Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 9

The Crossing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2013 on CBS
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The Machine gives Finch Reese's Number as HR puts out a contract on the "Man in the Suit."

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  • As soon as they kissed...

    ... I knew she was dead. Only just watched this a few years later, as I'm in the UK, watching on 'catch up TV' on my computer. Would have preferred it to be Root or Shaw (dead, not kissed!). I know that Taraji Henson went on to do 'Empire', but I'd so much rather she'd remained in POI. It was a BRILLIANT, gripping episode, but I wish they'd killed someone else off (not Fosco, Reese or Harold, mind!)

    Not sure why people didn't see this (kiss, not death!) coming: I thought that it was well signposted. But hey...

    All in all, for me: brilliant episode of a brilliant show.moreless
  • Throwing around 10's

    Seriously now! This episode left me in chills.. The thing is that I do agree that Reese's feelings felt forced but that's because we've never really seen them. We've never gotten THAT personal with Reese. It's just shocking when they hurl all his feelings and secrets in our faces especially since he's a protagonist and we should know these things. Other than that.. Nolan, you live up to the family name! Can't wait to get through this season and be in on the weekly gold mine that this show is!moreless
  • Wow I didn't see any of that coming

    John kisses Carter and later she's shot dead. Wow I didn't see any of that coming. With HR gone, and only a matter of time until John kills Simmons, I wonder who the next super bads will be.
  • what the hell happens

    I am not sure I want to see more of this serie.

    I was waiting for Reese and Carter to be together:( :( :(

    WOW! what an episode.

    I episode was the first episode ever which gave all the characters equal weightage.

    Starting with was at his in the face of death. I felt for a moment we might lose Fusco

    CARTER... What an what a tragedy! :( knew he wont die BUT I couldn't anticipate who WOULD die...

    FINCH... At his intellectual best had a prisoner's to she chose uncharacteristically!! ;) offer to Finch was so lucrative...

    I really loved FINCH managed to save REESE without Root's help.

    and Officer

    it seems Alono Quinn is his deputy rather than vice-versa (Y)

    LOVED the episode... Romance ;)


Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen

Detective Petersen

Guest Star

Khalil Kain

Khalil Kain

Officer Miller

Guest Star

Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien

Judge Andrew Monahan

Guest Star

Clarke Peters

Clarke Peters

Alonzo Quinn

Recurring Role

Robert John Burke

Robert John Burke


Recurring Role

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    • Fusco: I don't care who you are, you break into my house again, you're gonna be sorry.
      Sam: I'm already sorry. I'm going to have to listen to your whiny ass all the way to Queens.
      Fusco: Hey, you know the dog's the only one that likes you, right?

    • Reese: What is it about you, Joss, makes you want to do everything on your own?
      Carter: What is it about you, John, that makes you want to save everybody else's life but your own?

    • Trinitario Leader: That's a nice suit. Maybe we'll bury you in it.
      Reese: Too bad. I just had it cleaned.

    • Carter: Something funny?
      Reese: Subway, thugs. Kind of reminds me of the first time we met.

    • Finch: How could I ever let you go when I know with almost absolute certainty that bad things will happen?
      Root: Bad things will happen regardless. The question is, are you gonna let them happen to your friend?

    • Sam: I can find him, but it might not matter. He might be dead by now.
      Finch: Remind me to hire an optimist next time.
      Sam: Even an optimist can't be in two places at once

    • Simmons: See, Carter has information on our organization, hidden it somewhere. From the size and shape of this key, I'd say it opens up a safe deposit box.
      Fusco: It's my locker at the Y. You're welcome to my dirty jock.

    • Carter: Anything happens to you, I swear, I'll hate you forever.
      Reese: You're stuck with me, remember?

    • Fusco: Truth is, guys like you and me, we're all gonna catch a bullet sooner or later. Best you can hope for is someone to hold your hand while you bleed out.
      Petersen: Oh, that's sweet. You want me to hold your hand, Fusco? Oh, I forgot, we broke your fingers.
      Fusco: Yeah, you did. Which made it no big deal for me to break my thumb.

    • Sam: Heard you took a bullet.
      Fusco: Yeah, stupid bastard shot me where I had plenty of padding.
      Sam: Would've gone for the head shot myself. Course, you got plenty of padding there, too.
      Fusco: Yeah yeah yeah.

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