Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Testing the moral waters of Finch and Reese

    The strength of this show lies in the relationship of finch and reese, Both these men have been broken by the world and have views that are bound to clash. This episode proved it. Finch was still suffering from Root centric PTSD a little bit and deemed anyone with a history of violence like this weeks POI was "bad code" and thus didn't deserve the benefit of their services. ( to be fair, no one asked:P) But reese, seeing the bigger picture and the similiarity of his own nature to Riley's decided that if a man is willing to forgo everything he knows to save an innocent woman, he's worth saving and when it comes down to it, their job, is to stop anything bad happening whether it be victim or perpetrator so if your "bad guy" is having a change of heart then shouldn't they go along with it? Aside from the thought provoking questions in the further goings on of finch and reese, this episode would have been quite forgettable if it hadn't been for the ten minutes of enrico cantolioni as Elias. The dude is a BAMF and he proves it time and time again. Instead of going around shouting and being kind of a pervy jerk like George Massey, low level irish mob boss, he plays it cool and runs NYC criminal enterprises from his jail cell. You gotta give props to the Enrico C, for playing him with such suave coolness. Even more, the show has proven with their better villains, that they are likeably psychotic. Elias, who initially could have been a revenge seeking one off villain, became this master of disguise who is bored with how flashy the criminal underworld runs things and seeks to change things, kind of like Finch and Reese who notice the government being big and flashy with who they decide to save so they go about saving the everyday joe. all in all a good episode, not for the actually content, that was a 7.5 but the fact that it gave you something to think about which nudges it to an 8.5 for me. Well... more Bear and i would go higher i guess.
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