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Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 8

'Til Death

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on CBS
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  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Person of Interest "Til Death" Review: AWWWWWWW!!!

    With all the hearts aflutter, this episode will go down in the series' history as the Valentine's Day episode that aired in late November.

  • Episode Summary

    The team has to protect two Persons of Interest when the Machine gives them the numbers of a husband and wife.

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    • I don't buy it

      An entertaining episode, as always, but one thing bugged me enormously: These two people got married, experienced something traumatic (the loss of an unborn child, I think it was), and end up hating each other so much they hire hitmen to kill each other.

      An then: 5 minutes tied up in a room together, and everything is forgiven?

      Come on...
    • @alexandbarcel - Song

      The song should be One of These Mornings by Moby feat. Patti Labelle

      Good song.
    • Music....

      Hi, anyone knows wich is the song at the end of the episode 8 in 2nd Season??? Thank you
    • 2x08 - Til Death

      This was such an entertaining episode! The romances for practically everyone including the Numbers with Reese as the odd man out was great! And while this episode was a complete stand alone it was very well done, and in perfct POI style managed to be funny, serious and action-packed all at once.

      The Numbers were an interesting twist. I really like it when I'm surprised and can't predict the ending from the first ten minutes of a show. Well done, POI!

      I really liked the touch of whimsy and human warmth that showing the budding relationships brought to POI. Although with Finch, it was very bittersweet to get those flashback of how much he loved Grace then to turn around and see how much he was hurting. Owwie. I made my heart break a bit for Finch. It also made me very worried for Grace. Considering Root is out there, now I'm wondering if Grace will end up a Number soon. Ack. She better not end up fridged.moreless
    • A fun episode

      One thing I adore about POI is that I never have ANY idea what I'm in for until the episode ends. Will it be dark and serious, with looming threats from mysterious agents who have Our Heroes in their sights? Will it be a fairly normal procedural with some good fight scenes? Maybe it'll be a mystery that keeps you guessing who's doing what to whom and why until the very end. Or, like tonight, maybe it'll just be a lot of fun and a nice way to spend some times with our friends? The show has so many faces that it always feels fresh, but with Our Heroes giving it a solid, familiar footing.

      Tonight's outing was a lot of fun. I kept making my poor husband - who's taste I am questioning because he doesn't like this show - come in to see the funny bits (and then the fight scene just to give him something I thought he'd appreciate the craftsmanship of) because it was too good NOT to share with someone. Finch and Grace were adorable - wouldn't it be great if someone really COULD get a priceless piece of artwork into a local museum JUST for you? And I thought Fusco and his date were nice, too. It's good to see the "not-here-as-eye-candy" characters getting some love, too. Even Carter's prospect looks promising - and I like that Reese kind of talked her into thinking about dating again (even if he didn't know she'd be taking up his advice quite that quickly!) All of that made the main couple an afterthought, which isn't really a complaint. Their story was more like the background details on a painting that looks nice and gives you a setting for the main image, but aren't terribly relevant to understanding the picture.

      One thing I find fascinating about this show is Jim Caveziel's performance. Reese always talks in that semi-whisper, and rarely varies his facial expressions (which aren't complaints, either - they suit the character perfectly) and yet he does just enough with subtle looks and gestures to make it work in whichever mood that particular episode requires. It's not flashy acting - it's not likely to get him any awards - but it's GOOD acting, because he knows how to give Reese exactly what's needed for each scene.

      All in all, a very nice evening with our rather chaotic friends :Dmoreless
    Mark Pellegrino

    Mark Pellegrino

    Daniel Drake

    Guest Star

    Francie Swift

    Francie Swift

    Sabrina Drake

    Guest Star

    Carrie Preston

    Carrie Preston

    Grace Hendricks

    Guest Star

    Sterling K. Brown

    Sterling K. Brown

    Detective Cal Beecher

    Recurring Role

    Brett Cullen

    Brett Cullen

    Nathan Ingram

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Finch realizes the sniper is after Daniel, Daniel is standing in a clear area. But when Reese bumps into him, a table with a book display is on Daniel's right.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Reese: I'm proud of you, Finch. You've really gotten comfortable with your breaking and entering duties.
        Finch: Thank you for appreciating my descent into deviant behavior.

      • Reese: That's the second time Fusco's sent me to voice mail. Should I be offended?
        Carter: Am I my partner's keeper, John?
        Reese: No. But I'll bet you still have an opinion.

      • Finch: You know, Mr. Reese, it did occur to me we could leave the Drakes to their own devices.
        Reese: Well, that's pretty mercenary of you, Finch. I kind of like it.
        Finch: If that's the case, I may have crossed some moral threshold.

      • Carter: Uh, what are you doing?
        Reese: Sometimes you need to break a few eggs to save lives.
        Carter: Yeah, pretty sure that's not the saying.

      • Sabrina: Where's your backup? Shouldn't there be backup?
        Fusco: Uh... here they are now.
        Sabrina: You don't look like a police officer.
        Reese: Thank you.

      • Carter: What is this?
        Reese: Marriage counseling.
        Carter: Why not just dangle them off the roof and force them to tell us how to find the hitmen?
        Finch: While John would probably enjoy that option, it would be a temporary solution.

      • Finch: Although, though, unlike other couples, you've opted for murder instead of divorce. I suppose I should commend you for being so goal-oriented.

      • Reese: You know, Lionel, next time you have a date, don't be so melodramatic. I thought you might be up to something.
        Fusco: Yeah, it's called a personal life. After taking a bullet in the ass and saving yours more than once, you think I've earned just a little privacy?
        Reese: No.

      • Reese: Lot of mayhem just to figure out they still loved each other.
        Finch: I suppose anything is worthwhile when life gives you a second chance to be with the one you love.

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