Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • Super Super Super Super!

    Well-conceived and well-executed, "Super" is the first episode I've given a rating of 10. The flow of past, present, and future plot threads is virtually seamless, giving us perfect portions of each. Now we know why a CIA sniper didn't paint the carpark with bits of Reese...his primary objective was to take him alive if possible. And we're getting a sense of how Carter might fit into this little vigilante family...hand her a number with a brief explanation, and she'll feel obligated to take care of business whether she likes it or not. Almost getting a sense that she and Fusco are two sides of the same coin, with Finch and Reese flipping it over to whichever side they need at the moment.

    It was great to see that Reese is mortal after all, still wounded and fighting to recover from prior events. But still no rest for the weary, as Finch sets him up to convalesce in the same building as their next person of interest. My only complaints (and I'm really nitpicking here, because the episode was solid) were as follows: it was waaaay too obvious from the beginning that POI Ernie Trask wasn't going to be a bad guy...they tried too hard to make him seem guilty. Also, we've got one of our main characters impaired and stuck in a wheelchair, taking on the duties of surveilling the apartment complex...some extra "Rear Window"-style suspense might have been nice. Beyond those minor details, they did a wonderful job of switching around Finch's and Reese's roles in the field. My personal favorite moment is when Finch pokes the stalker in the eyes (just as Reese had dryly advised him to do), and it actually WORKS...the look on Finch's face is priceless!

    And then we have more of the Machine's backstory, along with our old friend Nathan Ingram. His number being spit out is a great twist, and open to many different interpretations (I would direct people to this episode's forum for more on this). I'm kinda leaning toward Ingram and Finch clashing in some epic, dogmatic struggle that leads to a permanently-injured leg...but maybe that's just because I dig the X-Men. I suppose that would make the Machine some kind of Cerebro, dunno. Apparently this computer is also programmed with a sort of survival instinct, and can't be corrupted or reprogrammed in any way. Hoo-daddy! All in all, "Super" is a delicious blend of satisfying answers and tantalizing questions, bravo.