Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 6

The High Road

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

May 2004

Finch and Nathan walk in the park and Nathan talks about he and his wife are still in a trial separation but don't want to talk divorce. He wonders how anyone knows when they've found the one special person in their life and Finch admits that he has no idea. They sit down at a bench and Finch uses a laptop to check in with the Machine and use it to provide a demonstration. He shows Nathan how the Machine has determined that a nearby man, an apparent homeless person, is actually a former violin prodigy with the Philharmonic who gave into drink. Finch explains that he has programmed the Machine to search for outliers. Nathan doesn't believe that level of programming is possible and Finch shows his partner that the Machine has detected that Nathan is dating a graduate student during his separation from his wife. He explains that he has programmed the Machine to understand human behavior by watching everyone, even its creators.

The Machine suddenly brings up a file on a nearby woman, Grace Hendricks, who is painting by the river. Finch can't find any anomalies in her history and suspects that there's a bug in the Machine's programming. Nathan comments that the Machine has good taste and Finch gives the woman a second look.

The Present

At the library, Bear licks the doughnuts that Finch has brought in for breakfast. Reese comes in and unwittingly eats one, and Finch avoids telling him what happened. He does tell Reese that they have a new number, Graham Wyler. Graham lives in the suburb of Far Rockaway with his wife Connie and daughter Izzy, and the couple owns a hardware store. Reese heads out to Far Rockaway and advises Finch not to buy doughnuts from the same bakery.

As Reese parks near the Wyler home and begins surveillance, Finch tells him that Graham lived in Fort Wayne, IN until 1997 and married his wife Connie in 1998. Their daughter Izzy plays soccer and is a junior high honor student. There's no suspicious financial activity in Graham's background and Reese figures that the Wylers are the most boring family in New York. He goes to the Wylers' hardware store and clones Graham's cell phone. A shady looking biker comes in and Graham secretly pays him off. However, later, Graham gives Izzy the envelope, which contains tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert. Reese tells Finch that Graham truly is a good guy, but is interrupted when a police officer comes by and points out that he's in a no-parking zone. Reese tries to talk his way out of it but the officer gives him a ticket. Meanwhile, Finch checks Graham's past in Fort Wayne and discovers that "Graham" died in 1997. The man they know as Graham Wyler took the man's death certificate and made a new identity for himself.

Reese returns to NYC and goes to the library, and suggests that Finch pay for the ticket. Realizing that Reese's usual surveillance tactics won't work, Finch buys a house across the street from the Wylers and tells Reese that he's moving in the next day. However, he points out that his partner will have to put together one part of his new cover for himself. Reese makes a call to Zoe Morgan, arranges a meeting, and asks her to marry him.

The next day, Reese, Zoe, and bear move into their new house. As they go in, Finch calls and thanks Zoe for helping them out. Reese comes up with a plan to get close to the Wylers, but is interrupted when the Wylers show up at their doorstep to welcome them to the neighborhood. Once Reese puts away the gun that he instinctively drew, he and Zoe welcome the couple. Graham invites them over for a barbeque and leaves, and Reese is surprised at how easily the initial infiltration occurred.

At the barbeque, Graham makes small talk with Reese, who claims that he provides private security systems. He offers to set up Graham with a system but the hardware owner declines, saying he has enough security. As Graham talks about how his business is hanging on, Reese makes a veiled comment about how it's hard for an honest man to make a living but Graham doesn't react. Meanwhile, Zoe chats with Connie and makes up a story about how she met Reese when her car broke down in a bad part of town and he came to her rescue.

Izzy comes out and asks Graham if he's seen the necklace he fixed. He says that he hasn't and then gives him a postcard with a Philadelphia postmark. It's addressed to the Wylers but has no writing or return address. Izzy spots Bear and goes over to pet the dog, while Graham asks Reese to take over on the grill. As Graham goes inside, Reese takes the man's beer bottle.

That night, Zoe watches the Wyler house and sees Graham nervously come out and look around. Meanwhile, Reese uses gunpowder from some of his cartridges to make fingerprint powder and dust the bottle for Graham's prints. He gets a partial and sends it to Carter to check against records. The couple wonders what to do in the suburbs and Zoe suggests that they play poker. She ends up winning most of the hands.

The next day, Reese follows Graham and Connie into town on a shopping trip. A man bumps into Graham and calls him Lloyd, and apologizes. Graham dismisses it as a mistake to his wife, while Reese watches the man, Chris Vaughn, gets into a truck with another man and drives away. Later, Reese is watching Graham at his daughter' soccer game when Carter calls with an ID. She confirms that the prints actually belong to Lloyd Pruitt, a safecracker wanted for a series of robberies back in the 1990s. Graham worked with a crew consisting of Vaughn and Daniel Burnside. Burnside and Vaughn were caught in a jewelry store heist in 1997 but Lloyd wasn't with them and hasn't turned up since. Vaughn shot a guard and both he and Burnside went to prison for 12 years. She sends Reese photos confirming that Vaughn and the truck drive with him are the two thieves.

After the soccer game ends, Vaughn comes out onto the field and looks at Graham, making sure that his former partner sees him. Reese follows Vaughn out but loses him in the post-game crowd. When the Wylers come out, they discover that their SUV is on fire. As Graham and his family stare in horror, he gets a call from Vaughn telling him to meet them at their former hangout in NYC the next day so they can catch up.

Later, Graham asks Reese to put in a security system, and Reese calls in Finch to pose as a repairman and do the work. Finch then joins Reese and Zoe at their house and they watch the Wylers on the new cameras. As they watch, Finch explains that Graham was the safecracker on the job and opened safes by touch. When Graham didn't show up at the last robbery, Vaughn had to shoot the guard to intimidate the manager into opening the safe. Meanwhile, a suspicious-acting Graham tells Connie that he's going to run some errands but refuses to provide details. When she questions his new attitude, he snaps at her and walks out. As Graham walks down the street, Reese pulls up next to him, says that he's heading into NYC, and offers the ex-thief a lift. Graham accepts and as they drive out of town, Reese makes small talk. The conversation turns to past history and Graham says that he used to only care about himself but now he dedicates his life to watching out for his wife and daughter.

Finch and Zoe continue watching the Wyler house and see Connie lose her temper. Realizing the woman needs a sympathetic ear, Zoe goes over and Finch watches with interest as the two women talk. Connie admits that she doesn't know what Graham has become and talks about how they met at a concert when Graham stepped in and pretended to be her boyfriend when a creep started hitting on her. The couple were attracted to each other and soon married. Zoe sympathizes, commenting that it's rare to find someone to depend on. Finch watches the entire conversation, fascinated.


Finch goes out into the streets of NYC and checks in with the Machine via his laptop. As the next step in its "education," he wants it to find out correlations between random strangers. As it works, it flags Grace as an anomaly again as she walks by. Finch assumes that it's a bug and checks her record, confirming that she has no dark or sinister past. He realizes that's the anomaly and that she has an interest in Charles Dickens just like he does.

The Present

Reese drops Graham off at the bar and then meets with carter, who is nearby following Vaughn and Burnside. In the bar, Vaughn explains that he found Graham when he saw his photo on Facebook with his daughter. He figures that Graham has had an easy life while they rotted in prison, and Graham points out that he warned them the job was too dangerous. Vaughn and Burnside don't see it that way and tell him that he's going to help them break into an Everhold safe for a new robbery that they have planned. Once the job is over and they collect the big score, they're heading out of the country and are taking Graham with them so he can't go to the authorities later. When he threatens to call the police now, Vaughn shows him Izzy's missing necklace.

Reese, listening in, draws his gun and prepares to go in. Carter points out that he can't start a shootout in broad daylight and that they have nothing on Vaughn and Burnside except conspiracy to commit a crime. Reese wants to give them a message anyone but Carter points out that he can't watch over the Wylers forever. Conceding the point, Reese goes over to Vaughn's truck and tosses a cell phone burner with a GPS tracking app into the back and then leaves in his car.

After Vaughn and Burnside leave, Graham looks at Izzy's necklace and wonders what to do. He catches a cab back to Far Rockaway and Reese watches him as he goes about his day. That night, Graham puts Izzy's necklace on her dresser when she isn't looking, writes a letter to Connie, and leaves it by the phone.

As Zoe and Reese watch the Wyler house, Finch wonders what they're going to do. Reese suggests turning Graham in on the outstanding charges to get him and his family out of harm's way. However, Finch points out that Connie and Izzy will never forgive Graham if he goes to jail. When they hear Connie call to Graham without success, they realize that he's slipped out while avoiding the security cameras. They figure that he's going to meet Vaughn to do the job, and that Vaughn will kill him once they get the loot.

Reese and Zoe drive into NYC while Finch checks the GPS and discovers that it's at an impound lot. They figure that the thieves are pulling up stakes to leave the country after the robbery. Finch gets a list of companies using Everhold safes and cross-checks it against the locations that the GPS locators stopped at that day. They come up with a residential high-rise belonging to a gem dealer, Enver Clerik. Zoe has a client there, Rupert, who has a crush on him and she knows the building security. While Zoe and Reese go in, Finch accesses the building security and calls Carter to have her meet the others there.

Vaughn and his men go in dressed as caterers and take Graham with them. When Graham sees that they have guns, Vaughn explains that Clerik is out of his town and Atay is using the penthouse for a party. They have masks for everyone except Graham, who realizes that they're setting him up but has no choice except to go with them. The thieves break into the apartment and hold the partygoers at gunpoint. When Atay says that he doesn't have the combination, Vaughn punches him in the gut and has Graham go to work.

Carter meets Reese and Zoe outside and is shocked when Zoe jokingly introduces herself as Reese's wife. Reese says that he's going to get Graham out and that then Carter should move in and arrest the thieves. Zoe calls Rupert and sets up a meeting, telling him that she has an exotic dancer with him. The security guard lets her and Reese in, and Rupert isn't happy to see that Reese is not an exotic dancer. Reese sets up a line and rappels down the side of the building to Clerik's penthouse, while Finch accesses the video camera inside.

Reese comes down hard on the patio and Vaughn sends a man to check out the noise. After Reese takes the man out, he puts on his caterer's uniform and mask and rejoins the rest of the gang. Atay hits a hidden panic button before the crooks can stop him and the signal goes out before Finch can stop it. Carter warns them that they only have a few minutes until the police respond. Graham insists that they have to go but Vaughn says that Graham needs to focus on getting the safe open in the next three minutes. The safecracker refuses until Vaughn threatens to shoot him and then go after his family.

As the sirens approach, Carter warns Finch that she can't stall for long. Reese tells Finch over the earbud to give him a distraction as Graham gets the safe open. Vaughn takes Clerik's gems while Finch sends a sound file over the penthouse sound system on full volume. Reese and Graham take down the thieves and Graham prepares to shoot Vaughn. Reese pulls off his mask and tells Graham that he doesn't want to do it.

Outside, Carte tells the arriving officers that she's been working the case and takes them in... the long way.

Vaughn insists that it has to end and says that he has no choice, but Reese warns him that if he kills Vaughn then he'll end up in prison and Connie will be on her own. Graham lowers the gun and Vaughn smugly says that he knew his former partner couldn't do it. Reese slugs him unconscious and receives a text message from Carter giving him a clear way out. As Reese and Vaughn reach the street, Graham tells his rescuer about the letter he left for Connie. He wonders how he can go back like nothing ever happened and Reese reassures him that they know how feels about them. Despite that, Graham says that he has to pay for his crimes and turns himself into the police.

In the next few days, Graham testifies against Vaughn and his gang for a reduced sentence. Reese visits the Wylers and Connie comes out. She thanks Reese for helping her husband, even though she's not sure exactly what he did. Graham comes out wearing an electronic restraint bracelet and explains that the judge confined him to house arrest. He's surprised that Connie stayed with him as he walks with Reese to the edge of his property. The two men shake hands and Graham thanks Reese for his help. Reese walks over to the house where Zoe is waiting and says that it was fun while it lasted. Zoe suggests that since they have the house for one more night, they should play another all-night poker game.

At the library, Finch closes out the Wyler case and look at the photos of Graham and Connie together.


Finch goes to the park and buys his usual ice cream cone from the vendor despite the fact it's winter. The vendor has been keeping some ice cream just for Finch, his regular customer, and points out that Finch doesn't deny himself small pleasures. Surprised and pleased at the man's perception, Finch receives a text message from the Machine. It simply mentions Grace's name, and Finch goes over to talk to the woman.