Person to Person - Season 3

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • June 29, 1956
    June 29, 1956
    Episode 44
    Ed Murrow will visit Dizzy Gillespie one of the founders of be-bop, and his wife, at their home in Corona, Long Island. Then he will call on author-lecturer-raconteuse Emily Kimbrough in her Manhattan apartment.
  • June 22, 1956
    June 22, 1956
    Episode 43
    Murrow visits the Manhattan apartment of dancers Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander. Then heads upriver to a lighthouse near Tarrytown, N.Y., to see what the lighthouse keeper does to keep house in the lighthouse. Coast Guardsman Richard Moreland, his wife and 9-month-old baby.
  • June 15, 1956
    June 15, 1956
    Episode 42
    Edward R. Murrow makes his 250th visit. Ed calls on Spanish-born model and actress Jinx Falkenberg and her husband, journalist Tex McCrary. The other guest of the evening will be Richard Joseph, writer and travel editor of Esquire Magazine.
  • June 8, 1956
    June 8, 1956
    Episode 41
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Columnist and radio broadcaster Cedric Adams. Ed also talks with Claudius Charles Philippe, the maitre'd of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
  • June 1, 1956
    June 1, 1956
    Episode 40
    Rocky Marciano, his wife Barbara and their young daughter Mary Anne will be visited in their ranch-style house in Brockton, Mass by Edward R. Murrow. Ed's second interview is with Tony Martin and his wife Cyd Charisse and their two children will be visited in their brick colonial home in Beverly Hills, Calif.moreless
  • May 25, 1956
    May 25, 1956
    Episode 39
    Dorothy Thompson, reportorial specialist on foreign affairs, ex-foreign correspondent (proudly expelled from Nazi Germany), ex-Mrs. Sinclair Lewis, also ex-Mrs. Josef Bard, will be visited with her artist husband Maxim Kopf in their Manhattan town house by Ed Murrow. Johnny Ray whose musical crying act launched him will be Murrow's other guest tonight.moreless
  • May 18, 1956
    May 18, 1956
    Episode 38
    Ed interviews actress/singer Beatrice Lillie from her Manhattan apartment. Murrow's second interview is with 81-year-old James E. (Sunny Jim) Fitzsimmons dean of horse trainers from his Long Island home.
  • May 11, 1956
    May 11, 1956
    Episode 37
    Actor Ralph Bellamy and his wife will be at home in their Manhattan apartment where Ralph likes to spend most of his free time especially in the kitchen. He is an exceptional cook and frequently goes into the kitchen of his favorite restaurant to help prepare his own meal. He also likes to fish, hunt and paint. Baron Silvercruys, who with his wife, will receive Edward R. Murrow at the. Belgian Embassy in Washington, D.C. has been Belgium's Ambassador to the U.S since 1945. He has devoted his life to diplomatic service here and abroad and is now the third ranking ambassador in the capital. Baroness Silvercruys was married to the late Senator Brian McMahon of Connecticut. She is considered one of Washington society's most attractive hostesses.moreless
  • May 4, 1956
    May 4, 1956
    Episode 36
    Jayne Mansfield's, in-her glory tonight with the camera on her for 12 minutes. She'll make all and sundry press agents happy, telling Ed Murrow how publicity, built her career. Another attractive tidbit is Eloise Harris, the actress wife of Mickey Rooney. Mickey's no looker, but he may have some interesting comments on his upcoming film and TV plans.moreless
  • April 27, 1956
    April 27, 1956
    Episode 35
    Edward R. Murrow interviews English actor, playwright, and composer Noel Coward and Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Roosevelt.
  • April 20, 1956
    April 20, 1956
    Episode 34
    Edward R. Murrow interviews singer-actor Burl Ives and model agency owner Harry Conover, whose "Conover Cover Girls" were used in most major New York Magazines in the 40's and 50's.
  • April 13, 1956
    April 13, 1956
    Episode 33
    Edward R. Murrow visits George Gallup, founder of the American Institute of Public Opinion and his wife Ophelia. For the second interview Ed pays a visit to comedienne Hermoine Gingold.
  • April 6, 1956
    April 6, 1956
    Episode 32
    Murrow interviews Quizmaster Hal March and his bride, Candy Toxron, will be "at home" in their brand new Manhattan apartment. Ed also interviews Billy Graham who is back from his Asia tour and will be at home with his family at his mountain top home near Montreat, N.C.
  • March 30, 1956
    March 30, 1956
    Episode 31
    Edward R. Murrow takes us on a Person to Person visit with presidential assistant Sherman Adams. For the second interview, Ed talks to fashion designer Ceil Chapman, Marilyn Monroe's favorite designer.
  • March 23, 1956
    March 23, 1956
    Episode 30
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Admiral Byrd comments on his recent trip to the Antarctic. In the second interview Ed talks to Raymond Loewy, who literally revolutionized the design industry, working as a consultant for more than 200 companies and creating product designs for everything from cigarette packs and refrigerators, to cars and spacecrafts.moreless
  • March 16, 1956
    March 16, 1956
    Episode 29
    One of the most fascinating and vital career women of our era, authoress Pearl Buck, is slated to entertain Ed at her Bucks County, Pa., home. You'll meet some of her six children (four of them adopted war orphans), and learn a bit about life in China, where Mrs. Buck spent more than two decades. For the second interview, Ed talks to ventriloquist Paul Winchell, with his two youngsters and a fella named Mahoney. Highlight of this segment should be a visit to Paul's workshop, where the and builds ventriloquist molds his own dummies.moreless
  • March 9, 1956
    March 9, 1956
    Episode 28
    Edward R. Murrow interviews actor, producer, director Raymond Massey and his family will be visited at their home in Wilton, Connecticut. Massey has been described as "the man who took Lincoln's face off the penny and put it in the hearts of America's millions" - a reference to the many Lincoln roles he's played. For the second interview Ed talks to actress Rita Gam who is visited at her Brownstone on East Side Manhattan.moreless
  • March 2, 1956
    March 2, 1956
    Episode 27
    Edward R. Murrow visits with movie star Jane Russell and her husband, ex-football star Robert Waterfield, in California. The couple discuss their motion-picture company Russ-Field and their first independent picture Run For the Sun. For the second interview Ed talks to entertainer Cab Calloway and his family in Lido Beach, N.Y.moreless
  • February 24, 1956
    February 24, 1956
    Episode 26
    Murrow interviews Shirley Jones who came from Smithton, Pennsylvannia, to star in both "Oklahoma," and "Carousel" from her apartment in Manhattan. Then to a Cleveland suburb and the home of baseball great, Bob Feller.
  • February 17, 1956
    February 17, 1956
    Episode 25
    Edward R. Murrow interviews singer Patti Page, who once hoped to be an artist. Ed's second interview is with Milt Caniff, who draws the "Steve Canyon" comic strip may well turn "out to have ambitions as a singer!
  • February 10, 1956
    February 10, 1956
    Episode 24
    Edward R. Murrow interviews newleyweds Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Newman, the owner of Chicago's famous Lincoln Bookshop and an acknowledged Lincoln expert is Murrow's second interview.
  • February 3, 1956
    February 3, 1956
    Episode 23
    Jackie Gleason takes over interviewing duties while Ed is in Israel filming. Gleason interviews Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver, youthful Chairman of the Board of NBC at his New York apartment. The other interviewee is James Rahilly, driver of a Third Ave bus for ten years. He and his family will be visited by Jackie Gleason who wants to see if Rahilly is the equal of Ralph Kramden at driving a bus.moreless
  • January 27, 1956
    January 27, 1956
    Episode 22
    Edward R. Murrow visits Nanette Fabray, singer, dancer, comedienne and TV wife of that famous commuter Sid Caesar, in her New York City home. Then we go down to Washington D.C. for a chat with Drew Pearson, news analyst and prediciton expert.
  • January 20, 1956
    January 20, 1956
    Episode 21
    Edward R. Murrow departs from his usual policy of interviewing celebrities to chat with Keith Turner, a farmer in Champaign, Ill. The Turners won first prize at the International Livestock Exposition with their steer Julius. Also a visit to Dorothy (Kilgallen) and Dick Kollmar.
  • January 13, 1956
    January 13, 1956
    Episode 20
    H.V. Kaltenborn radio's first major news analylst is nostalgically remembered by Ed when he visits the semi-retired, 77-year-old broadcaster tonight. H.V. may have some salient things to say about the current state of TV news-handling. Ed also drops by to console Carol Channing, the musical comedy enchantress who recently lost a minor fortune when her show, "The Vamp," folded in New York.moreless
  • January 6, 1956
    January 6, 1956
    Episode 19
    From Liberace's palatial Hollywood Manse, you might be interested in joining Ed Murrow when he visits the nation's most highly paid and publicized piano player. More interesting should be Morris Ernst, author of the book, "Utopia, 1976," and one time lawyer for such folk as Maurice Evans, Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie.moreless
  • December 30, 1955
    December 30, 1955
    Episode 18
    Ed Murrow wants to brush up on his dancing in time for the New Year's party season. Guest Arthur Murray has been teaching folks how to keep off their partners' toes for 43 years. Also a visit with Mrs. Peter Marshall, widow of the late U.S. Senate Chaplain. She wrote her husband's biography, "A Man Called Peter."moreless
  • December 23, 1955
    December 23, 1955
    Episode 17
    Ed visits bachelor Burr Tillstrom and his 40 "kids"-including such favorite folk as Kukla, Oliver Dragon and Beulah Witch-at Burr's Chicago workshop home. Danny Thomas, who'll be out of breath after racing in from Las Vegas appearance to rejoin his wife and three children and Ed Murrow in time for Christmas.moreless
  • December 16, 1955
    December 16, 1955
    Episode 16
    Ed talks to Hollywood glamour girl, Kim Novak from the Chicago home she recently bought for her folks. Ed's second interview is with Newspaper columnist Leonard Lyons.
  • December 9, 1955
    December 9, 1955
    Episode 15
    Edward R. Murrow visits Broadway's ace "play-doctor" Abe Burrows, who should come up with some amusing behind-the-scenes anecdotes about his long string of musical hits. Pierre S. DuPont, 3rd, scion of the industrial clan, will tell Ed about his pet project, "The American Museum of Immigration," to be built at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.moreless
  • December 2, 1955
    December 2, 1955
    Episode 14
    Fredric March and his wife Florence Eldridge tell Ed about their long trip to Europe and forthcoming Hollywood plans. Edward R. Murrow also interviews the bearded genius of Columbia Records, Mitch Miller and his wife Frances and their three children, along with the family maid, a poodle, Siamese cat and talking parrot.moreless
  • November 25, 1955
    November 25, 1955
    Episode 13
    Orson Welles is visted by Edward R. Murrow at his New York apartment. Ed would like to turn the conversation to Welles' favorite hobby, magic; and you're also liable to learn what the producer-actor-director's upcoming plans are. Ed's second interview is with Eugene Meyer, publisher of the Washington Post.
  • November 18, 1955
    November 18, 1955
    Episode 12
    Edward R. Murrow visits the West Orange, N.J. home of Harold Minsky member of the prominent show-business family. His wife and children are also on hand. Ed also interviews Phil Silvers.
  • November 11, 1955
    November 11, 1955
    Episode 11
    Edward R. Murrow treks out to Oyster Bay, Long Island to meet Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, not the widow of the "late President" but the daughter-in-law of Theodore Roosevelt. Ed also interviews Canada's gift to American juke boxes songstress Gisele McKenzie.
  • November 4, 1955
    November 4, 1955
    Episode 10
    Edward R. Murrow talks with Paris fashion designer Christian Dior, the man who was responsible for "The New Look" and the "A" and "H" silhouettes in women's clothing. Dior, here on a visit is interviewed at the New York apartment of Mrs. Robert Parker.
  • October 28, 1955
    October 28, 1955
    Episode 9
    Edward R. Murrow visits Terry Brennan, the youngest college football coach is interviewed at Notre Dame and the other honored guest is General Maxwell D. Taylor, Army Chief of Staff.
  • October 21, 1955
    October 21, 1955
    Episode 8
    Edward R. Murrow visits author John Gunther and former War correspondent with Murrow is interviewed and actress Julie Harris opens her New York home for an interview talking about her upcoming role as Joan of Arc.
  • October 14, 1955
    October 14, 1955
    Episode 7
    Edward R. Murrow visits actor Charlton Heston, a hunting enthusiast just like Ed, and they may talk about Heston's plan to turn his Michigan lodge into a backwoods resort and men's clothing fashion expert Bert Bacharach are interviewed
  • October 7, 1955
    October 7, 1955
    Episode 6
    Edward R. Murrow visits actress Jean Simmons and actor Stewart Granger and War veteran Harold Russell remembered for his outstanding performance in the motion picture "The Best Years of Our Lives" are interviewed.
  • September 30, 1955
    September 30, 1955
    Episode 5
    Edward R. Murrow visits Don Newcombe in his Brooklyn home and a Washington visit to Mrs. Gwen Cafritz and her husband, known as the city's greatest party-giver.
  • September 23, 1955
    September 23, 1955
    Episode 4
    Edward R. Murrow interviews American track and field athlete and 1936 Olympic gold medal champion Jesse Owens. For the second interview New York Philharmonic conductor, composer and pianist Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montalegre talk to Ed Murrow about his upcoming musical, "East Side."
  • September 16, 1955
    September 16, 1955
    Episode 3
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Raymond Scott, composer, conductor and musical inventor of the mechanism "musical memory machine". The second interview is with British diplomat Anthony Nutting.
  • September 9, 1955
    September 9, 1955
    Episode 2
    Edward R. Murrow's first interview is with Ethel Merman and her husband Bob Six and their two children Ethel and Bob from their home in Denver, Colorado. Bob Six is president of Continental Air Lines. The second interview is with dress designer Mollie Parnis and her husband Leon J. Livingston are interviewed from their Park Avenue apartment. Over the past 20 years this husband and wife team has become recognized as one of the leaders in the fashion industry.moreless
  • September 2, 1955
    September 2, 1955
    Episode 1
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Dick Powell and his wife June Allyson. The second interview is with still photographer Margaret Bourke-White.
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