Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 10

Shadow Box

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

Abby Moore makes a video for her parents warning them that if they're seeing the video then she's in trouble, and that she's going to break the rules in a big way.

A thief breaks into a secondhand motorcycle store, steals a motorcycle, and drives out through the window.

At the library, Finch and Reese are watching Bear while Finch tells his partner that Abby is their newest Number. She worked at a military charity but then left and took a job as a temp at the city planning office. Finch speculates that she took the charity job because her brother died in Afghanistan 18 months ago. Since then, Abby has dumped her phone and moved out of her apartment. Reese, interested in the fact she has a military background, figures that she's hiding someone and immediately leaves to run surveillance.

Carter is working at her desk when Cal comes over and tries to convince her to have dinner with him a second time. She says that she can't because she's investigating an anonymous tip that a cop killed the missing Davidson and disposed of the body. Fusco listens in as Cal admits that he had a few run-ins with Davidson and that someone in HR may have killed Davidson. FBI Agent Donnelly comes in and tells Carter that now that they've wrapped up HR, he's going back to finding the mysterious Man in the Suit. He figures that Reese is working with the Chinese and also recruited Mark Snow, a fellow CIA agent. Donnelly offers Carter a temporary position with the FBI and assures her that it will soon become permanent. Once he leaves, Carter calls to warn Finch.

Finch has Carter meet Reese at the Department of City Planning. She's surprised to discover that he's passing himself off as a Federal Marshal using a stolen badge. The city planning manager tells them that Abby downloaded a file on a Wall Street building and walked out with no one the wiser. They've checked and confirmed that the building has no vital infrastructure. Once Reese walks out Carter goes with him and asks why he's taking risks. She warns him that Donnelly is back on the hunt and Reese says that they already know. Carter realizes that Reese and Carter are listening in on her private conversations using her cloned cell phone and tells them to stop. Reese notices a surveillance camera across the street and asks Carter to get them the footage.

Back at the library, Reese reviews the footage with Finch and confirms that after she stole the file, Abby rode off with a man on a motorcycle. Carter has traced the motorcycle and confirmed that it was stolen, and she realizes that they have her computer tapped as well. They review the robbery footage and Reese points out that the thief had a high-tech prosthetic hand. That and the fact that man used plastic explosive to blast his way in suggests that he's ex-military. Carter checks the files and confirms that the motorcycle was spotted near the theft of plastic explosive from a construction sight in New Jersey two nights ago. They figure that Abby and the thief are going blow up a building using the plans that Abby stole. Carter warns Reese and Finch that she has to put out on APB on Abby, and Finch tells Reese to track the girl down before the police find her.

At the station, Fusco checks with a fellow detective, Olson, who has worked with Cal in the past. Olson admits that Cal had expensive tastes and might have been on the take, but admits that he can't prove anything.

Reese and Finch review the facts and figure that Abby and the thief are up to something big. However, it must be personal because the Machine would notify the authorities if it were a terrorist incident. Finch traces the pay phone that Abby gave as her telephone number on her employment form and has Reese check that out while goes to the military charity that Abby worked at. As Reese leaves, Finch points out that he seems strangely happy. Reese tells him that it must be the job, surprising Finch.

At the payphone, Reese finds a tap line leading to a nearby apartment. He breaks in and there's no one in at the moment. Searching the place, Reese finds a box of medals belonging to Abby's younger brother, Josh.

Finch goes to the charity office posing as a friend of Abby's family. He talks to the manager, Philip Chapple, who says that Abby started by stealing petty cash but eventually embezzled funds from the veterans. He had no choice but to let her go.

Reese finds Abby's video to her parents and in it, she explains that she's doing what's right. She insists that Josh would agree with her and hopes that her parents will be proud of her when she knows the truth.

Chapple tells Finch that a former Marine who came in for a loan may have influenced Abby. He reluctantly gives Finch the Marine's name, Shayn Coleman. Finch has Carter check on it and she confirms that Shayn was a bomb disposal expert who lost his left arm disarming an IED. Shayn disappeared two months ago when the bank foreclosed on his house and his fiancee dumped him. While Carter adds Shayn's name to Abby's APB, Finch watches Chapple and sees him meet with two mercenaries, Packer and Kelly. Finch tells Reese that Chapple slipped a GPS transponder into his pocket in the office, but he's already put it on a garbage truck heading for New Jersey. While he breaks into the office after hours, Reese will wait at the apartment for Abby. Reese advises against it but Finch is willing to take the risk.

That night, Finch breaks into the office and discovers that the alarm has been disabled. A small explosion goes off as Shayn blows the safe open, and the ex-Marine comes out, grabs Finch, and slams him into the wall. Finch tells him that they both have to get out before the police arrive.

At the apartment, Abby comes home and Reese grabs her, trying to reassure her that she's safe.

Shayn goes to the safe and starts removing papers while Finch downloads the files from Chapple's computer. They then head for the door, pausing when Kelly comes in. Shayn is ready to shoot him but Finch persuades him to just knock the man out. As they go outside, Kelly recovers and joins his partner Packer. Finch has no choice but to get on Shayn's motorcycle and ride off with him.

Reese confirms that Finch is okay and then introduces himself to Abby. She tells him to leave but Reese says that he wants to meet with Shayn. He asks why they're going after the building and Abby tells him that Chapple is a liar and a thief. She wonders why Reese is involved and he tells her that he used to be soldier. Unlike Josh, however, he managed to get out.

Finch contacts Reese and tells him that Shayn is demanding answers at gunpoint. Reese talks to Shayn and tells him that they need to meet. They arrange a neutral spot and Reese and Abby get there first. Reese figures that Abby is helping Shayn because she couldn't help her brother, and Abby explains that Chapple is the one ripping off the vets. He made them loans and then tripled the interest rates, and Shayn brought some of them to Chapple before he knew better. One of the veterans killed himself when lost everything to the bank. As Abby vows to bring Chapple to justice, Shayn and Finch arrive and Abby tells Reese that she's going to do the right thing. They make the exchange and Abby rides off with Shayn. Finch assures Reese that he hacked the wireless connection in Shayn's prosthetic arm and that they can follow the GPS trail as it clones every phone that he passes by.

Carter is at her desk reviewing the files on Abyy and Shawn. When Cal checks with her, Carter tells him about Donnelly's officer and Cal suggests that she take it. Carter worries that it would mean leaving New York and uprooting her son. As they talk, Cal gets a call and Fusco, listening from nearby, clones it.

The Machine monitors Cal's phone and registers that he's received a call from Quinn requesting a meeting in the park.

Fusco follows Cal to the park and watches as he meets with his godfather, Quinn. Quinn wants crime reports about Crown Heights and Cal tells him that a Russian mobster, Peter Yogarov, is trying to gain new territory since Elias kicked him out of Brighton Beach. Simmons secretly comes up behind Fusco, startles him, and says that he's been keeping on eye on the detective. The cop figures that Fusco is concerned about Cal because of his involvement with Carter. Fusco points out that he's worried about Carter because Simmons crossed the line and dropped the anonymous tip about how Fusco killed Davidson. The detective warns Simmons that it's getting to the point that he doesn't care what Simmons threatens him with, but Simmons tells him to go home. When Fusco asks why he's in the park near Quinn, Simmons ignores him.

Finch traces Shayn and Abby and cross-references their whereabouts against the files he downloaded from Chapple's computer. Chapple had an appointment with an investment bank, Merton Watts, and Finch confirms that it has first liens on all of the veterans that took loans from Chapple. The bank gets to foreclose and then it splits the profits with Chapple, and Chapple keeps his accounts in a safe deposit box at the bank. Reese and Finch realize that Shayn and Abby are going to blow open the vault and get the safe deposit box, and Reese leaves for the bank before Chapple's men can get there.

Chapple meets with Packer and Kelly and confirms that Shayn stole the box code and the keys. He tells the two mercenaries to stop Abby and Shayn before they get into the safe deposit box.

Donnelly picks up Carter in his car. After he removes the battery from her phone, he explains that the Chinese may have wire-tapped her phone and are providing Reese with technical support. They've confirmed that Reese was at the charity office but Donnelly refuses to say anything further until he has Carter's answer to his offer. She accepts the temporary position and Donnelly tells her that Reese has always been one step ahead because of inside help. They've picked up short bursts of a cloned IMEI with a unique signature, active during times when Reese was active, and they figure that Reese's techman is responsible. There was a burst during a robbery at the charity office, and Donnelly has SWAT teams ready to move out as soon as they pick up another burst.

Shayn and Abby prepare to break into the bank through the wall but he has second thoughts and tells her to go back to the apartment. Abby refuses, insisting that it's her fight as well as his, and they kiss.

While Donnelly prepares his SWAT team, Carter holds her phone and considers what to do next.

Reese arrives and easily disarms Shayn before he can blast the wall open. Shayn explains that they plan to steal Chapple's money and give it back to the veterans he took it from, but admits that they haven't worked out how. Chapple discredited Abby when she came to him, before she realized the manager was the one responsible for the scheme. One he found out what she knew, Chapple faked the robbery accusations to discredit her. One of the mercenaries beat Abby up and said that the next time he'd kill her if she didn't keep quiet.

Finch tells Reese to get Abby and Shayn out while he handles Chapple. Reese refuses, telling Finch that he can understand their feelings. They wait until a subway train passes by. Shayn times the explosion to the roar of the train and blasts his way into the basement. Once inside, Shayn explains that the vault walls were too thick to blast through, so he's going to blow the floor out.

Packer and Kelly pick up a third man for support and arrive outside. They realize that Shayn has broken into the building.

Finch detects interference on their phone link and warns Reese, figuring that the FBI are on their trail. He tells Reese to get out but Reese refuses, saying they'll be out in five minutes.

As Packer and his partners enter the bank, Shayn and Abby blow out the floor and the safe deposit boxes drop down. They find Chapple's box and take out the account records showing where he hid the $30 million in a South American bank. As they leave, the mercenaries open fire and Reese returns fire. However, they're pinned down and Reese realizes they have thirty minutes to get out before the bank opens.

Donnelly's men pick up the IMEI burst and they head for the bank. Before they go, Carter says that she has to call her mother. Instead she calls Fusco and tells him to warn Finch that Donnelly is on the way and is tracking their phone use. Fusco calls Finch and brings him up to speed, and Finch asks him to run interference at the bank while he drives there.

Simmons meets Quinn, who wants him to contact Yogarov where he's being held in jail with his brother Lazlo. Quinn will take care of the criminal charges while Simmons offers them support so that HR can get a new revenue stream and prepare a weapon against Elias. As he goes, Simmons tells Quinn that Donnelly is about to capture the man who has been plaguing their efforts for two years.

Finch arrives at the bank and tells Reese to get everyone up to the foyer where he has passes and IDs waiting. As the bank opens, Reese finds several suits in the locker and gives them to Shayn and Abby. They put on the suits, climb up into the vault, and blend in with the customer as the bank opens.

Donnelly picks up another burst signal and tells Carter that they haven't been able to tap the line and find out who Reese is talking to.

Shayn tells Reese to get out with Abby while he provides cover fire, but Reese tells him that they're all going to get themselves out. He tells them to watch for Finch and then opens fire on the mercenaries while Shayn and Abby climb out.

Finch enters the bank and uses a handheld scrambler to shut off the security cameras. Donnelly and his men pull up outside and move in. Meanwhile, Chapple arrives at the bank and demands access to his safe deposit box.

Shayn and Abby find Finch and he gives them the fake IDs just as the FBI burst in. They check everyone's ID and Finch tells Reese that the others are safe.

Packer and his men realize the FBI is moving in and they lose their weapons and head out. Meanwhile, Reese realizes that there's no way out. He tells Finch that it's been fun and then smashes his phone. Upstairs, Finch gives the FBI his cover story about being an insurance agent there for an appointment. They move on and Abby gives Finch Chapple's records. He assures her that he can empty Chapple's accounts and transfer the money to legitimate charities. Then he'll get Abby and Shayn out of the state. Shayn agrees as long as the two of them together. Fusco arrives and tells Finch that he has them covered.

Donnelly receives word that his team has captured the Man in the Suit. He goes downstairs with Carter but is surprised to discover that they've captured four men in suits: Reese and the three mercenaries. Carter says that she doesn't recognize any of them and Donnelly has all four men taken away.