Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 9

The Crossing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2013 on CBS

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  • As soon as they kissed...

    ... I knew she was dead. Only just watched this a few years later, as I'm in the UK, watching on 'catch up TV' on my computer. Would have preferred it to be Root or Shaw (dead, not kissed!). I know that Taraji Henson went on to do 'Empire', but I'd so much rather she'd remained in POI. It was a BRILLIANT, gripping episode, but I wish they'd killed someone else off (not Fosco, Reese or Harold, mind!)

    Not sure why people didn't see this (kiss, not death!) coming: I thought that it was well signposted. But hey...

    All in all, for me: brilliant episode of a brilliant show.
  • Throwing around 10's

    Seriously now! This episode left me in chills.. The thing is that I do agree that Reese's feelings felt forced but that's because we've never really seen them. We've never gotten THAT personal with Reese. It's just shocking when they hurl all his feelings and secrets in our faces especially since he's a protagonist and we should know these things. Other than that.. Nolan, you live up to the family name! Can't wait to get through this season and be in on the weekly gold mine that this show is!
  • Wow I didn't see any of that coming

    John kisses Carter and later she's shot dead. Wow I didn't see any of that coming. With HR gone, and only a matter of time until John kills Simmons, I wonder who the next super bads will be.
  • what the hell happens

    I am not sure I want to see more of this serie.

    I was waiting for Reese and Carter to be together:( :( :(

    WOW! what an episode.

    I episode was the first episode ever which gave all the characters equal weightage.

    Starting with was at his in the face of death. I felt for a moment we might lose Fusco

    CARTER... What an what a tragedy! :( knew he wont die BUT I couldn't anticipate who WOULD die...

    FINCH... At his intellectual best had a prisoner's to she chose uncharacteristically!! ;) offer to Finch was so lucrative...

    I really loved FINCH managed to save REESE without Root's help.

    and Officer

    it seems Alono Quinn is his deputy rather than vice-versa (Y)

    LOVED the episode... Romance ;)


  • Trick

    Good episode, but Reese totally out of character. Forced feelings for Carter to make her death more dramatic, illogical.
  • Carter Dead?

    Come on now; Carter and Reese; Carter Dead what about her son. HR is dismantled except for Simmons. Too many variables that machine girl the machine to much secrets. I will continue to watch
  • Hensen interview on TV

    Maybe all is not perfect, but I love this show and it is entertaining, I am not a trained critic, so that is what is important to me. But to answer questions about 'WHY Carter?', in the interview she said she knew she would die eventually she just did not know when. She usually works on feature films and TV is not her real thing, but she agreed to be involved in this show for at least a few seasons. So it was destined all along and appeared to be a mutual understanding between her and the show's creators.... :- ( She WILL be missed, but she also said she will return to the show in a series of flashbacks, where we will learn more about her character. So although not perfect, we will still get to see Hensen the actress portraying Carter, even if postmortem...
  • Totally Implausibe...

    NOt a 10 by any means. There are so many issues with this "climactic" episode . Those who posted 10 are reacting emotionally not logically to the inadequicies of this script. Break it down--

    1)Reese Kisses this has been building up since ???? (answer is NEVER --totally out of character)

    2)Fusco--just manages without a SOUND to break his thumb do he can EASILY ??? slide off handcuffd and KILL his would be killer. Even Adam West's BATMAN could not achieve this.

    3)RACIST---Why are all the HR sent out to Kill Reese -Latino (that scene on the subway was brutally STUPID--the teen giving him that STUPID eye glare ), AfricanAmerican or Asian.

    4)Carter on DUTY or OFF Duty going down to get REESE out of trouble--does NOT wear a bullet proof vest even though she knows she is a TARGET?

    5ROOT could have actually Helped thats a different episode. Also the legality of Harold and Reese keeping her locked up illegally is very strange.

    The 'surprise" ending was NO surprise--It was heavuly promoted that ONE of the main cast would the top choices were Fusco or Carter,. Based on the circumstances for Fusco---he SHOULD be dead.

    Sorry--this does not hold up as Season two which was enthralling and kept my attention. Ever since focus shifted AWAY from THE MACHINE it has been a mixed season.

  • Always destined to be Carter

    It just had to be Carter that died, the red herrings in the promos were just that. In September I saw an interview where the producers revealed that Reese would 'lose his shit' for a while in this season. Well that would only happen over Carter dying noone else would have that effect on him.

    Though if Reese now goes in a downward spiral for a while well that's just bad writing in my opinon Carter's last words to him were meant to be don't let this change you.

    I also don't think that Reese will kill Simmons, all the promos lead you to believe that he will, well they probably red herrings will probably be Root, Shaw or even Elias that put him out of his misery.

    Just to say those people who say they won't watch the show because of Carter at least watch the next episode. Me I'll be watching forever....
  • The Crossing

    Another strong episode of Person of Interest. A shocking ending, although I thought they could have planned it a bit better. I also thought the holdup in the morgue ended in anticlimactic fashion.

    Still, this was an exciting show from start to finish. One of the best episodes of TV this week.
  • Two and a Half Seasons!

    As much as I hate to say it, I hate how overwritten the exchanges between Joss and John were in this episode. We've been waiting two and a half seasons for that romance to get serious; the least they could have done was give them an episode or two together before pulling the Simmons card. It was painfully obvious what the shocker would be by the time the kiss rolled around. But at the same time, it was necessary. It was the knife, exactly where it hurt the most. It was a little cliched, but love always is. And OMG, Fusco with the CRAZY EYES. And crazytownbananapants asking how many Reeses there have been. Great things to think about going forward, but first, I'm sure we have a no-holds-barred John to deal with.
  • Hi-octane episode which sets us up for what?

    This was possibly the most frantic episode yet, in which a great deal of action was crammed into 45 minutes. And on that level I enjoyed it. However, killing Carter seemed gratuitous. And there you have it. On the surface we are now going to get a grief-stricken Reese, heading back to the beginning on a downward spiral. Do we really need that? What does that mean for the series? I confess I like the addition of Shaw. But then we have the addition of Root, and whilst Amy Acker is a great actress, who keeps us all nicely off-balance, the core of the story is Finch and Reese working the numbers from The Machine. I just hope that the new dynamics that the series creators introduced at the beginning of the season mean a change of direction not a change of the core dynamic. I enjoyed the ep on its own merits (although some of the History 2.0 seemed a little out of place). The kiss made sense in terms of the moment. And the Man in the suit lived to fight another day. I just hope that as the series evolves it doesn't lose sight of the core dynamic which made it so truly great.
  • Missing Information.


    I couldn't quite work out what was wrong with this episode until i read the reviews afterwards. During it felt really ham-fisted that Reese was going to die but he never really got into a situation where that looked likely. Then Fusco was going die for sure, and didn't. Then Carter had some really over-egged scenes of sentimental rubbish (a kiss? what the hell was that, where did it come from?) that felt like lazy series finale tie-ups coming full circle with the first episode... then she died in an abrupt scene.

    So reading afterwards it seemed like people outside the US were spared a heavy handed 'Someone important will die tonight' campaign and that's the problem it felt like the episode was written with that info in mind and when not given that info abroad the episode itself becomes disjointed, missing the vital information. I still enjoyed it better than any of the previous seasons mid-season slump episodes but all the same it was a non-event event.
  • Autistic Writers

    Come on WTF are you thinking about! are the writers for this show just stupid or what?! This was like a porn star cutting of his man hood. Carter was a important character to this show. Well if they kill off Carter then the writers for this show are just to dam stupid for me to watch their pathetic work. Piss off
  • NO NO Not Carter!

    Is this why they brought on 2 new women (neither of which acting or plot wise can hold a candle to Carter). I am not sure it will be as try one more episode though.

    Just hoping Henson wanted to be written out because she has bigger and better things going on as an actor-she is superb.

    Loved the show last night, but obviously not the ending

    Awesome episode, but WHY did Carter have to die ???????????????
  • ROOT + Harold = <3

    Wouldn't it be something if Harold and Root were to hook up? I personally would love that story line much more than the "Could of been" Reece and Carter storyline.

    (And put a pillow on the floor--to catch your jaw followed by the other broken bits and pieces. )

    Fair warning.

  • killing Carter R U Nuts?

    DYou better come up with some way to save her or I will be so mad!!!! Harrold has all that money he could make her disappear have her be at a secret hospital where she lies there in coma and Harold doesn't tell John cause he wants him to find guys who did this to Carter love Carter she makes the show .

    Makes me feel the writers have a problem with strong women who still know how to be loving and feminate .

    This portrays many of us women who have served in the military.

    Do not kill her off. Please.

    I will not accept another love is not James bond where all the women he loved are murdered. He has compassion and gets attached to people.

    You viewer ships going to take a dive if you kill will be one of the ones to jump ship .To AI and other shows at same time period..

    Writer took a gamble and lost if Carters dead.
  • WOW. . .Never saw that one coming. . .

    I was stunned by the ending. I thought for sure once she had HR down, the her story arc would refocus back to her helping with the numbers until they slowly introduced another storyline for her. I was stunned and speechless about the last scene, laying shot and dying in the arms of Reese, with a shocked Finch looking on, phone ringing in the background. The episode itself was well written and played, and quite emotional in a few scenes. Hope the producers/writers pull a rabbit out of a hat - show wont be quite the same without her.
  • Oh, my. Reese opens up; Carter dies.

    As usual POI writers pull the rug out, and not in the direction we expected. (Were all the teases of Fusco red herrings? When Reese went into the air vent to draw the bad cops away... might he have been the one going to die? 20-20 hindsight shows the introduction of Taylor's father and his resuming a safe, sane place in society was to provide a safe place for the lad after this

    Now, other than Reese going about Gotham in that same bloody shirt to finish mopping up Quinn and Simmons, what else is there to do next week?

    Tasteful. The "stay tuned for scenes from our next episode" was written over the close-out graphic of NYC seen by the machine, not Mr. Emerson's usual voiceover. The right touch; we were all mourning Carter.

    Big question: what will Reese think and do when he learns Root offered to help Finch get him (Reese) back, Finch refused the offer of help, and Carter subsequently died? Dissension among the ranks? Hmmm.

    They all do this so well.

    Oh, my.
  • incredible

    incredible indeed but incredibly sad as well. I should have saw it coming after reese kissed carter but it still surprised me. I always knew that they would fall for each other but I thought that once they did it would be toward the end of the series and not the end of carter!!!

    this aint your normal broadcast tv show and thats a good thing but in this case its also a sad thing.
  • Well I Knew That Was Coming... But Doesn't Make It Any Less Painful

    I thought the episode itself was well made. It was riveting through out and featured some fantastic performances all around, with MVPs going to Kevin Chapman and Taraji Henson.

    The ending was powerful as well. I love the phone ringing and then just fading out to black. That was a great touch.

    But the ending was indeed painful. I Love Person of Interest and I've been dreading for two weeks this moment. From the moment I saw the first trailer for the "three episode event," I knew it was going to be Carter who was going to die. It couldn't be Fusco because that was just too obvious. The trailer made it seem so obvious it was Fusco, it simply had to be someone else. And it was doubtful that they were going to kill off Reese or Finch so that just left Carter. Add to that Michael Emerson's comments that the writers were "terrified" about what they were about to do. It just had to be Carter. But oh how I wish it hadn't been. I think I honestly would have preferred Reese to have been the one to die. Carter was such a great character and Taraji Henson such a great actress. The show won't be the same without her.

    Farewell dear Detective Carter, you shall be missed.

  • WTH just happened?

    but why? wtf?
  • Oh no.

    Oh my god. I love this show for this moment. I love it and I hate it.
  • nervous

    I'm nervous from the preview that they are going to kill off Fusco. I like that character/actor so I hope not.
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