Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 13

Root Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Finch Gets Hacked...Great Episode.

    Person of Interest is the rare show these days which keeps building on its strengths - it gets better with time. Not only does it have characters the viewer is now fully invested in, it has the smarts to pace itself with pure entertainment. This week's episode starts off in great fashion with Finch attempting to phone Reese while he is disabling a man who is on the cusp of killing his wife. The opening fight segment is a greatly entertaining salvo displaying why we have come to love the cooly detached Reese.

    The POI of the week is a man who is completely believable. A man who has been unemployed due to political manuvering in City Hal and has reached a kind of critical mass as he has hidden his unemployment from his family, is maxed out financially, and is desparate for income. Finch and Reese believe he may be to the point of ugly revenge, things such as emails originating from the POI's computer seem to indicate he may be an erstwhile assassin. As things progress it becomes clear that, like infamous assassinations, there may be a conspiracy and a patsy. Maybe this is not entirely original, but it doesn't have to be as it just needs to work well. It is done very well here indeed.

    As Reese isn't able to stop the assassination he clearly sees their POI is not the shooter and is framed. At the same time Finch's system is infected with a "honeypot" virus. This is important in that it brings up frailties in both Reese and Finch that add great dimension to their repective characters. The ability of Reese and Finch to regroup and undo a convincing set-up is now the important thing. It culminates with Reese enacting a perfectly executed intercept from the Feds transportation of the POI to the courthouse where Finch realizes he will be murdered in some way insuring "no loose ends". Reese now has the POI and Finch is getting closer to finding the hacker who is obviously a big part of an eloborate scheme.

    As the story progresses it displays just the right mix of action and drama to keep the viewer on edge. How important the weaknesses of Finch and Reese must work around can't be missed as it brings another nemesis on the level of Elias to be brought into the storyline. This time the evil person pulling behind the scene strings is on a level even Finch is having great difficulty trailing. In other words an important new villian has arrived. While Finch and Reese are able to protect and, ultimately, free the POI the episode ends with a great scene whereby Finch is drawn into an instant messaging session with the villian. The unknown villian, who says to call her "Root", is glad to be in a cat and mouse game with a worth adversary and there will be a next time! A perfect ending to a great episode.

    With the afore mentioned ending it is a must to tune in next week. Of special mention is the excellent, though stingy, screentime devoted to detective Carter and political troubleshooter Zoe Morgan proving the show has depth beyond the two protagonists. Without a doubt, Person of Interest is the best new show of the 2011/12 season, episodes like "Root" cement the claim.
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