Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • Love it

    This was great episode the case is the machine predicted that someone in the hotel was going to cause harm and it turns out the suspicion was the maintenance guy which they didn't know if he was the killer or the victim. It was action pact and kept me entertained with a quite a bit of twist on this episode. It was well written and another nice quality episode to watch a must watch.
  • Great to be back again

    Spoiler Alert

    Ok. This was a great one. And worth the wait. I liked the switch up. Although it wasn't a real switch up in the sense that Finch kicked ass now. But still, it was great.

    And even wounded Reese throws people out of a window like it is nothing. Then the reveal that Ingram was bad, it should be a great story line because I think it has something to do with Finch's leg.

    One of the things that kind of suprised me was what Reese said to Finch. "Be honest, there is no machine, there is only you". I know it is fair fetched, but maybe this is something they are gonna explore in the future.

    I think this show gets better and better
  • The Best Episode of Person of Interest till now.

    This episodes deserves great reviews and this show deserves every award it gets nominated for. Person of Interest returns and it brings its best episode yet with it. First of all i would like to thank everyone involved in this series for respecting us enough that they didnt bring back Reese with not injury what so ever. I loved the way they changed places in this episode and that Carter is starting to know the truth about them. I loved that Reese still trust Carter and doesnt blame her for what happened and i hope the series improves and gets a second season. At first i didnt like Person of Interest that much but now i love it and i cant wait for more.
  • Super Super Super Super!

    Well-conceived and well-executed, "Super" is the first episode I've given a rating of 10. The flow of past, present, and future plot threads is virtually seamless, giving us perfect portions of each. Now we know why a CIA sniper didn't paint the carpark with bits of Reese...his primary objective was to take him alive if possible. And we're getting a sense of how Carter might fit into this little vigilante family...hand her a number with a brief explanation, and she'll feel obligated to take care of business whether she likes it or not. Almost getting a sense that she and Fusco are two sides of the same coin, with Finch and Reese flipping it over to whichever side they need at the moment.

    It was great to see that Reese is mortal after all, still wounded and fighting to recover from prior events. But still no rest for the weary, as Finch sets him up to convalesce in the same building as their next person of interest. My only complaints (and I'm really nitpicking here, because the episode was solid) were as follows: it was waaaay too obvious from the beginning that POI Ernie Trask wasn't going to be a bad guy...they tried too hard to make him seem guilty. Also, we've got one of our main characters impaired and stuck in a wheelchair, taking on the duties of surveilling the apartment complex...some extra "Rear Window"-style suspense might have been nice. Beyond those minor details, they did a wonderful job of switching around Finch's and Reese's roles in the field. My personal favorite moment is when Finch pokes the stalker in the eyes (just as Reese had dryly advised him to do), and it actually WORKS...the look on Finch's face is priceless!

    And then we have more of the Machine's backstory, along with our old friend Nathan Ingram. His number being spit out is a great twist, and open to many different interpretations (I would direct people to this episode's forum for more on this). I'm kinda leaning toward Ingram and Finch clashing in some epic, dogmatic struggle that leads to a permanently-injured leg...but maybe that's just because I dig the X-Men. I suppose that would make the Machine some kind of Cerebro, dunno. Apparently this computer is also programmed with a sort of survival instinct, and can't be corrupted or reprogrammed in any way. Hoo-daddy! All in all, "Super" is a delicious blend of satisfying answers and tantalizing questions, bravo.

  • The Boys Are Back In Town

    After an agonizing 27 day wait, Person Of Interest returned to Thursday nights this week. And wouldn't you know it? Like a well-oiled machine that has received a major upgrade, it returned and delivered an absolutely flawless episode. Finch and Reese are back, dudes! What could be more awesome?? Well, maybe the fact that this episode was called "Super", which is exactly what it was!

    The mid-season finale left us with the feeling that as far as this show is concerned, the best is yet to come. When we last saw the battle-wounded Reese, he was being driven away by Finch to safety. Of course, we knew he would survive. This is John Reese! Genetically modified mutant gorilla ninjas don't stand a chance against this guy. Turns out Finch had the perfect surgeon in mind to patch Reese up, an Iraqi doctor with a serious cash flow problem, who just happened to be the best surgeon in Najaf back in the day. The awesome factor multiplied threefold when I watched Finch plop the bundles of cash on the dissection table! And it was only too obvious to notice that the surgeon was the same guy from Homeland. You know, the Saudi diplomat. You now, the yummy-yummy-yummy-yummy guy. You know, the guy who said, I suck--well I can't say it, but you know who he is!

    Despite Reese's condition, the Machine, apparently indifferent to their situation (Finch forgot to insert the tactfulness program into the damn thing) spit out yet another number for our heroes to worry about. This time, our POI was the super of a building where Reese just 'happened' to be hiding from the CIA (I'll get to those dicks in a minute). It didn't take long for Finch and Reese to discover that the super, Trask (Dexter's David Zayas. Another awesome guest star!! The awesome factor just multiplied tenfold!), keeps a closer than needed eye on the residents.

    With Reese confined to his wheelchair (when I say wheelchair, I mean a potentially deadly weapon), it was up to Finch to play 'field agent' for a change. Well, at least he tried. I found it quite humorous to see Finch completely out of his depth! But it also gave us an insight into how seriously he considers their work to be. "The Machine waits for no man". That statement is almost as cool as "Winter Is Coming".

    After discovering photos of one of the residents (a ridiculously sexy chef) in Trask's apartment, combined with the knowledge that he could have recently purchased a weapon, the duo came to the logical conclusion that he was a stalker on the verge of making his move. The fact that Finch discovered hidden cameras in the girl's apartment reinforced the theory. However, POI usually pulls a different colored rabbit out of the same hat every week, so it was safe to say there was more to this than meets the eye.

    I have to be honest. I figured out that the boyfriend (who wasn't her boyfriend after all) was the stalker five minutes before Finch and Reese did. I attributed Trask's infatuation with sexy chef lady to him being her Dad or something. Regardless of the facts, another case solved, another POI squared away. But as always, the most interesting part of the episode was running in the background. Actually there were a couple of interesting parts.

    Although we're now fairly clear where Carter's allegiances lie, I'm a little disappointed Finch had a comfortable face-to-face with Carter this early in the show. I would have preferred if the meeting had occurred a few episodes later, with Carter and Finch (or Reese) still exchanging phone conversations with mutual respect on either side of the line, until then. That being said, it was absolutely brilliant the way Finch made her realize exactly what they do and how they go about doing it. So is Carter an official member of the coolest posse on the planet?? Or are there still trust issues to be resolved?

    I was delighted to see more flashbacks in this episode, since I believe Finch's past is the most intriguing part of this show. Although I'm not sure they added anything new to what we already know (except maybe Ingram's first name, Nathan), Finch's in-depth explanation about how the Machine pieces together bits (or as he put it perfectly "the thinnest thread") of information to pinpoint the next relevant number was an absolutely intense and dazzling scene! Let me reiterate, MICHAEL EMERSON IS RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!

    Meanwhile, it seems that for now, Reese has got the CIA (Clowns In need of Asswhooping) temporarily off his back thanks to a little help from Fusco. I don't know about you guys, but another showdown between Snow and Reese cannot come soon enough! Snow and Evans (the guy who shot Reese) need to go. A pissed off Reese is like Vesuvius on crack, although he may not show it. Those CIA dudes have some retribution heading in their direction which I think I'm going to enjoy.


    - Imagine being shot twice by a CIA sharpshooter, almost dying, and then being operated upon by an unlicensed surgeon in a morgue. That's Reese's definition of a rough night.

    - Reese kicked the stalker dude's ass. Then he threw him out of a window. You would probably think that was Reese being Reese right? But a Reese IN CRUTCHES kicking the bleeding hell out of the guy was just awesome television. John Reese is TV's biggest badass. Period.

    - Finch had some awesome lines tonight, my favorite one being "This may be the best catered stakeout in history". Genius!

    - Fusco has become quite the trooper over the last couple of episodes. We didn't see much of him tonight, but me thinks Reese should start to cut him some slack from now on.

    - I also loved Reese's definition of traveling 'light'. Someone should start a John Reese dictionary!

    - What did happen in Ordos?? If I remember correctly, Ordos is a desert in China. Color me intrigued!

    - POI has established itself as a utopia for brilliant guest stars. Tonight's episode had David Zayas and Ramsey Faragallah (Mr Yummy-yummy-yummy-yummy).

    Who do you want next??

    Person Of Interest won The People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama! The world is finally starting to make sense!
  • Awesome episode

    Did anyone notice the last words the machine wrote? "Possible threat detected Subject: Ingram Nathan C." the talk about the machine being alive and being able to hear them, combined with the fact that the detection came right after the conversation between Ingram and Finch, made this text give me a Terminator chill up my back (there was no murderous intent in their conversation yet the machine decided Ingram was a threat right after they talked... could it be the instinct of self preservation Finch was talking about? It only needs to get Ingram's number to the government and they could take care of the rest as they now trust the machine)

    of course it can be interpreted in other ways too but the way it was all put one after the other in the episode just gave me this feeling :D

    the cast was awesome, i liked every single one of them. Carter shows more of her skills getting off the grid, and Finch and Reese change places, more or less, showing that Reese is pretty good with computers and Finch does a fairly good job in the field.

    After Finch's first comment about Carter I was afraid he wouldn't accept her nor trust her enough to even talk to her but he surprised me by contacting her... i guess he must have had some contingency plans in case things wouldn't have gone his way. I find it weird but i'm glad Reese doesn't blame her at all

    ooo... and the way they both tilted their heads while watching the girl in red working out in her room... cracked me up.

    all in all this episode was exactly what i needed after such a long wait.