Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 6

Mors Praematura


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While Reese and Finch deal with a new Number, Root abducts Sam to force her to help on a mission for The Machine.

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Nov 04, 2013
First episode this season where Reese wasn't Shaw's spotter, backup, etc. For me, season 3 is too early to throw a main character down the stairs, even if they think they had to add someone for guys to ogle. Or maybe Mr. C. is more injured than has been let on. If he's up to it, hope they work toward more balance, or, maybe, give Reese and Finch an episode of their own? I'm beginning to lean toward DVRing instead of staying up. POI has been one of my two "appointment" viewing programs (Sleepy Hollow is the other). Too early in the "grand scheme" for such significant changes, for me. I miss Nolan/Burk/Lingg/Wickam, or maybe this is JJ Abrams' idea; he's the one who ran Lost up the flagpole, then chopped the pole down. Again?moreless
Nov 03, 2013
It will be interesting to find out exactly what The Machine is up to. What does she need Jason for, and who else is she going to bring into the fold?

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