Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 21

Zero Day

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2013 on CBS

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  • The best episode

    The episode That I have been waiting for!!!! Yes exclamation marks everywhere!!!! We knew when this show began that the Machine was going to be a central figure but how Central? How important would this machine become? All AI movies and shows have had complications when dealing with Artificial Intelligence.

    I really like that Nolan and the writers are taking AI in this direction. I want to see complex relationships like this continue growing in future episodes.

    Root's expression when she found out the truth about the Machine is priceless. Her performance is amazing in the show so far. I really hope they can bring her on as a full time cast member.
  • System reboot - Seeking Admin...

    This episode started off with the Machine being badly crippled by the virus, hours away from a complete system reboot. In the backdrop we saw attempted terrorist attacks and homicides on the rise. To make things more interesting the writers managed to pair up Root with Harold and Reese with Shaw. Let's face it, we all wanted this. What was interesting was to see how Root managed to manipulate Harold into getting rid of Reese (by making the 911 call) and then force him to work with her by threatening Grace. Reese was correct in a way when he told Shaw, that Root could have made Harold call 911.

    The amount of information we got from this episode was huge, as big as the external hard disk of the Machine at Thornhill's office.

    We got to know that the Machine created a virtual person Ernest Thornhill five and a half months back, right about the time when Kara successfully planted the Virus. As Harold said, the machine was trying to protect itself, a sort of desperate attempt to survive by having its memory transferred bit by bit (pun intended) by people at the Thornhill company. That being said, I can only speculate that the machine went on a Payphone buying spree in New York to try and curb Decima from taking over the pay phones. In the inception stage, the machine had become self aware, and was getting too attached to its Admin (Harold). It would particularly modify its code to assist Harold. To counteract this, Harold designed the machine to delete the part of its memory which was making it more self aware. It is interesting how Root treats the machine as a living organism and was visibly upset when she realised that the machine is reborn every night after it deletes its own memory.

    We got to see a very romantic side of Harold. So when it came to proposing to his girl (Grace), he went the distance by going on his knees and asking her to marry him, but not before carefully locking away their cell phones in a metal box and trying his best to move away from the prying eyes of his machine, his creation. It was the most beautiful scene, watching Harold propose through one of the street camera (WASH SQ PK B17) with Ramin Djawadi's music in the background. This show really knows the importance of a good background score.

    We all suspected that Nathan was the reason why Harold started saving the irrelevant list, and with each episode it seems to point that way. But we all have been wrong in the past. This show knows how you think and will use it to trick you. Sort of as if the Machine is actually watching over you. If you recall the conversation Harold had before leaving the library, Harold was unknowingly telling Nathan (the next irrelevant person), that he was sorry but the greater good was at stake. Harold must have been devastated when he realised that he could have saved Nathan if only he had listened to him.

    I love how Shaw consistently manages to get the drop on Reese and he knows that it is Shaw, even before turning around. Finally these two have teamed up after Shaw effortlessly got Reese out of the police lockup. It was touching how Reese cares for Harold, enough to bug him.

    "Just his glasses. I have lost people before so when I care about someone I plant a tracking device on Typical Reese.

    Greer (creepy British guy who had met Kara at the Hospital after Ordos ) brought out the typical POI flavour which we are so fond of. He is the classic bad guy, with an unending supply of henchmen. These henchmen guard payphones in mid town, shoot Reese and Shaw when they enter Thornhill Corporation, pause for Greer to reveal vital information and then resume shooting on cue. The interesting thing was, Greer told Reese that the Laptop he and Kara went looking for in Ordos had originated from a man named Harold Finch who was responsible for providing the source code for the virus.

    Now Reese has some serious talking to do with his employer.

    Harold had coded the machine in such a way that in case of a catastrophic attack like the one it currently is under, it will hard boot and call one particular payphone. The one in the National Library. Whoever answers the phone will have unfettered access to the machine and all its data for the next 24 hours. Just minutes before the machine is about to reboot they reach the Library and Root intercepts the call, but Harold manages to divert another call to Reese (who joined the party along with Shaw on the ground floor and was busy shooting and punching Greer's Henchmen).

    I am pretty sure that Root is in for an unpleasant surprise; cause Harold warned her, "This communion that you are seeking, may not be what you

    Loved how Shaw just stood and watched while Reese had a knife to his throat!

    Note: Carter was looking into Beecher's murder and obviously HR wants her dead.

    The episode title could be an allusion to Zero Day (attack) in IT industry and computer applications.

    This is the most intelligent show on the planet and this was one of the most insightful episodes till date!

  • Roger Thornhill - Homage to...

    In the Hitchcock thriller "North by Northwest", Roger Thornhill is the name of the character played by Cary Grant. (He's chased by government agents and a group of baddies who think he's George Kaplan, a fictitious Nice one, POI writers.
  • its for you, john

    john probably is like what the hell
  • The storm has definitely arrived

    What a ride! I can't wait for the next episode but am dreading the summer without PoI.
  • Perfect!!!

    Let me start by saying that the machine alter ego is British comedian Alan Davies... How did it or writers decide on this??? But Jonathan Creek being the machine LOVED IT. I kept waiting to see him showing lol

    The episode was perfect, they could have left us hanging there for a few months but my money was always on John because at the end of the day he's the one with the moral code.

    Best scene: Root and Finch discussing the machine. I think they were both in tears! Let's face it what he did to IT wasn't cool but he has his reason. Root create your own machine then you can marry it and all (you sociopath freak!)

    I can see watch season 3 is going to be unless they switch it up next week: how about a boy team VS girl team. Just kidding Root and shaw as a team too deadly.

    Can't wait for next week! Please bring Alan Davies on the show :)
  • it was amazing!!

    Loved the episode, if I have to rate the show for its story and all that, then it definitely deserves 20/10 ;-) , can't wait for the next one
  • Awesome

    since Dead Reckoning I was pretty sure it was Harold is the one behind the laptop and that was why he chose Reese from the very beginning ...

    I never thought that Nathan was the voice of goodness! What was Harold thinking?! and Oh God, because of Harold, his only friend died/ or isn't he yet? What did change Harold's mind then? I'm really shocked!

    and if Root got the call, what was the second call for john all about?

    I can't wait until next Week!
  • Harold, that was cold in those flashbacks..

    Why did you make The Machine do that to itself !!! (I know why but - that is just like a baby or little kid !)

    I have to side with Root in that conversation.... but not quite enough for her to hurt anyone or gain access.

    Seriously that conversation at the end with Nathan was cold (could tell he [Harold] was both furious and afraid of what the 8 could do ?).. and the timing on the last screen :(

    In other news - OMG with the season finale to come next week.
  • The best episode yet

    I'm amazed, it was awesome! Can't it be next Thursday?
  • Excellent!

    Just catching my breathe.
  • Beyond Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Machine is Alive

    Without word, best episode eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. Person of Interest better and better. The final was mind blowing.
  • Control

    About time we got some more Finch/Ingram backstory. Not really anything new, but confirmation/clarification is always good. I really thought that this week's number would have been Ingram, that he wasn't really dead-dead, just pretending to be dead-dead and hiding out. There are a lot of big-name players appearing in this episode, catapulting all the stakes skyward and hinting at what pairings we'll see come third season. So much teasing in this episode. Minor questions answered, more major ones rising from the ashes. And only PoI could make me care about the essence of a machine and who had control of it. The only thing I really couldn't follow was what was going on with Carter.
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