Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 8

'Til Death

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • I don't buy it

    An entertaining episode, as always, but one thing bugged me enormously: These two people got married, experienced something traumatic (the loss of an unborn child, I think it was), and end up hating each other so much they hire hitmen to kill each other.

    An then: 5 minutes tied up in a room together, and everything is forgiven?

    Come on...
  • @alexandbarcel - Song

    The song should be One of These Mornings by Moby feat. Patti Labelle

    Good song.
  • Music....

    Hi, anyone knows wich is the song at the end of the episode 8 in 2nd Season??? Thank you
  • 2x08 - Til Death

    This was such an entertaining episode! The romances for practically everyone including the Numbers with Reese as the odd man out was great! And while this episode was a complete stand alone it was very well done, and in perfct POI style managed to be funny, serious and action-packed all at once.

    The Numbers were an interesting twist. I really like it when I'm surprised and can't predict the ending from the first ten minutes of a show. Well done, POI!

    I really liked the touch of whimsy and human warmth that showing the budding relationships brought to POI. Although with Finch, it was very bittersweet to get those flashback of how much he loved Grace then to turn around and see how much he was hurting. Owwie. I made my heart break a bit for Finch. It also made me very worried for Grace. Considering Root is out there, now I'm wondering if Grace will end up a Number soon. Ack. She better not end up fridged.
  • A fun episode

    One thing I adore about POI is that I never have ANY idea what I'm in for until the episode ends. Will it be dark and serious, with looming threats from mysterious agents who have Our Heroes in their sights? Will it be a fairly normal procedural with some good fight scenes? Maybe it'll be a mystery that keeps you guessing who's doing what to whom and why until the very end. Or, like tonight, maybe it'll just be a lot of fun and a nice way to spend some times with our friends? The show has so many faces that it always feels fresh, but with Our Heroes giving it a solid, familiar footing.

    Tonight's outing was a lot of fun. I kept making my poor husband - who's taste I am questioning because he doesn't like this show - come in to see the funny bits (and then the fight scene just to give him something I thought he'd appreciate the craftsmanship of) because it was too good NOT to share with someone. Finch and Grace were adorable - wouldn't it be great if someone really COULD get a priceless piece of artwork into a local museum JUST for you? And I thought Fusco and his date were nice, too. It's good to see the "not-here-as-eye-candy" characters getting some love, too. Even Carter's prospect looks promising - and I like that Reese kind of talked her into thinking about dating again (even if he didn't know she'd be taking up his advice quite that quickly!) All of that made the main couple an afterthought, which isn't really a complaint. Their story was more like the background details on a painting that looks nice and gives you a setting for the main image, but aren't terribly relevant to understanding the picture.

    One thing I find fascinating about this show is Jim Caveziel's performance. Reese always talks in that semi-whisper, and rarely varies his facial expressions (which aren't complaints, either - they suit the character perfectly) and yet he does just enough with subtle looks and gestures to make it work in whichever mood that particular episode requires. It's not flashy acting - it's not likely to get him any awards - but it's GOOD acting, because he knows how to give Reese exactly what's needed for each scene.

    All in all, a very nice evening with our rather chaotic friends :D
  • Grows On You

    I wasn't too fond of the overbearing amount of love-plot in this episode when it finished airing, but as I had more time to consider it, I really came to appreciate it. It's been a while since we really had a glimpse into any of the main casts' personal lives, so it was nice to have that reminder that they're real people with problems beyond dealing with numbers. I loved how secretive Fusco was and how gung-ho his girl was. Carter was absolutely adorably awkward and the guy was cheesy enough to pass. I felt a little dirty watching Emerson and his wife kiss, but the couple is one of my favorites, so I got over it. Also, the Grace/Finch relationship doesn't get in the way of the Ingram/Finch bromance no one can deny.

    The case in this episode was ridiculous in the way only Person of Interest can pull off successfully. I really didn't care for Sabrina at all, but that over-the-top personality pushed the couple to the point that calling hits on each other was plausible. Enjoyable episode overall.
  • ??? are we going soap opera???

    I love this show - the intrigue, the butt kicking, the computers, the "batman-without-a-cape" sense of it all. But WHAT happened tonight? Fosco's got a girlfriend on stakeout, Carter's got a groupie following her to crime scenes, and Finch is moony-eyed over an old flame! Are we going into a phase of Days of our lives? Oh, and last week, Reese got "married"! Did the producer recently fall in love or sompin? Good grief!
  • Keeping the creativity going

    Never has this show had 2 people who were victims as well as perpetrators. This showes the creativity the writers work with. This episode was a really good episode. It had the case of the week, the action, the laughter and my favourite, flashbacks.

    It's safe to say that this episode's theme was 'love'. Fusco's storyline is something that was really fun to watch as well as Carter's. It's great to see that these guys are ready to move on from their past and are really investing some time in their own lives. Finch's flashbacks were really cute, although I hoped that they would have shown the first conversation that Finch and Grace instead of fast-forwarding to their dates. I don't know where Nathan's storyline is gonna go. Hope it's fun. I LOVE watching flashbacks of Nathan and the machine. He's a really mysterious person and it's compelling to watch. Oh, Finch's birthday plan was really cool. No wonder he's so smart.

    The couple scenes of the POIs were really good too. I wish Reese finds someone special soon or he could start dating Zoe.

    Great episode but I wouldn't call it the best this season.
  • I'm just a Love Machine!

    It's strange that I laugh more in Person of Interest than most of the current group of comedies on TV! I was reminded of Lethal Weapon when the hitman got nailed at the end and I had to laugh out loud. (But since this is broadcast TV, he didn't die). This should have been a Valentine's Day episode though since all the characters seemed to have romance on their minds!
  • Moby 18 CD

    Music at the end of Til Death is by;Moby, with Patty LaBelle, (one of these mornings) Moby 18
  • Love of Interest

    Great episode, very different for the show, but have such little good moments. Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston are just amazing in their roles. Fusco have date, Carter have someone interesting in her and John always great like usual.
  • Music

    Can anyone tell me what the last song is when Harold is with Grace? It's the last one they played before the credits.