Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 7

The Perfect Mark

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • What comes around

    I did like the twist in the end. I really disliked the POI in this episode but the underlying storyline of HR was more important. And as much as anyone hates that the crew is getting bigger. Lets face the reality before it was only Reese and Finch. And Finch hates guns and violence. In fact Finch has never fired a gun.

    So it was only natural that they would need more muscle. They needed Fusco, Carter and now add in Shaw and Root. Lets face it, when you go to war you need soldiers and allies. The 2 man group of Reese and Finch wasn't going to cut it.
  • Carter now knows who the head of HR is!

    Carter now knows who the head of HR is! Rest of the episode was blah.
  • a turning point

    hard to accept the moment that Laskey was shot by when he started to choose the right side.

    please bring him back next episode!!
  • Fistbump

    The case this week was convoluted and back and forth and yet very easily predictable. It felt a little sloppy, but also had those moments that made my inner fangirl squeal in joy. Like Reese and Carter's touching base that ended with a fistbump. It was very Lily and Marshall from HIMYM and it really fit their relationship. And of course, Laskey, who had actually grown on me quite a bit. Carter's season arc plows forward. I also loved seeing Fusco, even if he's still a minor side character this season. Good episode.
  • The Perfect Mark

    Disappointing episode here. They didn't pick the right role for Mad Men's Ken Cosgrove, but more importantly they chose to focus on the HR revelation over giving us a storyline that actually made sense. The conman getting conned, cause that one has never happened before.
  • Just be glad there's no "break" in the schedule for the next 3 episodes.

    (Lest you think I'm exaggerating, next week is the first time in POI history that the episode title has been included onscreen at the end of the (too-short ) preview. )

    To anyone who has ever felt that their "harmless" indiscretions don't really affect anything, meet our case-of-the-week. While his story seems like one of those where the POI is secondary to the overarching developments, keep in mind that the end result (and the preview for next week, which is already announced to be part one of a three-part powerhouse of a story arc) was the outcome of his actions.

    And then forget the creep as you brace yourself for the 3-part midseason-ender.