Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 19

Trojan Horse

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • lots of stuff to cover

    Lots of stuff to cover. Nice to see Finch playing Chess with Elias still. They talk about Yogerov and Det. Szymanski. Elias says he has some moves still, and he told him,"Don't count me out just yet, That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Elias could clean up HR or make his own moves to take over more area. HR is causing problems without Elias there to run his Mob's operations.

    Sure John Reese thought of Kara Stanton as a friend back when they worked together. That is why he didn't want to take her out when he was ordered to by Snow. And he laughed when Kara told him she had the same orders to eliminate him.

    Samantha Shaw was nice to see and snuck up on Reese, as he kept tabs on Michael Cole's family, Carlina and Evan Cole. But Reese figured he would see her sooner or later. Now wouldn't "Control" or whoever Pennsylvania Two/Special Council works for have gone to see if Cole had left any valuable information there already? Don't see the need to kill his parents, but ransack the place and see what they can find? But I wouldn't think Cole would be dumb enough to put it there and put his parents in danger. But P2 doesn't know Shaw is still alive so that fact can't be what is keeping his team away. Then she visited Finch and Bear didn't give her away, lol. "Traitor", says Finch. Her now on the trail of Root will be interesting. But with Root torturing her, I figured it was a matter of time. Does Root still work in P2's office? That might throw a twist in there too. Root will be a "Hobby" of Shaw's.

    I hate to see Cal Beecher get killed off. I at first didn't really care for the guy and all have said he is over bearing and not right for Carter. But now that we find out it is his Alonzo Quinn and Cal had nothing to do with it,he is his God son. I didn't want to see him taken out on a set up call. Must be the helper knew it was a set up? He had to get out of there when Cal came in building. Then the shootout with the 2 guys, I figured Reese or Carter/Fusco would come to save the day. I did notice Simmons was totally surprised and uncomfortable with the "take out Cal" order from Alonzo Quinn. He normally seems so calm and cool when he chats with Fusco and others. Quinn working in the Mayors office reminds me of "The Chicago Code", and that corrupt city government. Fusco warned Beecher earlier in the day about hurting Carter, that was nice. And Carter trusting in Fusco to check into Beecher was great. They are a good team now! Beecher talked to Quinn and then went to see Elias to get answers. Elias told him he tried to pay off Det. Szymanski and he threw it back in his face. "HR played you",said Elias.

    Finch and "the number", Senior Vice-President with Rylatech, Monica Jacobs(Actress was Kat Miller in Cold Case), did make a nice team. Reese asking if they wanted to be alone was cute. I had at first figured she was bad, then Head of R and R, Ross Hopkins was bad. But should have known her boss, Martin Baxtor(played Dr. John Dixon on "As The World Turns") was bad. Justin Lee was killed suspiciously and had a deep cover, maybe a plant? Then we find out Jerome Eckert, Jacobs assistant is in on it too. But a sniper takes him out after he tells Reese it there are to many of them. Reese goes into offices and gets the information they need. Bear helped too, he kept Security at bay. We also find that Hopkins was killed and Reese had to shoot his way out of office. But as we find out it went much further then Baxtor. Baxtor with the drop on Reese, said they control the information and control the future. Surprised at end Baxtor shot self, and that Greer was calling the shots. But with Police on the way Baxtor was scared. His call form Greer told him his family was provided for. It was Greer(old man) who worked with Stanton and gave her Finch's name. But he was working with the Chinese and his own group. And we still don't know who gave the lap top to the Chinese. Greer didn't recognize Finch or Reese as they walked by, or maybe only knew them by name, and not face?

    IFT offered Monica Jacobs a job, nice. Finch finds Stanton's Virus code and that most of information was sent to Desema? Technologies. China only got a portion. Feds don't check Greer? He was there when they were at Rylatech. Good Episode and it is working to a head.
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