Person to Person - Season 5

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • June 27, 1958
    June 27, 1958
    Episode 41
    For the last visits of the season, Ed Murrow talks with actress Vivian Blaine. Vivian tells us the story of her individual fortunes. Ed's second interview is with linguist Charles F. Berlitz of the language-school family. Berlitz is convinced "of the need for knowing extra languages in this highly competitive world of today.moreless
  • June 20, 1958
    June 20, 1958
    Episode 40
    Edward R. Murrow visits actor Bob Evans, one of Hollywood's rising stars at his Manhattan apartment. Ed heads to Bethesda, Maryland to chat with Attorney General William P. Rogers, the youngest member of the Eisenhower Cabinet.
  • June 13, 1958
    June 13, 1958
    Episode 39
    Georgia Gibbs opens her New York apartment to the wanderings of Ed Murrow's Person to Person. Georgia Gibbs first came to fame with Kay Kyser and is still around. Authors Robert Paul Smith, ("Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing.") and his wife Elinor Goulding Smith, with sons Daniel (11) and Joseph (9), are interviewed in their Scarsdale, NY home.moreless
  • June 6, 1958
    June 6, 1958
    Episode 38
    Edward R. Murrow visits actress Margaret O'Brien in her Beverly Hills, California apartment and jockey Eddie Arcaro, who is seen with his wife and two children in their Garden City, New York home.
  • May 30, 1958
    May 30, 1958
    Episode 37
    Ed interviews pianist Van Cliburn from his New York Hotel suite, the 23-year-old Texan who took Moscow by storm. He is the charming winner of the International Tchiavosky Award. Edward R. Murrow visits Olivia de Havilland from her hotel suite in New York, Olivia will talk about her career and her life in Paris as the wife of a French editor.moreless
  • May 23, 1958
    May 23, 1958
    Episode 36
    Edward R. Murrow interviews comedian Jack Carter in his Manhattan apartment who spent his childhood in Coney Island, so naturally he became a comic! He'll show Ed Murrow some of the old routines he remembers and compare them with the new. Political news Columnist Doris Fleeson will also be reminiscing; and we can expect some interesting comments on the politics of the last 30 years, as they appear to her.moreless
  • May 16, 1958
    May 16, 1958
    Episode 35
    Ed visits with British writer, actor, director Peter Ustinov currently starring on Broadway in "Romanoff and Juliet". Producer-playwright Dore Schary and his wife artist Miriam Svet are paid a visit by Edward R. Murrow.
  • May 2, 1958
    May 2, 1958
    Episode 34
    Ed Murrow visits two-time Academy Award winner, actor Anthony Quinn, in his Pacific Palisades home. The self-educated Mr. Quinn talks about his art collection, his thirst for knowledge, and his venture into the field of directing. Ed's next guest also has new worlds to conquer. From his suite in the Waldorf, the charming and gallant Maurice Chevalier tells us about his everlasting enthusiasm for his work.moreless
  • April 25, 1958
    April 25, 1958
    Episode 33
    Edward R. Murrow visits TV personality Dick Clark and educator James B. Conant. Dick Clark is seen with his wife Barbara and their son at their home in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvannia. Dick is host of TV's American Bandstand daily show as well as a Saturday night show. James B. Conant is interviewed from his Manhattan apartment with his wife Grace. Formerly president of Harvard University and U.S. ambassador to West Germany, Dr. Conant recently completed a study of our high-school system.moreless
  • April 18, 1958
    April 18, 1958
    Episode 32
    Maurice Chevalier opens his Waldorf-Astoria suite to the crews of Person to Person and discourses with Ed Murrow. Also booked is a visit to the Washington home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Parrish. He is publisher of Aviation magazine and a world traveler, while Mrs. Parrish is director of the Passport Office for the State Department.moreless
  • April 11, 1958
    April 11, 1958
    Episode 31
    Edward R. Murrow visits Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and his wife Mary Lee, who are now residents of London, with a branch apartment in New York. For the second interview Ed journeys to the home of the James Herrmann family in Seaford, Long Island, N.Y. The home has been widely publicized as being haunted. If bottles explode, dishes depart the table, furniture collapse under the glare of TV lights it might prove that even ghosts have become TV minded?moreless
  • April 4, 1958
    April 4, 1958
    Episode 30
    Edward R. Murrow visits actress Anna Maria Alberghetti in her Hollywood home with her mother, sister and brother. Ed visits Publisher and owner Bennett Cerf and his wife and two sons at their Brownstone New York home. Bennett is also known for his own compilations of jokes and puns.
  • March 28, 1958
    March 28, 1958
    Episode 29
    Edward R. Murrow visits actress Carroll Baker in her Manhattan apartment and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in her Chicago apartment. Miss Baker, who played the title role in the movie Baby Doll is seen with her husband Jack Garfein director of both the stage version of End as a Man and the movie version, called The Strange One.moreless
  • March 21, 1958
    March 21, 1958
    Episode 28
    Edward R. Murrow interviews actress Sophia Loren in her Hollywood penthouse. For Ed's second visit, Jan Mitchell owner of Luchow's Restaurant in New York gives his recipes for successful party giving.
  • March 14, 1958
    March 14, 1958
    Episode 27
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Jonathan Winters, his wife Eileen, daughter Lucinda 2, and son Jay 8 are visited at their at Hastings-On-the-Hudson. Ed's second interview is a Washington visit with high profile criminal lawyer Edward Bennett Williams.
  • March 7, 1958
    March 7, 1958
    Episode 26
    Edward R. Murrow visits TV quiz show expert Charles Van Doren and his wife, Geraldine, in their New York apartment this evening. From his quiet nook at Columbia University's English Department, Van Doren became a national celebrity almost overnight when he ventured forth and I broke all records on TV's Twenty One quiz program. Besides books, it seems he also likes cooking. Ginger Rogers spectacular Beverly Hills house is Ed's next stop, and we'll see that glamorous lady in her home setting.moreless
  • February 28, 1958
    February 28, 1958
    Episode 25
    Ed visits the Manhattan apartment of musical-comedy star Judy Holliday who makes a mad dash from the theater time "Bells Are Ringing" to talk to Ed about her early days at a Greenwich Village nightclub. For the second visit Ed catches up with photographer David D. Duncan, author of a new book on Picasso, and you'll hear Duncan's behind-the-scenes stories about living with the famous painter.moreless
  • February 21, 1958
    February 21, 1958
    Episode 24
    Edward R. Murrow visits civic worker Mrs. Wendell Wilkie and comedian Sam Levenson. Mrs. Wilkie is the widow of the late Wendell Wilkie, author of the book, One World. Sam Levenson and his family are visited at their home in Brooklyn New York.
  • February 14, 1958
    February 14, 1958
    Episode 23
    Garry Moore hosts while Edward R. Murrow is away. Major General John B. Medaris director of the Army's missile program and world-renowned architect Edward D. Stone will be interviewed.
  • February 7, 1958
    February 7, 1958
    Episode 22
    Dean Martin and wife Jeanne welcome Ed to their Beverly home Dean's seven children ranging in age from 1 to 13 will also greet Murrow's cameras. Edward R. Murrow's second interview is with Gina Lollobrigida and her husband Dr. Milko Skofic.
  • January 31, 1958
    January 31, 1958
    Episode 21
    Actor Cyril Ritchard is visited by Edward R. Murrow in their Manhattan apartments. Ritchard recently staged Offenbach's opera "La Perichole" for TV and starred in it as well. For the second interview Ed visits actress, authoress, ex-model and beauty expert, also known as "The Face" Anita Colby in her Manhattan apartment.moreless
  • January 24, 1958
    January 24, 1958
    Episode 20
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Opera coloratura soprano star Maria Callas. The "soprano who can do everyhing" and her husband-manager, Giovanni Meneghini, will be in their Waldorf-Towers apartment. For the second interview Ed visits the first lady of business and finance, Mrs. Charles Ulrich Bay.
  • January 17, 1958
    January 17, 1958
    Episode 19
    John Cassavetes & wife actress Gena Rowlands in their New York apartment. And sportscaster Red Barber and his family at their home in Scarsborough, New York.
  • January 10, 1958
    January 10, 1958
    Episode 18
    Edward R. Murrow drops in at the Manhattan apartment of the Hume Cronyns to see how the actor and his actress wife, Jessica Tandy live. The cameras shift to Marshall, Illinois, for a visit with best-selling author James Jones and his wife, Gloria.
  • January 3, 1958
    January 3, 1958
    Episode 17
    Murrow visits with comedian Harpo Marx in the first television remote from Palm Springs California. The Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church the Rev Henry Knox Sherrill from Greenwich, Connecticut will be visited by Edward R. Murrow.
  • December 27, 1957
    December 27, 1957
    Episode 16
    Edward R. Murrow visits actress Joanne Woodward from her Manhattan apartment. Having broken into the acting world at the tender age of three, Miss Woodward presently boasts movie, television and Broadway appearances. Violinist Mischa Elman, has charmed audiences around the world, will proudly display a wedding present from his wife a $50,000 Stradivarius.moreless
  • December 20, 1957
    December 20, 1957
    Episode 15
    Edward R. Murrow visits Basil O'Connor, distinguished president of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, who expresses his thanks that polio has nearly been licked. Speaking from Warm Springs, Ga., he tells Ed Murrow that the foundation may soon take part in the fight against another major disease. Tyrone Power, rehearsing for Bernard Shaw's "Back to Methusalah," discusses his rough traveling schedule, the show will play 42 cities in 42 days.moreless
  • December 13, 1957
    December 13, 1957
    Episode 14
    Ed visits with Governor Robert Meyner of New Jersey and his lovely wife in their historic home, "Morgan." Among the governor's souvenirs are chairs which once belonged to George Washington. Completely different setting is the California home of Bob Cummings, which contains a combination bathroom workshop. Surrounded by his five children, Bob is forced to admit his "wolf" routine is strictly for the cameras.moreless
  • December 6, 1957
    December 6, 1957
    Episode 13
    Leo Durocher reminds Ed Murrow that he started a trend, moving to the West Coast a few years ahead before the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. A visit to Leo's "baseball room" gives the ex-manager a chance to show off his diamond trophies. Movie couple Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl discuss plans to make film in Europe after Arlene's January visit from the stork.moreless
  • November 29, 1957
    November 29, 1957
    Episode 12
    Edward R. Murrow visits General Alfred M. Guenther, now President of the Red Cross, is a skillful bridge player and a tennis enthusiast. For the second interview Ed talks to skater Carol Heiss who describes her busy day.
  • November 22, 1957
    November 22, 1957
    Episode 11
    Edward R. Murrow visits Jack Paar from Bronxville, New York. Jack Paar talks about his sleepless existence as moderator of the wacky Tonight Show. For the second interview Ed visits Walter Slezak who shows off rustic furniture he made at home and then gets down to discussing his Broadway and Hollywood career.moreless
  • November 15, 1957
    November 15, 1957
    Episode 10
    Edward R. Murrow visits TV emcee Art Linkletter, father of five from his Holmby Hills home and Caleb Hammond, mapmaker and publisher at his Maplewood, N.J. home.
  • November 8, 1957
    November 8, 1957
    Episode 9
    Edward R. Murrow visits boxing champ Sugar Ray Robinson and his wife and son in their Manhattan apartment. The second stop is to pioneer airplane designer and famed aviator Alexander De Seversky.
  • November 1, 1957
    November 1, 1957
    Episode 8
    Edward R. Murrow interviews Nat "King" Cole who introduces Ed to a pair of princesses, "Sweetie" and "Cookie." Nat's a hi-fi bug, and Ed expects to be entertained with at least one tune from his new album. Visit to the Denver home of Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America, reveals Marilyn's three sisters are lookers, also. Background music for all this pulchritude is provided when Marilyn plays the family organ.moreless
  • October 25, 1957
    October 25, 1957
    Episode 7
    Edward R. Murrow visits the New York apartment of comedian Joey Adams and wife Cindy Adams. Joey talks about his boyhood on the streets of Manhattan and praises an old friend, the late Mayor Fiorello La Guardia of New York for changing his life. Murrow visits Bridge expert Charles H. Goren, who shows a few simple card tricks and a confession that he doesn't play bridge in his spare time.moreless
  • October 18, 1957
    October 18, 1957
    Episode 6
    Edward R. Murrow visits actor Anthony Perkins and for the second interview Ed talks to Edward Theodore McCormick, President of American Stock Exchange.
  • October 11, 1957
    October 11, 1957
    Episode 5
    Murrow interviews Eric Johnston Johnston, President of the Motion Picture Association, who discusses the importance of American films abroad. Edward R. Murrow visits Jill Corey who tells her own Cinderella story, how she sent a demo record to Mitch Miller who liked what he heard and how Dave Garroway picked her name out of a phone book.moreless
  • October 4, 1957
    October 4, 1957
    Episode 4
    Edward R. Murrow talks to Winthrop Rockefeller, 37th Governor of Arkansas. Rockefeller served in the 77th Infantry in World War II and earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his actions aboard the USS Henrico during the Battle of Okinawa. June Havoc actress talks about her humble beginnings from vaudeville to her sister Gypsy Rose Lee.moreless
  • September 27, 1957
    September 27, 1957
    Episode 3
    Edward R. Murrow visits stage and screen actress Dolores Gray in her Manhattan apartment. The second visit is to Rear Admiral William R. Smedberg, 39th superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md.
  • September 20, 1957
    September 20, 1957
    Episode 2
    Ed drops in on actress Rhonda Fleming and her husband Dr. Lewis Morrell who is also a professional pilot who has been teaching Rhonda to fly and their Bel Air, California home filled with oriental knicknacks that she has a passion for collecting. For the second interview Murrow visits Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Abba Eban and his wife Suzanne in Washington, D.C. This eloquent diplomat wishes he had more time for his hobby of fishing.moreless
  • September 13, 1957
    September 13, 1957
    Episode 1
    For his first guest of the new season Ed interviews Julie London, from her North Hollywood home with her two children Stacy 7, and Lisa 5, who dotes on 13, she even insisted her first three record albums each have 13 songs. Edward R. Murrow visits lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Counsel for the Senate Rackets Committee. Robert and his wife Ethel, their five children and a number of pets are visited on their five-acre Kennedy estate at McLean, Virginia.moreless