Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 6

The Fix

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

A woman talks to someone, saying that they should know how she feels and that what they're doing is wrong.

Zoe Morgan comes out of her brownstone apartment and discovers that she has a different chauffeur. She's unaware that it's Reese. Zoe calls the company to confirm, and Finch takes the call and confirms that Reese is the substitute. Zoe tells Reese to keep quiet and gives him half of his payment, promising the other half at the end of the night if his services are adequate. As they pull away, Reese clones Zoe's cell phone. Once they leave, Reese goes into her apartment.

As Reese drives, Finch keeps in contact with him via earbud as he breaks into Zoe's apartment. He confirms that she has no current job and bought a $2 million apartment for cash three years ago. She has some jazz records but no other personal possessions. Reese drives Zoe to the river and she meets with a man, Slip and his men. She pays him money for a package and gets back in the car, and Reese updates Finch, suggesting that people things. Reese continues driving and spots Zoe opening the package and removing a gun. She then changes into a dress and has Reese take her to a party. Zoe tells Reese that she won't be long and goes inside, while Finch tells Reese that he has found another gun hidden in Zoe's living room. Reese figures that she bought a gun off the street because it's untraceable, and figures that she's planning to kill someone.

Zoe goes to a reception and approaches a cop, Lt. Gilmore. Reese comes in after her and watches as she confronts Gilmore... and gives him the gun. She says that he owes her one as does the cop who left it in a subway bathroom. Gilmore thanks her, saying that she saved a good cop's career, and Zoe points out that the cop is Gilmore's nephew. She then suggests that he wrap up the politically-motivated investigation into a Councilman Rush. When Gilmore asks if they're square, Zoe tells him that it's just a start and leaves.

Reese drives Zoe back to her apartment and says that he didn't say anything interesting. Zoe pays him and goes inside, and Finch meets Reese outside. They figure that Zoe is a fixer and she's a victim.

Carter is called in to investigate the murder of an elderly ex-mob enforcer, Deluca, who was stabbed in the chest in his own house, with a dull kitchen knife. It turns out that a victim the man was accused of killing was Marlene Elias, and she died after she was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife. The box stolen from the evidence lock-up had evidence pertaining to the case, including the murder weapon.

Reese drives Zoe to meet with a businessman, Samuel Douglas, who is in charge of crisis management for Virtanen Pharmaceuticals. Douglas wants Zoe to deal with Anthony Talbott, a blogger who has information about Mark Lawson, Douglas' boss, who had an affair. Talbott is blackmailing Lawson for $40,000 with the recording he made of Talbott and his mistress. Lawson is in line to take over the company when his father, CEO Robert Keller, retires. Zoe promises to get the recording for them and has Reese drive her away.

Later, Zoe meets with Talbott in the park. He plays the recording and she pays him the $40,000, but says that she would have asked for $80,000. Reese watches the exchange and figures that Talbott isn't the killer. Finch points out that there's nothing in Zoe's apartment and tells Reese that he'll need to get her talking to find out about her other clients.

At the precinct house, Carter meets with Bernie Sullivan, the retired detective who worked on the Elias case. She explains that the man she's after and his men stole the evidence and the murder weapon. Sullivan says that he had Deluca dead to rights for killing Marlene, a cocktail waitress, but the DA was bought and dropped the case. Marlene was involved with Gianni Moretti, a Mafia don. When she demanded that Moretti divorce his wife, Moretti had Deluca kill her. Sullivan explains that Marlene and Moretti had a kid, and the boy was in the backyard when Deluca killed her. Gianni never accepted the boy as his son, and the boy went into the foster system.

Reese drives Zoe and plays jazz music, using it to strike up a conversation. He comments that she knows how to play people, and Zoe tells him that she fixes people and hates jazz. They pull up into an alleyway to meet with Douglas and another man is present. Reese suggests that he take care of it but Zoe tells him to get into the car and goes to see Douglas. She hands over the flash drive with the recording and Douglas listens to it. Douglas' men get out of the car and try to usher her into the car. Reese comes over and rescues Zoe, and drives away as Douglas fires at him, shattering the rear windshield. Finch contacts them and Reese tells him what happened, and Zoe realizes that Reese is working with someone. The programmer sends Reese Talbott's address, and Reese tells Zoe that he had information that she was in danger. He says that they need to find Talbott and Zoe explains that she made a copy. However, she has no idea who the woman on the tape is.

Reese and Zoe arrive at Talbott's apartment, but Finch informs Reese that Talbott is dead of an apparent heart attack. Zoe slips away when Reese isn't looking. Reese returns to the library where Finch is working to clean up the recording. He's confirmed that it is two years ago, and identified the voice as belonging to Dana Miller, a worker at Virtanen. Finch explains that the Machine gave him Dana's number six months ago, but he hadn't found Reese and couldn't do anything to help her. She supposedly died as a brain aneurysm, and Reese figures that Lawson had her killed to keep her from going public and messing up his inheritance of the company. Finch says that now that he knows who is responsible, he can stop them from ever giving them another number. He tells Reese to find Zoe while he goes to a business meeting concerning a recent investment.

Lawson is in his office for a meeting with a shareholder, and Douglas explains that the man has bought 8% of Virtanen stock in the last eight hours. He suggests that they bring in Keller to keep their new shareholder happy. Finch arrives, using the name Partridge, and introduces himself, explaining that he prefers to remain anonymous. He offers Lawson a watch as a gift and Lawson takes him on a tour of the facilities. He explains that they're planning a release of a new migraine drug, Sycolet, which was just approved by the FAA. Keller arrives and explains that Lawson is making all the big decisions and he'll be retiring in a few months. As Lawson goes, Keller explains that his son-in-law has supervised all research. As Keller leaves, Reese listens in on the bug he planted in the watch. Douglas tells Lawson that Zoe managed to escape them and supervised tells him to dispose of her and the driver.

Sullivan calls Carter to inform her that he's learned more about the boy, Carl Elias, and that he moved from foster home to foster home. Gloria Recinto looked after him and was the only person that Carl ever kept in contact with. Sullivan warns that Carl could be dangerous based on what he wrote on his Christmas cards to Gloria, and Carter says she'll come over to pick them up.

At the library, Reese figures that if he can't find Zoe, neither can Douglas. Finch cleans up the recording and plays back a part where Dana says she's worried about what their drug has done. He figures that Dana was threatening to blow the whistle on Lawson. Finch looks at his board and tells Reese that before he met him, he felt helpless to do anything about the numbers. They pick up a signal from Zoe's cell phone and Reese goes to meet her at a restaurant. She activated her phone deliberately, figuring that they were tracking her GPS, and says that she knows everything and everyone in the city except Reese. When Reese wonders why she wants him there if that's the case, Zoe admits that she can use him. She explains that Lawson had Dana killed five days after she was transferred out of the clinical trial department and lost her security access. Reese wonders if she's planning to make a deal with Virtanen, but Zoe tells him that she once knew a naive woman who reminds her of Dana. She then invites Reese to come along with her to do something illegal.

Zoe meets with Gilmore and tells him that there'll be a break-in at Vitranen. She tells him to make sure that the police don't respond, and Gilmore agrees but says that it takes care of his debt to her. Reese and Zoe then go to Vitranen and Finch hacks the security cameras. They break in and dodge the security guards thanks to Finch, and make their way to Lawson's office. Reese uses a paper clip to pick the lock, accesses the computers, and uses Finch's recovery software to retrieve the deleted information. They find a file on Sycolet that Dana accessed repeatedly just before she was killed. There's a second file that the FDA didn't approve, with six names that the approved file doesn't contain. Reese sends the names to Finch and he confirms that they all died of heart failure within a year of taking the drug. They figure that Lawson paid off the locals to hide it from the FDA. Finch hears the air conditioning and records it so he can clean up his own tape. Before they can leave, Douglas arrives with Gilmore. Zoe warns that she'll destroy Gilmore, but Gilmore notes that he kept his end of the deal and made sure that the police didn't respond.

Finch cleans up the recording and confirms that Dana threatened to go to Keller. He tries to call Reese with the news but discovers that they are no longer in the office.

Douglas locks up Reese and Zoe, and she wonders how he knew she'd be in trouble. Reese ducks the question and suggests she find a different line of work. Zoe says that he knows nothing about him, but Reese says that he knows about how her father was a city official who was caught in a corruption case, and she spent the rest of her childhood with her mother. He wonders how she became a fixer and Zoe explains that her father was a machine politician. When he was arrested, the party sent a man to get rid of the reporters camped out on their lawn. Zoe realized that was what she wanted to be, the person who knows what to say and always has something to trade. Reese asks her what she plans to trade now, but Zoe doesn't have an answer for him.

Finch tries to call Keller and warn him.

Zoe tells Lawson that she mailed a copy of the report to a friend, and Lawson tells them that the one who gives up the report lives.

As Finch waits to talk to Keller, the computer finishes cleaning up the recording. On it, Lawson has Keller inform Dawson that they both know about the deaths. When Keller comes on the line, Finch hangs up.

Lawson summons Keller and tells them about the supposed copy. Keller tells Zoe to be reasonable, while Douglas prepares a drug injection. Zoe considers and then tells Keller that she'll take him to the report. As they free her, Zoe tells Reese that she always has something to trade. She kisses him and slips him a paper clip, and then leaves with Keller. As Douglas prepares to give Reese a fatal injection of potassium chloride, Reese gets free and injects him with the drug, killing him.

The next morning, Zoe makes a call informing Finch that she's heading for the naval yard. Lawson takes the phone away from her, while Finch calls Reese. Reese figures that Zoe betrayed them, but Finch tells him that she's on their side and where she's heading. He then meets Keller at a restaurant and they sit down for breakfast.

Lawson drives Zoe to the naval yard where she's arranged a meeting with Skip. However, Lawson figures that she's bluffing and has had the file all along.

Keller assures Finch that he's making a sold investment.

Lawson checks Zoe's PDA, figuring that she sent it to the one person that she trusts, and confirms that she kept a copy. Lawson tells his driver to leave, but Reese arrives, shoots the driver, and tasers Lawson unconscious. Reese wonders when she decided to do the right thing, and Zoe admits that she only decided right before she gave him the paper clip.

Keller asks Finch what he plans to do with his shares, and Finch gets a text message from Reese. He then tells Keller that he sold his shares because the price is going to take a nosedive because senior management will have legal problems. Finch shorted Vitranen half a billion shares and shows Keller a photo of Dana. He explains that since Keller only cares about money, he's going to take it all away from him. Finch pays the bill and walks away.

Carter arrives at Sullivan's apartment and discovers that she's dead. She hears someone running down the stairs and tries to go after him, but he returns fire and escapes before she can catch up to him.

Zoe listens to the radio news about the recall of Sycolet. Reese, driving, has heard that Gilmore is up on corruption charges and figures that he pissed off someone with influence. Zoe notes that Dana's family got a donation for their suit against Vitranen. Reese drops her off and tells her to be careful, and Zoe tells him not to count on it and to call her.