Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 6

The Fix

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Reese works as a driver for the newest Person of Interest: an attractive woman who is a master of shady deals. Meanwhile, Carter investigates a murder connected to the stolen evidence box for the M. Elias case.

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  • Quite arguably the strongest episode yet, on a number of levels.

    We're beginning to see bits of humanity peeking through the cracks of the armor that Finch and Reese always wear. These are no longer just cold, detached supermen who happen to be fighting the good fight...these are actual human beings riddled with personal failures, regrets, and guilt that motivate their present-day ideas and actions. Despite their constant habits of suppressing emotions and evading relationships with others, they are slowly bonding as kindred spirits in need of some reconnection.

    Episode 6 "The Fix" is strong-paced and suspenseful, with a cat-and-mouse plot and intriguing new characters. Of special note are TV/film veterans Dan Hedaya and Brian Murray...excellent actors who sadly are unlikely to play recurring roles. Paige Turcois is well-cast in the lead, and hopefully recurring, "fixer" role in what could be a nod to her similar work on The Agency (although I always associate her with American Gothic,and god-help-me the TMNT sequels). Her mercenary and businesslike performance is almost as good as Jodie Foster's in Inside Man...almost. And her onscreen chemistry with Jim Caviezel is undeniable, walking the line between trust and betrayal (Remington Steele, anyone?). All in all, well done. More of the same, please?

  • Another great episode.


    This episode gave us, the viewer, a closer look at the mysterious Mr. Reese through his interaction with the 'person of interest' this week. Things with Carter are finally starting to get interesting and I have a feeling that she's really starting to get some substantial leads on the man in the really nice suit. While the show does have some over all show plot I feel that there needs to be something more. Well one can dream.

  • The actors are starting to settle in to their characters.

    It's nice to see that the actors are starting to feel more comfortable in their roles and are settling in to their characters. Especially welcome is seeing John become a bit more human.

    BTW - does anyone know who did the jazzy/lounge version of "New York, New York" near the end? She had a wonderful voice. I'd love to hear the entire song.
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Tim Guinee

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Matt Servitto

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Brian Murray

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Paige Turco

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Vincent DeLuca's police file says he stabbed Marlene Elias in the back. But when Carter tells the other detective about the evidence locker robbery, she says Marlene was stabbed in the chest.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Finch: Assuming then that she's the victim, any idea who'd want to take her out?
      Reese: Who wouldn't?

    • Finch: (attempting to clean up the distortion on an incriminating recording) I'm working on the audio. Interference suggests it was made on an old PCS cell network... making the recording at least two years old.
      Reese: I didn't know static had a vintage.

    • Finch: Where does she keep the things she cares about? Where do you?
      Reese: I don't have any things I care about.

    • Sullivan: You want me to bring 'em in?
      Carter: I'll swing by and pick them up.
      Sullivan: Oh. Well, I'm going to make myself beautiful for you.
      Carter: Good luck with that, Sully.

    • Finch: You know, before we--before I found you, the numbers haunted me. I never felt so helpless in my entire life. And I know I can't get justice for all of them, but the possibility of having just one...

    • Reese: Let me guess. You're looking to strike a deal with Virtanen.
      Zoe: No, not this time.
      Reese: I thought everyone had an angle.
      Zoe: I know this girl once. Naive. She got a tough lesson on the way the world works. That reminds me of Dana.
      Reese: Also, they tried to kill you.
      Zoe: Well, there's that, too.

    • Reese: So these people are trying to kill you, and your plan is to break into their office.
      Zoe: I prefer the direct approach.

    • Zoe: You're probably one of those guys that can get out of anything with a paper clip. Where did you learn that stuff?
      Reese: It's a long story.

    • Zoe: You never did tell me your name.
      Reese: John. My name's John.
      Zoe: Of course it is.

  • NOTES (4)