Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • Awesome episode

    Did anyone notice the last words the machine wrote? "Possible threat detected Subject: Ingram Nathan C." the talk about the machine being alive and being able to hear them, combined with the fact that the detection came right after the conversation between Ingram and Finch, made this text give me a Terminator chill up my back (there was no murderous intent in their conversation yet the machine decided Ingram was a threat right after they talked... could it be the instinct of self preservation Finch was talking about? It only needs to get Ingram's number to the government and they could take care of the rest as they now trust the machine)

    of course it can be interpreted in other ways too but the way it was all put one after the other in the episode just gave me this feeling :D

    the cast was awesome, i liked every single one of them. Carter shows more of her skills getting off the grid, and Finch and Reese change places, more or less, showing that Reese is pretty good with computers and Finch does a fairly good job in the field.

    After Finch's first comment about Carter I was afraid he wouldn't accept her nor trust her enough to even talk to her but he surprised me by contacting her... i guess he must have had some contingency plans in case things wouldn't have gone his way. I find it weird but i'm glad Reese doesn't blame her at all

    ooo... and the way they both tilted their heads while watching the girl in red working out in her room... cracked me up.

    all in all this episode was exactly what i needed after such a long wait.
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