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  • Arguably the Most Gripping, Original, and Multifarious Series on Television...

    In today's era of prominent technological reliance and perpetual choices for one to quell his or her boredom, there is only one television series which I never miss on its regularly-scheduled broadcast time, and that is Person of Interest. As a college kid with a part-time job and a semi-active social life, it sometimes feels as if there isn't enough time to manage the miscellaneous tasks of a single day, and yet, I can always find enough opportunities to watch, discuss, and/or recommend Person of Interest.


    Yes, there is the increasingly-popular decision of DVR'ing a personal favorite show and watching it at another time; there are also the alternatives of waiting for DVDs/Blu-ray to be released, or streaming shows online, but I rapidly found myself adhering to a weekly "tradition" of Person of Interest after watching the pilot, wherein the latest episode would actually dictate every other activity or obligation to which I've associated myself.


    For starters, there is the general premise of the series, which in itself, is highly meritorious given the predictable and disappointingly-mundane quality of its competition, even across the broader spectrum of networks on television. While the "police procedural" type of series has practically been bludgeoned to death over the years with cliched story-lines, one-dimensional characters and run-of-the-mill narratives, POI substantially deviates from the pack by establishing an unparalleled system of addressing - and handling - issues pertaining to crime, trust, achievement and one's own purpose in life.


    I won't even bother listing Jonathan Nolan's admirable accomplishments as a way of boosting Person of Interest's merits, because the series does a phenomenal job of standing on its own - with two strongly-rooted legs. There are numerous positive attributes to Person of Interest, all of which complement each other: the acting proficiency, the chemistry between distinctive personalities, the relatable characteristics of its players, and not the least of which, the thematic significance of every new development.


    The cast of Person of Interest is fresh, robust, and ripe with flair. From the heartbroken, stoical, and aggressive John Reese, to the meticulous, intellectual, and atoning Harold Finch, the primary duo never misses a beat. Individually, however, each man consistently supplements the other to tremendous effect, unsurprisingly influencing everyone else on set, simultaneously. Throughout many decades of riveting television, there have been remarkable pairings such as Abbott & Costello, Mulder & Scully, Flintstone & Rubble, and Seinfeld & Costanza. Well, I'd say it's about time to make some room for the newest lovable twosome: Reese and Finch.


    So, the government possesses an extraordinary piece of technology capable of observing ordinary humans in their everyday lives, bestowed upon it by a quirky and lonesome brilliance named Harold Finch. Because of an unshakable, amalgamated sensation of guilt and responsibility, Mr. Finch feels the need to expiate for consequential negligence over the years. Although, being ever-so physically helpless on his own, Mr. Finch enlists the contribution of an ex-CIA agent (Mr. Reese) with an anguishing past, the latter currently wasting away through life as he searches (albeit, indirectly) for an objective to pursue.


    Being a man of comparative life-experiences, Mr. Finch decides to constitute a mutual (yet, friendly) relationship with Mr. Reese, and provide him with the occasion to philosophically and literally redeem himself, resulting in the two mordant and mysterious mortals forging an efficient alliance which quickly develops into an imperative bond for the greater good of society.


    Joining the momentous adventures of Mr. Reese and Mr. Finch (in one way or another) are the tenacious and sympathetic Detective Carter, and the comical - yet amiable - Detective Fusco. When a future, yet unknown violent incident is in the works, Reese, Finch and their authoritative allies hastily function as a well-oiled machine (no pun intended) to thwart the efforts of a relentless perpetrator - or shield the imperiled innocent men and women whose lives are placed into jeopardy by said culprits.


    That's correct, ladies and gentlemen: these altruistic folks attempt to preclude boundless dangerous events from occurring in the first place, instead of spending an hour's worth of television trying to catch the offender(s) responsible for whatever corpse appears. Rounding out the captivating cast of characters include (recurring) nefarious mob bosses, dubious government agents, an unrelenting and minacious hacker, and a reckless - but steadfast - vengeful former CIA agent.


    To summarize the excellence of this treasure, Person of Interest is an astonishing concoction of suspense, wit, intrigue, action and humor, clutching the viewer and never letting go; only reaffirming the grasp even mightier than previously. Grade-A performances from the actors and interminable twists during each and every ounce of growth solidifies this spectacle into a near-masterpiece.


    Ever think you're being watched?
  • I love this show when it's on

    I love the writing, the acting, and everything about the show iteself. I hate the fact that I can't count on this show being on every week. More often than not, there is a 1, 2, or even 3 week break before the next show and I really do not like that. I don't like the fact that all the networks just put their shows on hiatus whenever they like. It used to be appointment TV and now it's get it when you can TV.
  • Extremely interesting!

    The premise of the show it's very unique, the plots are very creative, the characters... There are no words to describe the characters, let's just say that the people who created them and the ones portraying them on the show are brilliant. Amazing. Also, Jim is perfect for the part.
  • Bone Head desk Jockey kills yet another good show

    what ever slime bucket killed this show needs to be treated like ol' yeller
  • excellent

    this show has had me captivated from the start its exciting and mysterious at the same time always a twist and turn in story to catch you off when you think you sussed the plot .. i have high hopes this will continue for many seasons to come
  • Jonathan Nolan plus JJ Abrams plus Jim Caviezel plus Michael Emerson equals WOW

    Any one of those names means that you've found high-quality intense drama--all four together, plus two more amazing leads and a supporting cast that actually can act instead of distract, and you've got hands-down the best thing to hit primetime TV in more years than I care to think about.

    If you've missed prior episodes, use the recaps for help, but see them all if you can. It's one of only a very few shows that have ever been on, that my family never misses a week watching it together. We will definitely own the DVD's!

    Back in the 80's-90's, NBC started to refer to their Thursday lineup as "Must-see TV." This one show IS a must-see lineup all by itself, so kudos to CBS! POI has a lock on the top spot on our DVR's recording priority list, so that we do not miss a single episode--and we won't.
  • The Pinnacle Of Badassdom


    I am a guy with simple needs. Give me a couple of kickass shows a week, and I'm happy. So when primetime television started to feel like it was trying too hard to please, my thirst for that one show that brought out the teenager in me increased with each passing day.

    Person Of Interest started on CBS 2 months ago....and life is good!

    Right from the premise to the cast, the show has captivated and intrigued my sensibilities. Jim Caviezel is brilliant as John Reese. There are people who would disagree, but consider his character. Reese is a broken man, with nothing left to live for. Although it isn't clear as yet why he broods the way he does (I don't think his girlfriend's death is the only reason), he possesses a specific skillset. Take away a craftsman's tools, and he becomes obsolete. So when a certain reclusive billionaire named Harold Finch gave him a purpose, a reason to do what he does best, along with unlimited funds and access to some really cool weapons, the most badass character on primetime television is born. He's mechanical and has a glassy stare, but each week the writers peel off a layer from Reese's shell to reveal an increasingly complex and interesting character.

    Now we come to Harold Finch.....Michael Emerson is freakin' awesome!! I loved him in Lost and his portrayal of Finch is nothing short of genius. His detached and awkward personality is a surprisingly comfortable fit to John Reese. We've been given a few snippets of information about how Finch created the machine, but I am eager to learn more about Finch himself. I have complete confidence in the writers that they won't disappoint.

    After 8 episodes, the fun is just beginning.

    The Elias storyline sounds promising and I hope to see more of Enrico Colantoni (We will....right??).

  • What a Great show!!!!


    My wife and I just love the show. Suspense from beginning to end

    Great casting. We DVR and replay them often. I do not give it a 9 just so

    you keep improving on it. We like it because there are several plots going on at the same time. We hope it keeps going.


    Dear CBS programming moron (s). I'm betting that your ignorance will lead to a fruitful continuation of Person Of Interest by more intelligent and capable networks such as NETFLIX or others. Shame on you for not having the brains of rocks in my yard. Old networks limited vision like CBS are doomed by the likes of Netflix and all of the others.
  • Outstanding and creative

    Person of Interest has to be my favorite TV show, living in the UK we only get a fine selection of the crime dramas that are available in the US and Person of Interest is the only one worth watching. The acting is smart and compelling, the show delivers strong performances and the cast is utilized perfectly to provide a balanced and compelling series of emotions.

    From the first and second episodes I was completely hooked on the show. Emerson and Cavizel deliver amazing and in depth performances that strike up a balance of serious conversation and light hearted humor, the most attractive feature of the show is the cast and how Emerson and Cavizel play the roles. Reese and Finch are amazing in depth characters and the show avoids the typical bromance between two male leads (the typical shit that is designed to attract a high 18-49 audience). The relationship between the two is dynamic and layered and the audience can connect with the relationships between the cast as you get a sense that Reese and Finch care for each other on a professional level. Taraji P Henson and Kevin Chapman deliver great performances too.

    The storyline is both unique and compelling and unlike anything else on TV, the plot of a machine to stop crime seemed farfetched however the plot is told in a realistic way and the show is one of the most exciting to watch.

    The stories are well written by a team of great writers and the end is never predictable. The CIA backstory and Finch's past are drip fed episode by episode providing just enough information to feel satisfied but wanting to know more. For such a complex plot the writers have managed to find a perfect way to deliver the information in a way that makes sense.

    The level of action is pleasing without being OTT and the stunts are amazing, Elias is a very compelling and cold villain as is Root, both villains are outstanding. This show is amazing and the only thing I look forward to. In a time where the best shows have gone on for too long and new shows are often weak and the same this is a gem that stands a cut above the rest.

    Wishes for Season 3:

    1. Move Person of Interest next to the Big Bang Theory or after NCIS to maximize ratings (it really deserves it)

    2. Keep up the level of action

    3. Keep the same writers

  • Currently My Favorite Show!!!!

    POI fantastic show, with wonderful actors, good chemistry and great stories. My favorite character in the series absolutely John Reese the guy knows how to kick ass with such a cool swagger that it never gets old watching him do it every single episode. I love the way they gives the flash backs and yes I can really feel that every single character have deep interesting story line.

    Best acting: is by Taraji P. Henson (Detective Carter)

    Best episode: this one is tough because there are plenty of awesome episodes. I have to say final 4 episodes are fantastic along with 13th episode "Root Cause"

    I'm looking forward to Season 2 anxiously and am glad I've found a wonderful show that intrigues me.

    I just looked at all of the ratings of this show below and am pleasantly surprised to see almost 100% of folks rating it a "10". It deserves it! This is probably the best show on TV today. Great cast - especially Michael Emerson & Jim Caviezel! Their natural chemistry cannot be scripted. Outstanding writing and direction! I hope CBS continues to give this show every bit of support it deserves so that even more viewers will tune in! Once you watch it, you're hooked! Thanks, CBS! (This absolves you from your not having CHAOS's back and killing that super show off so fast)... ; )

    PS - I just got my POI Season 1 DVD in the mail today! Am having my own POI "marathon" leading up to their 09/27 season opener!
  • A very fun and smart crime drama.

    The general premise is fairly simple: a computer genius builds a machine for the government that primarily uses surveillance to predict future attacks, but when the government chooses to ignore smaller-scale ordinary crimes and focus only on larger-scale terrorist attacks, the genius decides to enlist the help of a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier and CIA field officer and together, the two try to prevent as many of the ordinary yet violent crimes that the machine predicts. Michael Emerson plays the genius, Jim Caviezel portrays the badass.

    Person of Interest is very much similar to a police procedural, mostly due to the case-of-the-week format. As someone who used to enjoy shows like Law & Order and C.S.I. but currently cant stand to watch these types of procedurals, I'm even more appreciative of what Person of Interest has been able to do. It has taken the rather boring case-of-the-week format and made it as thrilling and entertaining as the best dramas on TV. The two main characters (portrayed by Caviezel and Emerson) are fantastic, and are even more great when sharing the screen together. Most of the cases that the two take on are very well written, usually filled with fun action, surprising twists, and great recurring or guest actors.

    This show is a must-watch.
  • Person of Interest

    One of the best tv show by far. I don't understand why some people they say is not interesting anymore.

    Can't stop watching. Season 4 premier was just simply amazing can't wait for the rest season episodes.

    Great acting by all Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi Love you all keep up the good work.
  • Best Show!!!

    DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT ROOT WAS marked YELLOW from very beginning?????? AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Action and drama in perfect harmony

    Bravo to the creators of POI. They've managed to satisfy some people who have been yearning for a gritty, action-packed cop drama since the ending of "The Shield". POI is a great blend of action, drama, and grit. They made a terrific decision in making this show not all about the cops and their drama, like most of these cop dramas often do. Instead, they've focused more on Reese and his partner; who work outside of the law with a little good cop/bad cop drama sprinkled around. I just hope there's enough of us watching that this doesn't get cancelled like so many other great shows.
  • This show is utterly fantastic with very, very good actors and actresses!

    I really love this show and enjoy the acting ability of everyone that stars in it. It holds my attention all the way through it and I tape it when I cannot watch it when it is on TV!

    Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job with good acting and writing!! Please keep up the fantastic work! Thank you so much.
  • JJ Abrams never ceases to amaze and this show doesn't fall short. I will enjoy watching the rest of the season...


    What do you get when you cross an ex-special forces agent with nothing to lose and an extremely wealthy man with access to a super computer that generate the social security numbers of individuals who will be involved in near-future crimes? Another gem from JJ Abrams. This show is smart and different. John Reese is dealing with the death of a lover (in his own way) when he is approached by Mr. Finch with a job proposition. He wants Reese to investigate people who will somehow be linked to a crime that will happen soon. Finch created a computer that could predetermine terrorist acts for the CIA, which separated into 2 groups, "relevant" being terrorist intelligence and "irrelevant" being all other major crime. He accessed the back door into the program after the fact the the irrelevant intelligence is deleted at midnight every night started to haunt him. Now, all he gets are social security numbers (the unfortunate catch), but with Reese's help, hopes to use his unlimited financial resources to track these people down and determine their involvement in these crimes, ultimately, with the hopes of preventing said crime.

    I like how Reese and Finch remain in contact throughout investigating. I like the dialogue. I also know that there is much more to Finch than he is telling. I mean he doesn't even reveal a first name and says that he doesn't exist anymore, at least not that the government knows about.

    A pontential problem Reese faces, besides the danger his job puts him in, is a local cop has her eye on him for finger prints of his that have been present at many a crime scene over the years. Could she be an obstacle that he has to continue to get past, or (in my hopes) an ally??

    But Reese could potentially be a very loose cannon. Right after he left the top-secret government work, the woman he loved was killed. Afterward, he tried for months to drink himself to death and lived on the street. There is obviously more to her death and I'm guessing Finch will be able to produce information about it.

    I'm happy to say that i will be waiting patiently after every episode for the next to come.

  • Persons of Interest

    started watching this and now cant stop... all actors are amazing they all have there own personality, which makes for good tv.... cant wait for new series....
  • Can I Have Some More Please!!

    POI is by far the best program on TV, so more seasons please. Also I'd happily pay to watch a POI film if it were ever to be made. Thank you all the people involved in making POI what it is. Nuff said :)
  • Friends and Undercovers

    I could say a wholeeeee lot... but the small scene at the end summed it all up - the producers and writers have not lost their knack... when Scarface thanked Carter... and then later on turned up to pick up the cash and diamonds... Elias is up to his old tricks just like the writers are, just like Finch and John (with the ensemble)... they all are... (maybe even Bear ;-))

    Yay - the series style has survived the break!
  • Awesome

    All the episodes in season 1 were great. I just cannot wait for season 2.
  • Best show on TV right now

    This is how TV should be. They thought of everything. I mean, whats not to like. First of all, the surprise that this happened so early on in the season. As some people said, this is a game changer

    The acting is as close as perfect as it gets (for me). Then the choice of music, even if you almost never listen to this music (like i do) whats not too like and it fits.

    And then the writing, I mean they don't make it a shoot-out, and I think that a highly trained CIA-hitman wouldn't do that either, cause there is almost no chance you will win this. I mean, from the moment the car drives in, he handled the situation in a certain way. And I (would like to) think thats what someone with Reese's background would do.

    He knows that Mark (the guy from the car) would come without back-up, so running is not an option. He also knows they want him alive (at least for the time being). And then, as soon as he got shot the first time he doesn't search for the sniper or aims the gun on Mark. He just shoots out the lights so he has a chance to disappear. Althought this chance is very small, he would try it. And now we know he isn't untouchable, but still can handle himself in very bad situations.

    So all together this is probably the best new show on television in my opinion. And it gets better and better with each episode, while the mystery gets answered a little bit, while it gains another question. They do so well with that

  • great show

    realmente me gust este programa, cada uno de los personajes tiene una historia muy interesante y cada uno tiene una gran profundidad en emociones y acciones. Jim Caviezel hace un muy buen trabajo como Reese. So really good show keeps me entertained with each episode. keep up the good work :D
  • Person of Interest

    Great show love Jim Caviezel!!!!!!!!!!
  • Keeps Pulling Me In

    This Show is Great, Every time I watch a Episode of it I want to watch the next one!

    Glad to see a few people loving it as well and hope CBS keeps it going!

    Cant wait for Season 2!!!!
  • Simply the best

    Never seen a better one. If you start watching the first season, you need some episodes to get into, but then it will catch you and never again let you go. Other series are suffering loss of quality over time, but this one is getting better and better.

    I hope many seasons will be following.
  • A thinking man's 24

    How do you review perfection ? How can you even begin to comment when the very air has left your lungs after having watched 3 seasons of some of the best Tv ever made ?

    This show has it all, attention to detail, very dry humor, a dog that kicks ass. Shaw and Root contrast each other as brilliantly as Finch and Reese do. I wasn't a fan of Fusco's but every time he says miss cuckoo clock I can't help but burst out laughing.

    This morning after having watched the finale, the world actually felt different, it felt like I was being watched...... I almost expected to see Neo walking down some dark side street wearing a t shirt that says, I am not a Samaritan..

    can't wait for season 4

  • Edgy, Clever, well written, this show keeps getting better and better with every episode!

    I am so glad that this show has been renewed. I hope that this story continues for a long time! With every episode I watch the story gets deeper and deeper, with more clever twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat!! Bravo!!! Bravo!! =)
  • Top10 Best TV

    Person of Interest belongs in the top 10 list for Best shows on TV
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