is amazing with his military/government background and it makes him you have Finch who is this reclusive billionaire who wants to make right a mistake made a decade those who can't help themselves...very reminiscent of Leverage but, with mroe badassery!
  • Credits

    Not a review, but didnt no where to post this, if you watch the credits closely at the start of each episode, the last person you see is the person they are tracking that episode, great work by the creators to work that in.
  • Time to tighten up

    I love this show. The premise is creative and the casting of the principles (Caviezel and Emerson) is inspired. But I am not as impressed with the writing or directing. It seems sometimes that the producers air the blocking rehearsal. Henson, especially, seems to anticipate the next actor's lines through her movements. This is a problem with the director, not the actor.

    With quite a lot riding on how they handle the "wow" they delivered in the last five minutes of episode 10, it's time for the writers, producers and director(s) to do some behind-the-camera sit ups to get this show as tight as possible every week.
  • Suprisingly good despite the premise

    I was somewhat doubtful when I read the premise (which I still find kind of silly), but the first season was a pleasant surprise. While nothing is especially original, the slight dark taint of the characters, primarily Reese and Fusco, but also Finch, gives it an interesting little twist to storylines we have seen many times before.

    I find Taraji Henson miscasted as Detective Carter though. A tough soldier (apparently stationed in both Afghanistan and Iraq) turned cop... does anyone actually buy her as that? I donno, I don't dislike the character per se, she just feels miscast and I find it a shame that the only major female character feels so... bland and uninteresting.

    I think the hardest part for the series will be to keep the balance of Reese's character so he doesn't become too light. But if they manage to do that and if Taraji Henson manages to tap into some inner strength in her character I think it will be a good series.
  • Paranoia Runs Deep

    Let me tell you what AMAZES me about this show. The main character played Jesus Christ in the most powerful film ever made. NOW he is appearing in a show that makes you lose your faith in the redemption and peace of Jesus Christ and INSTEAD sends out the message "Be afraid. Be very afraid." But the truth is- if you put your trust in Jesus Christ then nothing can touch you. Not even all the cameras and interrogators in the world...Jim Caviezel must have forgotten THAT.
  • All shows

    This is great stuff! Great action, great use of technology excellent dialogue
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