Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

Finch measures Reese for a new suit and explains that their new number is a prop trader, Adam Saunders, who works at Baylor Zimm. Saunders has already been accused of insider trading and Finch figures that his risk-taking may have gotten him into trouble. He gives Reese a book and tells him that it's most important to dress well and look clever.

Someone on the phone warns their partner that Saunders has seen too much, and the partner assures him that they'll clean it up.

Adam's manager Paul Ashton tells him that he'll be working with their new client's representative, and that Adam was requested by name. Reese arrives and explains that his client prefers to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, Finch is on the rooftop setting up while Reese gives Adam $153 million as a test. First, Adam catches a newscast about the trial of Virtanen CEO Robert Keller for murder. The senior broker, Victor, comes over and says that the smart money is already in on the buyout of Keller's company. The only thing that could change is if Keller is acquitted. Sydney Baylor, a partner in the firm, comes over and Finch warns Reese that she has a reputation. She accuses Adam of holding the sell tickets on Virtanen until the last minute to keep her in the dark about the fact that he short-sold the company. Adam stands by his decision and insists on letting it ride. Sydney agrees and Keller is found guilty, meaning that Adam's gamble paid off. She congratulates Adam but warns that the next time he tries it, he'll be out.

Adam suggests to Reese that they have a drink after closing bell to celebrate. As he leaves, Reese tries to force-pair his phone but fails. He tells Finch, who suggests that someone else may already have blue-jacked it, meaning someone else is interested in Adam. Reese figures that Adam could have ticked someone else off by gambling, but Finch figures that Adam is in it for the rush, not the win.

That night, Adam is driving through town with Reese, running the lights in his sports car. Reese asks him how he knew about Virtanen and the broker explains how he read up on all the buried information. They go to a bar while Finch breaks in and discovers that Adam has very little furniture. He finds a small fortune in bills hidden in Saunders' closet. Meanwhile, Reese watches as Adam pays for the drinks but doesn't drink himself. When Reese asks why, Adam says that he'll drink later. A drunken Victor comes over and complains that his clients were hurt when Adam shorted the stock. He takes a swing at Adam, and Reese secretly takes him out with a blow and then hustles Adam out.

Later, Adam goes to Sydney's apartment and shares a drink. Outside, Reese watches and reports to Finch what is going on, and wonders who Adam really is. The next day, Finch confirms that Adam never came home and has checked Adam's personal history. His mother is dead and his father is gone, and a Robert Sowoski signed the guardianship papers. Sydney hired Adam personally but Reese isn't convinced he slept his way into the position. Finch protects Adam's phone from any further electronic intrusion, while Reese figures that they can have Carter look into the SEC investigation.

Carter receives dry cleaning at the office even though she didn't leave anything off. It's a man's coat and has an address on the receipt. When Carter hails a cab to go there, she discovers that Finch is posing as the driver. He wants her to look at Adam's sealed SEC records and assures her that she can pull it off., and then drives her to the SEC offices.

When Adam leaves Sydney's apartment, Reese secretly gets close enough to force pair his cell phone. When Adam stops for a coffee, a SEC investigator, Doug Rasmussen, approaches him and warns that he won't get away with it. Adams insists that he's clean and insists he has nothing else to say. Rasmussen continues to harass him and assures that he'll still be watching Adam for as long as it takes. When Adam says that there's nothing he can do, Rasmussen warns him that he has friends in the Justice Department.

Carter gets the information and forwards it on to Finch. He confirms that Rasmussen was looking into reports of insider trading at Baylor Zimm. The investigation was against the upper management and Adam was subpoenaed, but he said that he didn't witness any wrongdoing. Finch figures that he was lying to protect Sydney.

Adam drives out to Queens to talk to a man running a food truck. He jokingly threatens the man and Finch confirms that the truck belongs to Robert Sowoski, the legal guardian. Finch also determines that Adam's uncle, Bob, has invested with Baylor Zimm. Inside the truck, Bob says that he keeps seeing a lot of his money going into some company called Tritak Energy. He thinks he should diversify, but Adam insists that he's getting a return and should trust the broker he set him up with. Meanwhile, Finch has deposited his money at Baylor Zimm through the broker that Adam recommended.

Later, Reese meets with Adam to finalize the deposit. He asks for a second and talks to Paul about Tritak. Adam notes that half the clients in the firm are investing in Tritak, and Paul warns that it's illegal for him to access the records. As Paul leaves, Sydney comes over and asks Adam about Rasmussen. He assures her that it's nothing and then asks about Tritak. She ducks the question and reminds him that they can't take another embarrassment with a SEC investigation.

That night, Reese and Adam go practice golf drives. Reese asks about Adam's argument earlier but he says it's nothing that Reese's client has to worry about. He assures Reese that someone is always trying to find a con, but is surprised when Reese reveals that he knows about how Adam invested Bob's money in the firm. Adam tells Reese that he's done with him and drives Reese back to Baylor Zimm while insisting that his family is none of his business. As they head into a construction detour, Reese realizes that there are no workers manning the equipment. He slams on the accelerator and they just get out of the way as a truck tries to ram them. By the time that Reese can get back to the truck, the driver has slipped away.

The next day, Reese sends Carter to check the construction site. He figures that the hit was professional and wonders who called in a team of assassins to dispose of Adam. Meanwhile, Finch checks his money and determines that it's being funneled into Tritak at ten times the rate that Bob's was. Tritak is running a natural gas pipeline up from the south. The company's value has increased dramatically, in large part of a buying frenzy initiated by Baylor Zimm. Finch figures that Adam knows about the insider trading and Reese goes to find Adam.

Finch goes to see Bob, posing as a SEC investigator, and asks him what he knows about Tritak. Bob admits that he doesn't know much and finally tells Finch that he knew something fishy was going on. He trusted Adam and the brokers that Adam put him in contact with. Bob explains that when his sister died, Adam's father disappeared while looking for work. Each month Adam's father sent $200 home, but Adam saved it all in shoe boxes. When he grew up, he used it to enroll in night s and buy himself a future.

Rasmussen approaches Adam on the street and mentions Tritak. Reese shows up and listens in as Adam insists that he doesn't know anything. When Rasmussen warns him that he'll be going to prison if he doesn't talk, Adam says that he ran the numbers and figures that someone must be insider trading. He has the numbers on the laptop in his office and Rasmussen tells him to get them. Adam goes to his desk but gets a text message from Sydney telling him to meet her on the roof. He takes the laptop and takes the elevator up, while Finch intercepts the text messages and warns Reese.

When Adam gets to the roof, a masked man knocks Adam out and starts to haul him over the edge. Reese arrives and knocks the attackers out, and gets Adam to the elevator. Adam realizes that Reese isn't an investor, and Reese demands answers. The broker explains that he illegally checked the numbers on Bob's investments. He wrote an email about the insider trading and was going to send it around, but the partners told him to keep it secret to avoid the SEC investigation. Adam admits that he told a few friends at the firm about what he discovered, including Sydney.

Carter checks the stolen vehicles from the construction site and gets a report on one reported theft. Three vehicles were taken, including an old garbage truck.

Reese takes Adam to Sydney's penthouse and they discover that someone has killed her. There's a champagne bottle lying nearby, the one that Sydney and Adam drank from the other night, and Reese figures that the killers planted fingerprints and figured that he would take the blame after his body was found, an apparent suicide. The police pull up out front and Reese takes Adam out the back.

Carter arrives and talks to the investigating officer, Fordes. She figures that it's a setup and that someone using a garbage truck went through the trash and found the champagne bottle to implicate Adam. Meanwhile, Reese takes Adam to an abandoned warehouse where the homeless are squatting. When Adam refuses to stay, Reese tells him that he stayed there for four months and directs him to a woman named Joan. He gives Adam a phone and tells him not to use it until Reese calls him. As Reese leaves, Adam tells him to talk to Victor, who would be the next rung on the management ladder and know about the Tritak investments.

Reese returns to the library and Finch tells him that Congress has just passed a bill to perform fracking in upstate New York, meaning Tritak's pipeline is useless. Everyone who has invested in Tritak will lose millions. The next day, Reese goes to the company to talk to Victor and warns him that the people responsible have been using him as a patsy. Victor says that someone powerful got to the senators who passed the bill and got the fracking okayed. Reese wonders who wanted Tritak to fail and leaves.

At the warehouse, Adam sees a newspaper with a story on Tritak and calls Reese. He warns him that it's a short sale and someone pumped up the price and sold high, knowing the bill would pass. Adam tells Reese to find out which brokers there are buying back the Tritak shares to cover the short sale. He then calls Bob to apologize, and Bob warns that every employee that works for him is at risk. He tells his nephew that he's a Saunders, not a Sowoski. Adam hangs up, unaware that someone watching Bob is tracing the call.

Reese has Finch go into Baylor Zimm after hours and access their computers. He confirms that Paul was the broker who short-sold the Tritak shares and hacks into his phone GPS to get his location. Meanwhile, Reese goes to see Adam and tell him about Paul, but Adam insists that there are SEC security measures in place and Paul couldn't have done it alone. Reese figures that Paul had help from within the SEC.

Paul goes to a park bench and meets with Rasmussen. The investigator complains about how the SEC was defanged so he decided to join them rather than beat them. Finch listens in via Paul's cell phone as Paul tells Rasmussen that he has buy orders in place to get the shares they need in the morning. He warns Rasmussen that Adam could be a problem and Rasmussen assures him that he has it under control.

At the warehouse, Joan advises Adam to use the newspaper to stay warm. He wonders how everything could have turned bad when he worked to achieve everything he has, and Reese tells him that he knows about how Adam grew up. Adam tells Reese that when he was 16 he went to find his father, and discovered that he had a new family. The father tried to hand him another $200 but Adam wanted the family, not the money. Reese reminds him that he found family: an uncle who spent his life slaving away in a food truck to give Adam a life. Adam insists that he'll get Bob's money back and Reese realizes that Adam must have talked to Bob earlier.

The killers arrive at the warehouse and burst in, firing their weapons. As the resident panic, Reese tells Adam to stay down and then returns fire. He takes out one man and tells Adam to move. The remaining killers realize that they're up against armed opposition and flees.

Back at the library, Finch explains that Paul was working with Rasmussen to short-sell Tritak. However, Finch and Reese both figure that there's something more involved given the assault on the homeless encampment. Finch says that they need a good investment banker and tells Reese to set up Adam with a suit and tie.

The next morning, Tritak stock continues to drop. Paul asks Victor to help fill the buy orders for Tritak, but Victor warns that a new player is buying up the shares and driving the price up. He has a number for the anonymous buyer and suggests that Paul make a deal. As Paul leaves, he runs into Rasmussen and tells him that he's saving their asses. The number is for Finch, who hangs up and then signals Adam. Adam calls Paul and tells them that he's reinvigorated Tritak with his buying frenzy. When Paul insists that Adam can't prove anything, Adam agrees but figures that Victor and the others will testify against him to save their own skins. When the police arrive, Rasmussen tries to make a run for it but Reese knocks him down.

As Paul and Rasmussen are hauled away, Adam goes to see Bob while Reese looks on. Adam gives his uncle his money back and asks for his forgiveness. Bob assures him that he's forgiven and that he's family. As they discuss opening up a franchise, Reese goes back to the homeless encampment to help Joan and the others clean out. She says that someone has bought the building and figures they'll need to move on. Reese looks outside and sees Adam and Bob pull up in their truck. He assures Joan that the new owner is a smart kid and that she and the others won't have to move. Reese then thanks Joan for looking after him and she asks who is looking after him. he tells her that it's someone new and leaves.

At the station, Carter checks in on the interrogation of Paul and Rasmussen. She discovers that Rasmussen killed himself rather than face imprisonment, despite the fact that Rasmussen was supposedly in custody. She checks the security footage and confirms that Scarface, Elias' henchman, was at the station and dropped a cell phone into a garbage can. She meets with Reese and tells him what she's discovered, and that someone set up the whole thing to make $300 million. He dials the last number on the cell phone and Carl Elias answers and says that it's been a long time.