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  • Observations

    Yeah, I would just like to offer my observations with regard to Caviezel's character: he has absolutely NO PERSONALITY. This guy makes Dirty Harry look animated by comparison. I can hardly understand what the guy says half of the time. The software designer is a dweeb of the worst kind. Can't stand this show. If you guys like it, that's your damn business. At least Law and Order: SVU has some humor to balance out the more serious stuff.
  • Totally boring.


    What's this supposed to be - a procedural, or a superhero thing? A single super-trained action hero is always at the right place, has infallible phone-snooping tech at hand, manipulates court evidence just like that, fights a roomful of people and wins (shoots some six people in the leg without one of them getting a shot off? Seriously??

    Another thing - he lets off a grenade in a car (flash-bang? Smoke?) and that makes the car jump up under the right rear axle and turn over?? Come on, guys, that's just sooo lame.

    Plus, it takes itself far too seriously. No humor whatsoever.


  • I thought this would be the best new show this season but it was one of the worst i watched the 2 episodes and im so bored and im going to give it a 3rd episode if it sucks i wont watch it again.


    I had high expectations and from what ive seen from Abrams and Nolan i thought it would be so much better because they all have done great work all these year Nolan in writing batman and dark knight with his bro and Abram in one of the best series Lost. Person of interestdoesn'thave a goodstory lineit has action but without a good story it is boring wedon'thave a mainstory lineyet no mainvillainand until now each episode has him going to save someone so idon'tknow where r they going with this but im gonna give it some more time to see if it gets better or not but im not gonna watch it live i will just dvr it and watch it when i dont have anything to do because it iscompetingwith the best new drama scifi which is the secret circle.

  • Making Big Brother look cool.


    The film 'Minority Report' gave me the willies, and quite frankly so does 'Person of Interest'. Sometimes I swear I can hear George Orwell crying out from the grave, or perhaps laughing his ass off and saying "I told you so!". The thought of some super geek using a super computer to figure out who's about to do something nasty and then siccing a governmenttrained bully boy on him just creeps me out. The thing is, if you use a computer, a cell phone, a credit card or any one of a number of the high tech gadgets that none of us can seem to live without now that we've gotten so used to them, goverment alphabet agencies without number are already doing this to everybody to a certain extent, and the faceless people involved aren't alwaysas altruistic as the protagonists of 'Person of Interest'.Brrr....


    I just learned that Caviezel donated money to the 2006 campaign to re-elect U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. As much as I like Person of Interest I will never be able to see this show again knowing that the main actor is such a stupid and insane person.

    Whoever agrees with me spread the word and, please, stop watching this maniac!
  • The Crossing...

    It seems writers for great series like person of interest or even Dexter feel the need to give their show "depth" by killing off characters that you get attached to over several seasons. Where is it written that this is a good thing? What's the bloody point, it does not serve any constructive purpose.

    From the beginning, Person of Interest felt like a show that I could watch to have fun, and where the good guys would always win, even if they got beat up quite a bit. It does not spice things up, it just makes me sad, and I'm more than a bit frustrated at how they managed to turn all that fun upside down.

    Really, killing off a key character at the end of the episode on a stray bullet, and within just a few seconds? The writers tried too hard to bring us something unexpected - instead they botched up the whole series.

    I won't be buying any more of this, I am fed up with this artificial brainf***.
  • Person of Interest has been White Washed

    What a disappointment to find one of our favorite characters killed off in the last episode. We really enjoyed watching the show over the years and Detective Carter has been one of our favorites. There are less and less African-American role models on tv. Detective Carter was a strong, intelligent, attractive black woman with a great career. Which is why its so disappointing to find CBS killing off a great role model. Thinking about it, one by one, blacks have disappeared from this show. Perhaps its an indication that this one's not for us.
  • Paranoia Runs Deep

    Let me tell you what AMAZES me about this show. The main character played Jesus Christ in the most powerful film ever made. NOW he is appearing in a show that makes you lose your faith in the redemption and peace of Jesus Christ and INSTEAD sends out the message "Be afraid. Be very afraid." But the truth is- if you put your trust in Jesus Christ then nothing can touch you. Not even all the cameras and interrogators in the world...Jim Caviezel must have forgotten THAT.
  • Lady Killer

    As for the show additions: Love Root. Still think Shaw needs to bring it down a notch.

    Are we only allowed one review per episode? I couldn't find a way to add a new one; just to "edit" this one.

    Anyway. I totally agree with the review by Chancho. Show is going all over the place and getting away from what made it so successful to begin with. Hate when they change directions like that. Same thing happened with Dark Angel. It was successful at first; they changed direction. And the show ended up crappy and canceled. Stick with a good thing people!
  • Used to be my favorite show - This season is a mess. - OK, I changed my mind

    November 12th show was great. I will continue to watch. Carter rocks!

    This season they have apparently become bored with simply writing a good show. Shaw is OK but they really don't know what to do with her or how to write for her. They only have that "she wants to shoot someone" deal. I don't like that Carter has been busted to patrolman. What, exactly is Root there for? Then there is this new secret organization that is there to protect people's privacy. Now they are taking three episodes to kill off Fusco. I have no interest in seeing him cry while being tortured. Sorry, but I'll tune in again after Thanksgiving.

    This thing is all over the place and out of control. Too many characters with no direction.
  • Freaky Root

    B4 last night, I enjoyed POI. Last night after freaky Root was reintroduced - I lost interest. Her role's too demonic & creepy. I liked POI when it was helping people. Root contradicts that so I'll no longer watch it.
  • Stupid Writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why just why please explain to me what good this does for the show?

    I think many people will hate this and many people will stop watch the show because of this!

    I just do not understand why when you can go all different directions with the show.

    Really not necessary to kill of Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • am i really the only one...

    ... who is bothered by the fact that whenever the guy talks to his earpiece, not a single person arround him seems to notice? i mean, seriously, that is a major buzzkill for me. do the producers really think we are all stupid and blind? for example, in s2e3 he is standing in a kitchen, a woman eats 2 meters away from him at a table, and she cant freakin hear him?

    apart from idea for a show. but they should concentrate more on the 'machine'. like they did in the ending of season 1.
  • promising but please make it morebelievable??? psh psh the social security numbers


    so this is written after seeing the pilot, and yes i have an issue with those SS#s not that i wanna steal and identity but im sure they could do better than the repetitive or filled with zeros numbers on the "list"

    SO far the show its giving me what i wanted.. something different .. as always fox brings those type of shows that arent ur classic cop shows...

    this actually reminds me of human target, but of course that show was way better than this one like 4times.. and we only got to see 2 seasons... so i wouldnt doubt only seeing 1 off this.

    anyways ill stick around this for being different.

  • Disappointed this Season

    I agree with those that think it's gone a little haywire this liked the weekly different HR stuff and the new mean, big bad women, is too much.

    Carter was the only female actor the show needed, except for those in the weekly shows. The smart alecky women on there don't add anything to the show.
  • What Happened to Ms Carter?

    I am so disappointed that police officer Ms Carter was killed. She gave the show more personality! A little more character. I can't remember off the top of my head what her rank was; but I miss her.
  • killing Carte are you crazy

    you are crazy, if they are contemplating killing Carter, it's crazy, it's like we're killing the show kidney. Have to do something if not this show comes in chopped then I am telling you.
  • DVD follower of Person of Interest.................

    behind you live viewers. The Crossing was so full of impossible situations I grew weary. The morgue is surrounded - and then it wasn't. A miracle !! Several that way. The end of the episode smoothed out so quickly from total mayhem - ridiculous. No way Fusco comes back from multiple broken fingers for such a heroic response, Yes, its TV - but give me a break and leave a fragment of believability somewhere. Carter dead - tells me the new romance could not work. I'll stop.....
  • Such Potential!

    Wow... what potential... but what is is the machine thing? Good God, give us a little more, bit by bit each episode...tell us what the machine is! I need more, instead, you ignore the elephant in the room, the machine... Do we care what it is... you fricking bet... You have a lot going for you, the relationships are strong, our confidence in Jim Caviezel is great, his relationship with Taraji is cool... you got the characters, don't blow it by trying to make it so cool, you can't bring us along with you... good luck... I'll keep tracking...
  • Root not a fan

    They should have killed off that Root character last season when they had the chance....
  • The machine gave my number

    Words can barely express the disappointment I felt when Carter was killed off of the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it up until that point, and even mustered up enough to watch the next two episodes, though with not as much enthusiasm as before. What I find most distressing is the fact that a lot of people found the subtle hint at a possible romance between Carter and Reese ridiculous. Why? Most good relationships are founded in deep friendship and one can easily begin to fall for someone you both admire and have a great deal in common with, especially the longer you deal with that person. I thought the possibility had good promise and would have been interesting to watch unfold, even if they never crossed that bridge. I hope the show continues to thrive but at the end of the day, I suppose the whole Skynet idea will be brought to the surface. #Terminator
  • Person of interest Protection

    I really like this show, however I have to say while they go around stoping killings every single time I watch the show I think to myself "This sophisticated surveillance system that predicts people from their would be murderer it seems like New York is the only place in the . that has killers in it and every where else in the country killers continue . I don't get it there are 49 other states yet as I said earlier New York seems to be their crime mecca..
  • Patience,its getting there ... ? Hopefully ...

    A new story develops ... Kind of a shallow start,if you ask me .

    Last scene felt like Batman and Robin :-)
  • Sorry I didn't start watching from the start

    Not your regular show it really makes you think and has more curves then a playboy bunny!

    Will now make it a must see show

    My IPad lowers the rating when l hit post review.

    It's a 10
  • So what is it

    you really do again? I help people. Thanks POI! 4C was an awesome episode!
  • "Persons" Of Interest

    This is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. The show isn't really about the main characters but the life of the ordinary american. It shows how diverse and how unique the story of each person is. It highlights this fact. Amazing Show. One of my favorites.
  • Shaw come back!

    I want shaw to join the team full time!!!
  • ROOT mayne really gets 2 my nerves

    Is root evil o wat?
  • The Crossing

    I usually love the show. I watch TV to escape the bad things in life. On TV good guys WIN! They don't get killed. If I wanted true life I'd watch the news or 60 minutes all day. Keep it simple. Good guys win. I'd love to watch 'the following' show but the good guys NEVER win. Writers just have it backwards on that one.

    Score for show is when I pretend Carter didn't get killed.
  • season 3 is ok

    this is one of my fav shows, i love reese. however, shaw is a bit annoying and overly done. i get the tough girl thing, but we get the point. chill out. ugh, i can barely watch it anymore without being annoyed. i do love root though, she is super interesting. carter is getting more awesome.
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