Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 19

Trojan Horse

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • Nerdgasm ohoi!

    Not one of the strongest episodes of the series in terms of drama or action, but a strong, plotty offering chock full of gold nuggets in terms of dialogue, reveals and chemistry.

    While the overall plot seemed simple (and then got rather complicated), it was the little scenes that made this episode so great:

    Finch playing chess with Elias. Those two aren't just playing a superficial game of strategy and skill, oh no. There's layers upon layers of clues and hints and real life considerations, and I love the way Elias is so good at appearing charming and "mostly harmless" while we all know he is one of the most lethal men in the PoI universe.

    The mental and verbal sparring between Finch and Elias is a joy to behold, and I love the way they have this wary respect for each other despite being very much on opposite sides.

    Mostly. ;)

    Geeking out - the tone between Finch and this episodes main number was great, "flirtatious" enough that Reese drily asked if they wanted to be left alone. I have absolutely no idea WHAT they're saying, but I like the WAY they say it - and I love the way Finch defies the modern day image of the master hacker; the sloppily dressed ageing teenager, subsisting on coffeinated drinks and cheesedoodles.

    No, Finch is a different breed of hacker, a "grand old man" who has still managed to stay fresh and updated on the tech side of things, while still donning his antiquated wardrobe as if born to it.

    Every time some young whipper snapper gets in his face, expecting him to be some ignorant oldtimer, he always manages to put them in their place, usually with that enigmatic little grin. :)

    Shaw returned - and did so with panache. Getting the drop on Reese, locating Finch's lair and befriending Bear, and deciding to go after Root because "you think I need a hobby". Priceless. :) The realization that Finch hacked the CIA to give her ex-partner a heroic epitaph and his parents some peace of mind was handled in a nice, understated manner; I think she liked the way he managed to fix the one thing she really wanted to do, and never demanded or truly expected anything in return - he asked her to join the team, but didn't really expect or pressure her to say yes.

    Nicely done!

    And boor Beecher. To get played like that, and by someone you have reason to trust? Not a cool way to go. Kudos to him for pursuing the matter, though, even so far as to go directly to Elias himself.

    Too bad he didn't get to patch things up properly with Carter - I liked that she got the chance to ask him out before it was too late, though, letting him know she was willing to talk and maybe trust him again. Better than going out as "enemies".

    Last, but not least?

    Mr. British accent, stating that he was going to find and eliminate the one person who was behind the whole mess - and The Machine instantly tagging him as a threat.

    I'm telling you, it's still keeping its hand over its Daddy. <3
  • lots of stuff to cover

    Lots of stuff to cover. Nice to see Finch playing Chess with Elias still. They talk about Yogerov and Det. Szymanski. Elias says he has some moves still, and he told him,"Don't count me out just yet, That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Elias could clean up HR or make his own moves to take over more area. HR is causing problems without Elias there to run his Mob's operations.

    Sure John Reese thought of Kara Stanton as a friend back when they worked together. That is why he didn't want to take her out when he was ordered to by Snow. And he laughed when Kara told him she had the same orders to eliminate him.

    Samantha Shaw was nice to see and snuck up on Reese, as he kept tabs on Michael Cole's family, Carlina and Evan Cole. But Reese figured he would see her sooner or later. Now wouldn't "Control" or whoever Pennsylvania Two/Special Council works for have gone to see if Cole had left any valuable information there already? Don't see the need to kill his parents, but ransack the place and see what they can find? But I wouldn't think Cole would be dumb enough to put it there and put his parents in danger. But P2 doesn't know Shaw is still alive so that fact can't be what is keeping his team away. Then she visited Finch and Bear didn't give her away, lol. "Traitor", says Finch. Her now on the trail of Root will be interesting. But with Root torturing her, I figured it was a matter of time. Does Root still work in P2's office? That might throw a twist in there too. Root will be a "Hobby" of Shaw's.

    I hate to see Cal Beecher get killed off. I at first didn't really care for the guy and all have said he is over bearing and not right for Carter. But now that we find out it is his Alonzo Quinn and Cal had nothing to do with it,he is his God son. I didn't want to see him taken out on a set up call. Must be the helper knew it was a set up? He had to get out of there when Cal came in building. Then the shootout with the 2 guys, I figured Reese or Carter/Fusco would come to save the day. I did notice Simmons was totally surprised and uncomfortable with the "take out Cal" order from Alonzo Quinn. He normally seems so calm and cool when he chats with Fusco and others. Quinn working in the Mayors office reminds me of "The Chicago Code", and that corrupt city government. Fusco warned Beecher earlier in the day about hurting Carter, that was nice. And Carter trusting in Fusco to check into Beecher was great. They are a good team now! Beecher talked to Quinn and then went to see Elias to get answers. Elias told him he tried to pay off Det. Szymanski and he threw it back in his face. "HR played you",said Elias.

    Finch and "the number", Senior Vice-President with Rylatech, Monica Jacobs(Actress was Kat Miller in Cold Case), did make a nice team. Reese asking if they wanted to be alone was cute. I had at first figured she was bad, then Head of R and R, Ross Hopkins was bad. But should have known her boss, Martin Baxtor(played Dr. John Dixon on "As The World Turns") was bad. Justin Lee was killed suspiciously and had a deep cover, maybe a plant? Then we find out Jerome Eckert, Jacobs assistant is in on it too. But a sniper takes him out after he tells Reese it there are to many of them. Reese goes into offices and gets the information they need. Bear helped too, he kept Security at bay. We also find that Hopkins was killed and Reese had to shoot his way out of office. But as we find out it went much further then Baxtor. Baxtor with the drop on Reese, said they control the information and control the future. Surprised at end Baxtor shot self, and that Greer was calling the shots. But with Police on the way Baxtor was scared. His call form Greer told him his family was provided for. It was Greer(old man) who worked with Stanton and gave her Finch's name. But he was working with the Chinese and his own group. And we still don't know who gave the lap top to the Chinese. Greer didn't recognize Finch or Reese as they walked by, or maybe only knew them by name, and not face?

    IFT offered Monica Jacobs a job, nice. Finch finds Stanton's Virus code and that most of information was sent to Desema? Technologies. China only got a portion. Feds don't check Greer? He was there when they were at Rylatech. Good Episode and it is working to a head.
  • Another great one!

    Ony wish the outcome for Beecher was different.
  • Mindblowing

    I loved this episode -- not so much because of what actually happened on screen, because it was a little light when it came to that but for all of the storylines it brought together and the sense that all of them may be converging into an explosive finale.

    I generally love Shaw, but this episode showed her to be reckless. Probably a realistic reaction given what she's just been through, but dangerous nonetheless and not just to herself. She now knows enough about John and Harold to be able to show up at their lair and off she goes seemingly half-cocked to find Root. Harold should have stopped her, but in her state, couldn't have trusted her with any part of the truth.

    Storylines I counted:

    - Root's pursuit of the Machine ... now Shaw in pursuit of Root and no doubt involving John and Finch

    - The mysterious Shadow corp - confirmation of their search for the Machine and now the re-initiation of their search for Finch

    - HR (w/Russian mobster allies) and Elias preparing to tangle

    - Carter and probably Fusco (and then Elias) discovering Quinn (whole revenge plot on Carter's part)

  • Good stuff

    Good episode. I've enjoyed the previous ones, but this one held my interest better more than any other since Dead Reckoning. I was right about Beecher all along. Wish it could have ended differently for him. Fusco finally had a chance to be a little bad ass. Bear shined. I REALLY like the idea of Shaw tracking down Root. "The enemy of my Will we see Elias and Root join the fight against HR and this new threat to the machine?

    I wish CBS would do a better job of promoting this show. Would it kill them to give us preview even if it won't air for 3 weeks? I don't recall seeing ANY ads for this episode until the hour before it aired.
  • Great setting up for next episodes and next season

    I loved the episode. Although there was a little less humor, it was compensated by the events. Not only was the main story intriguing enough, alle the side stories were perefect to get me on the tip of my chair for the next episodes (and probably next season). They way they set up a believable storyline for Shaw in only two short shots was great. Love her.

    I also learned new Dutch word (in directing bear) and that is special as I'm Dutch.
  • Getting tired of waiting...

    Great episode, but it really starts to annoy me that we have to wait so long every time. The last episode was broadcasted 3 weeks ago and the next one will be broadcasted in 3 weeks. WHY???? I already forgot what happened with Det. Szymanski. It is nice that the writers put in all these great storylines, but when a show like this is being broadcasted as little as it is now, you start to forget what happened. It does not make sense. Maybe they should put in a 'previously on POI' part at the beginning of the episode...
  • The Best Writed Episode Of The Season So Far.

    The best quality of 'Trojan Horse' was the great work with the script, give Elias, Carter, Greer, Beecher Shaw, HR, the POI of the week and the team machine an opportunity to shine is just brilliant.

    This episode is like see an movie of 40 minutes of full entertainement, good moves, clever twist, great dialogues and cool plots.

    Plus: The balance in the action, comedy and drama was really good.
  • Ramping up to the last 3 episodes..

    Have to give this a 10... it had it all - the payoff, the continuing setup for the season end and also the next season.

    Have no idea how I'm going to handle the last 3 episodes of the season.. sure I'm going to be have to rate them at least a 12 for sure ;)

    Bad Harold - Bear IS NOT a traitor :D
  • Brilliant

    This had a little bit of everything and a little bit of everyone, from Elias to Bear and Root to Shaw. There was HR action, there were international spies, there was Finch flirting and Fusco roughings-up. There was a slow-mo death reveal. The case itself felt simultaneously too big for one episode and yet not quite enough, which, in PoI terms means it's right on track. This episode was great enough to make up for the long wait times before and after.
  • Return to form

    Much better than the last couple of episodes. Another 3 weeks until the next episode again? Really?

    Love that they're using Bear more and more, but I think they need to get him a bulletproof vest. I also thought it was a nice touch that Shaw seems to have a soft spot for him.

    Shaw vs Root in the finale?
  • Best episode of the season!

    "Trojan Horse" combined all the elements we like about POI in one single episode. We had the return of Elias, the agent girl (forgot her name) and the Stanton virus plot. On top of all that we also got to see the return of Bear helping Reese and Finch on their missions! The case of the week managed to combine all of that in a very perfect way. I can't wait 3 weeks for the new episode! Also, RIP Cal Beecher.
  • Best One Thus Far

    Honestly, this joined the ranks of Many Happy Returns, Firewall, and Prisoner's Dilemna as one of the best POI episodes so far. The writing was brilliant, and with the finale itching closer and closer, the show is setting up for it oh so well...

    REALLY happy to see the return of Elias in tonight's episode, "Trojan Horse!"