Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 13

Root Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • the root of a cool episode

    first of all, what a great first scene. Reese has awesome ways in convincing people not to kill their own wives. Also this week's POI (at least from my point of view) was pretty interesting and a very realistic character. He managed in a single episode to make me feel for him and care about him (so far only the doctor lady and the judge managed this more or less), which also was a great plus for an even greater storyline.

    What I don't get is why did the machine give them this guy's number instead of the congressman's... after all his death was planned and was supposed to happen before the POI's murder. The machine must have known for whose murder the POI was going to be framed. Is the machine choosing the people it want saved? or it simply assumed that this number had better chances for a positive outcome for everyone involved?

    anyway, not only today's POI but also the main characters were top notch except Carter who didn't have enough screen time to shine as we all know she can. Finche's facial expressions when he decided to go on a stake out and while he was being hacked were priceless albeit for different reasons and made me like him even more... (it's so fun watching him being clueless and his anguish in the hacking scene made the whole thing even more intense). I must confess i was so blown away from the last scene that I'm not sure of Finch's expression. was he almost half smiling as if intrigued by a new challenge?

    Reese was his usual bad ass self even though the smile and look he gave Zoe in the end were mighty sweet but it looked a little as if those few seconds were added (inserted) latter on ( probably to mess with the female viewers) because the moment the camera angle changed, while he turned his head towards the house, he was dead serious again. Facial expressions don't change that fast. Except for this little slip everything was amazing: the fight scenes, the way he slightly took the phone from his ear expecting Carter to scream at him after the shooting (loving the way she sometimes talks to and his acting in the subway.

    But the greatest thing in this episode was the hacker, Root. Finally an interesting foe, someone who might really turn out to be a formidable opponent for our team (and she didn't even show her face yet), even though not a match for the machine as it found her pretty fast. Hopefully, it will perceive her as a threat to its assets and watch her closely. Also, the way she tied up her loose ends was priceless (lesson learned, don't hire smart assassins to get rid of people, if they fail they might end up 'suiciding' you)
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