Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2012 on CBS

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  • Wall-street

    Great episode about wall-street brokers, a lot of twist and turns. Pretty much had everything suspense, mystery, betrayal, shocks and truth. I have to say I really enjoyed this season and it deserves high marks, its very different that's out right now. It's reminds you how scary things can get with power and technology. Great episode can't wait for the next one.
  • very good episode

    Series are incredibly interesting and drawing, there is a phenomenal music to it from episode to episode. It is one of the best series for a long time actually since the time when The Unit was cancelling.
  • Great ep - Fans of POI should tune in to Fringe - another great JJ Abrams show

    POI is just starting to get into larger story arcs - something Fringe does marvelously. but back to POI - i agree it was a great ep - and with a killer ending with Carter finally addressing my biggest questions of the ep. What started out as moderately small in scope - well at least by Person of Interest standards - quickly evolved into something much deeper - and more dangerous. And the reveal at the end makes for one awesome ride. Can't wait to see where they go from here. Even though I gave this a 10 - it's probably more like an 8 - it's just that for some reason people were giving it 1's so my 10 is to counter their silliness. POI = Batman for adults. :)
  • Street Smarts vs Book Smarts

    Reese is sent to Wall Street to protect an investor who happens to look into a stock and realizes the numbers don't add up. The people involved in the shady stock deal are looking to protect their investment at all costs. In order to protect the investor Reese takes him to a place where he felt safe, as an anonymous, homeless man. The episode unfolds to a great twist at the end. Book smarts might rule on Wall Street but who will win the war of Street Smarts, Reese or Elias.........
  • Intense episode...

    Loved this episode...The Wall-street drama, John helping a broker survive the set-up he was placed, going to the street and living with the hobos for protection, and yes, the coming back of Elias...Elias is like a second Professor Moriarty after Root...Also it was amazing to see how much Finch loves what he does...Investing 153million dollars just get in and then other to save an innocent...The solution of buying hardcore a stock that has been shorted a lot was also incredible...Keep it coming.