Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 6

The High Road

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on CBS
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    Person of Interest "The High Road" Review: Mr. Reese's Neighborhood

    "The High Road" stripped Person of Interest to its core and spread out the themes of the case of the week toward its main characters for an outstanding hour of television.

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    Reese is off to the suburbs to take on an undercover assignment to protect the newest Number.

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    • Married in the Suburbs

      I agree with AriSky, and Mike that Zoey is under-utilized and more humor could be gotten from their interaction especially when playing a married couple ! I'd of like to see Reese sweat some from his normal cool demeanor when put to the test as a married man. All in all I enjoyed the episode and look forward to more of Zoey adn Reese.

    • Batman and CatWoman play House

      The parallels between Batman and this show are just pilling up and I love it. The batman comic book series is a rich source of inspiration and a lot of those stories can be adapted for TV and Nolan is doing a good job of that.

      This episode was down right brilliant, the character development within the episode was great and the acting was brilliant. Carter is having a good influence on John, Zoe's reaction the merriage cover was telling, and John and Finch continue to get closer and closer. The POI was very intriguing and offered a great performance to show that he had changed, you couldnt help but root for him in the end.

      Finally, the machine was just too cute, setting finch up with a woman; that was just too much, I couldnt help but smile while getting scared the hell out at the same time. As a software engineer, I'm not nearly as comfortable when AI becomes this good, but I love it.moreless
    • Oh no, it's the black cop harassing the white guy in the suit!!!

      A great episode! The humor in this series is actually funnier than 90% of the sitcoms out there. This proves how important writing is compared to actors. The interaction between the characters is just as vital as the kneecapping. An interesting development is the Machine as matchmaker. If only eHarmony was this good!
    • 2x06 - The High Road

      This was another great episode! It had numerous low-key funny movements, a number who I really felt for and Finch backstory with how he met his future fiancee. While nothing was added to the longer arcs, I didn't even miss it because I was entirely sucked into what was going on with the story.
    • Great and yet missing

      I agree with Artsky below so I'm essentially only adding to the comments... I particularly liked the small role by Carter because in that role she acts as a counterbalance to John's guns at dawn approach and also pokes the guys for constantly asking her to put herself/career ask risk for their objectives (tho thaeymatch with hers i.e. getting the bad-guy).

      I'd like to see more of Zoe/Reece (she is a strong enough character to hold her own with his)... the machines developing abilities and what is Agent Snow being forced to do by Reeces ex-partner while all this is going on?

      Finch having to enter the building and implement a hack is much more believeable than everything being at call from his appartment - stand-alone systems are deliberately developed to avoid distance hacking...moreless
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      • Reese: I was actually thinking, we should spend a little more time together.
        Zoe: Hmm. Is that so? What is it this time? More power players or coverups?
        Reese: Not exactly. Zoe Morgan, will you be my wife?

      • Zoe: (posing as a married couple in the suburbs) Remember when you saved me from being tortured and killed by corporate hitmen? Consider us even.
        Reese: That mean you don't want me to carry you across the threshold?

      • Zoe: John, it's the doorbell. Let's try to not shoot any girl scouts on the first day, okay?

      • Reese: You think you can run a print for me?
        Carter: You find another bad guy?
        Reese: That's what I'm trying to find out.
        Carter: Your guy doesn't look so bad. As for the print, I wouldn't hold your breath. It's a partial.
        Reese: Start with your search in Philadelphia.
        Carter: We're not getting on a plane to Philly are we?
        Reese: Not at the moment.

      • Carter: We haven't had the pleasure of meeting. I'm Detective Carter.
        Zoe: Zoe. John's wife.
        Reese: Long story.

      • Finch: In the event that the police arrive before he escapes...
        Carter: Almost made it a whole day without you two asking me to break the law.

      • Graham: Can't change what I've done.
        Reese: The past is a difficult thing to outrun.
        Graham: Maybe it's time to stop running.

      • Vendor: Let me guess. One vanilla ice cone.
        Finch: Yes, please.
        Vendor: Even in January I always keep a few of these for when you come by.
        Finch: Am I really that predictable?
        Vendor: No, you just don't deny yourself small pleasures.
        Finch: You may be the first person that ever told me that.

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