Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on CBS

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  • Simply brilliant casting :) *spoilers*


    I watch way too much TV and so when a big "twist" comes along I'm usually the first to spot it but this one kind of threw me for a loop and I think the main credit of that is in casting Enrico Colantoni. Going back (after knowing the twist) and watching it again the writing gives it away but still I couldn't help myself feeling bad for Reese because he got played and lets be honest, who wouldn't? I was really close to blowing off this show as another procedural type but this twist? It got me back. I can't wait for next week.

  • Enrico Colantoni, hmmm?


    Maybe we'll be seeing more of him...just hope they don't spend too much time on the local politics of organized crime, at the cost of developing the main characters. Cool episode, gotta admit. Anybody else having flashbacks of The Usual Suspects..?

  • It's Sgt. Parker!!


    Enrico Colantoni is a terrific actor and fellow Canadian. :) I love him on Flashpoint and recall seeing him on Bones, where he did a lovely job with the night watchman role as he interacted with Dr. Brennan. This role was quite different and very, very well played.

    I think this was the best episode of the series so far. I like it that Det. Carter has a more prominent role because the show needs a female presence otherwise it gets too close to being a shoot-em-up Chuck Norris type movie, and I don't like those at all.

    I'll avoid spoilers, so let's just say that the ending was the best of the series and when Finch and Reese spoke about the work that they do, the outcome here left them wondering about it. It definitely but a shade of gray into the mix that wasn't there before. Terrific episode all around.

  • Excellent story arc unfolding!


    This latest episode was superb, tying hints and allegations from prior episode together and finally showing us an incredibly dangerous nemesis! I loved that there was empathy and respect between Charlie and Reese at the outset, that Elias could be ruthless and disciplined enough to live and work among his enemies for so long and use their children to learn their ways, their strengths and weaknesses. His discipline and cunning make him a worthy adversary for Finch and Reese. Enjoyed that our crooked cop was on the up and up but Finch disbelieved him - kind of feel sorry for the schmuck. I found the premise of being trapped in the building gripping too, and the idea of places where the law doesn't go and the bad guys have reached mutual understanding about ownership. Reese's anger at their intervention leading to lots more numbers in the future was beautifully done by Caviezel. I hate getting into new TV shows because if I like them they tend to get cancelled, but I am loving this one for as long as it's on.

  • Great writing

    Extremely impressed by this series. It works brilliantly as character study and as an action series. The first few episodes get us into the characters, we care about Reese and Finch, there's potential future tension (perhaps of a romantic nature) in Carter, but it is this episode where the game is raised. Following the clues in the writing is part of the pleasure of watching, it's not that tough to figure out, but it's so well put together you still find yourself wondering what the outcome will be. The tension of the one location, the not knowing who to trust, then the crippled look of disappointment on Reese's face when he realises he's been played. First class episode of a great series.