Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 1

The Contingency

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • When the Expectations Goes More High Than You Expect

    Person of Interst make one of the best season premiere a ever see in years, inteligent, brilliant, a little complex with a good actions scenes and outstanding plot for season 2. I want more and more.
  • Who's Root?

    Root was a very compelling entity in the previous season, a mystery just off the screen who entices Finch and piques our interest as viewers. On-screen is an entirely different story. Her defining trait is that she is insane. She plays it well, I'll give her that, but she needs more to continue being a compelling part of the series. Not even the fact that she wanted to free the Machine could save her yet, because it's the obvious goal despite her cryptic means of achieving it.

    I enjoy that Reese is struggling to understand the Machine (and that the Machine is struggling to understand someone other than Finch). He's frustrated but he's thinking. He's using resources as he has in the past, but in slightly more productive means. He could not have been successful in this episode if Carter and Fusco didn't know about each other, so good call on finally cluing them in at the end of the season.

    And watching Finch train the Machine but not be corrupted by it? Brilliant characterization. Wonderful return of a wonderful series. Let's see what you can do beyond the case of the week.
  • Didn't expect that

    the moment the last season ended i was already waiting for this episode and whatever the contingency was. of all the solutions that could cross my mind, the one that they chose wasn't even it was a simple and logical solution as expected of the machine (that's why i would have never guessed it, and Reese as a fellow human being had the same response)...luckily, in flashbacks, the reasons that led to this solution were explained giving us more info on Finch and the machine. the moment Finch crossed the street, after the card game, it really hit me: he could have been god, virtually untouchable, omniscient, all powerful... the machine is truly awesome.

    Of course Reese being the bad ass we know he is, didn't let the contingency as it was (love his methods) but this time he needed all of Carter's and Fusco's help. He seemed a little off and the way Carter kept finding him in her apartment made me think that without Finch, their secret base wasn't a place he liked being in. or maybe he didn't want to be alone again... (he always seemed a person that functions better with a handler of some sort next to him)

    Root was weird... i guess her character may need a little to feel real (like a trip to her past), but i loved the dog and I'm curious to where the next episode will take us

  • 2x01 "The Contingency"

    It's official. Person of Interest cannot make a mistake.
  • Fantastic Start!

    !!!Possible spoilers!!!

    I'm so glad POI is back and as good as ever!! Immediately in love with the new plot..."setting the machine free"...WHAT??? This is going to be a mind blowing series I just know it. Loved seeing John working the other end of the spectrum, figuring stuff out and deciphering codes, as well as keeping his much loved bad-ass walk of life. Simply awesome and so happy our guys are back. Bring on the next 22 episodes! :)

    SO glad to have POI back! And what a slam bang return S2E1 was! POI writers are the best in the business. Who else would have the confidence/nuts to start a new season with a main character MIA and the other main character left talking to a machine he barely knows - and giving it ultimatums AND, introduces a new partner, "Bear" - while still saving a new POI???

    I was out of breath by the time the credits rolled! But that's normal for this fantastic series! Congratulations - to them and all of us - POI was ranked #8 in the Nielsen ratings of their top 25 "Most Viewed" shows for last week! Yay us! Thank you, Reese, Finch, Fusco & Carter!

    With 14 million+ weekly viewers now, you are pushing #1 NCIS numbers!
  • Great Serial

    I love this serial and the opening of season 2 has been awesome. The only thing wrong is that director chose the Villain to be so good looking. Amy as root is too beautiful to be a villain.
  • So good

    I just love this show. It kicked off a new season in such a great way. I really liked how they had Reese go and protect another number while it was clear that was the last thing he wanted to do. He wants to go rescue Finch! Also seeing the way that the Machine tried to protect Finch in the early days just hit me right in the soft and squishy feels.
  • I'm looking for my friend.

    Great follow up to the season ending cliff hanger. There was really so much to love about this episode. Despite the fact that Reese is desperately looking for Finch, and the machine is desperately trying to go on without him as it has been taught/programmed to do, the episode doesn't feel too heavy. There is still a great balance of humor. And Bear is just adorable. He's the canine version of Reese. Really great job producers!
  • Breaking and entering

    POI season two's first episode had a lot to like. I agree with some previous comments about not really knowing what to think of Root, other than that she is ruthless aka crazy ruthless. She has taken out a couple names on the small list of people who know about the who is next?

    There are a ton of great character moments here including when John sees Fusco bound. These guys are to the point where they just tell volumes with their expressions. Later when Carter and Fusco have to bail out Reece against the big is so full of richness. "I was resting". But in truth, Carter and Fusco really did save his ass in much the same way they helped at the end of S1's first season finale against HR in the parking garage.

    And then twice in this episode Reece goes to Carter's apartment without her permission.

    This is awkward territory as of course she is still the law and he is a vigilante. His actions to save Taylor in Season 1 and saving her as well, bring this relationship to a pretty strong understanding. I will be interested to see where it goes.

    Finch hired Reece for a purpose. Reece turned Fusco through a flurry of coercion. But Carter and Reece there little more interesting.

  • Dutch Dont speak German!!!!

    Why do americans think germany won WW2? They didn't and we don't speak german!!

    (angry comment)
  • they do speak dutch!

    Wes01234 i agree with you that usually in series they are clumsy with dutch or German. However here they really did speak dutch! Just pronounced it badly obviously.

    So no need for that angry review.

    I am dutch, you probably are as well, but watch it again. They really used dutch terms!

    Otherwise, i love the dog!