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Season 3 Episode 5



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The team's new Number is their youngest: a 10-year-old girl who may be a spy. Meanwhile, Carter continues her hunt for HR.

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Oct 25, 2013
"Only the paranoid survive." -- Harold Finch, Season 1. Well, shall we irrelevants wonder what "maintenance" is being done on "some user submissions" (the earliest ones for this episode and ones with lesser number ratings). Will they return? Is Reese on his way to retirement? Or guest starring on Elias's or Zoe's new series being filmed in Canada? Don't know how they got the first million viewers back of the 3 million lost this season due to the day/time change and the complete shakeup of what had been a good formula. Still don't like Shaw (yup, I'm female).If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Wondering how much of the change has to do with 4 of the main producer/writer/directors from S01 and S02 seeming to now split their time between POI and bringing the 1970s movie West World to HBO as a series. Hoping those left in the Writers Room will go back and reread or rewatch S01 if they want more viewers, without using the "lift" from 7-day DVR viewing to get to the top. Wonder if they and CBS are learning from politicians...spin, spin, spin.Yes, I'm unhappy. They made quality TV S01 and most of S02, then they threw it away to get more guys to ogle Shaw on their TV sets, and CBS jerked the show around. Nice, not.moreless
Oct 23, 2013
bad ass episode

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