Person to Person - Season 7

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • September 23, 1960
    September 23, 1960
    Episode 38
    Host Charles Collingwood interviews Mike Nichols, Elaine May and Line Renaud.
  • September 2, 1960
    September 2, 1960
    Episode 37
    All four people visited on Person to Person tonight are professionals, making this a tight little half-hour. Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall run The Theater Guild and discuss their careers- his as a patent lawyer before becoming a theater buff and hers as an actress. Langner also founded the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Conn., and explains his desire to bring Shakespeare to the man on the street. Then over to the West Side, where Eddie Albert and his wife Margo are renting an apartment.moreless
  • July 29, 1960
    July 29, 1960
    Episode 36
    The Philippine Ambassador to United States and a well known actor and his prominent wife visit with Collingwood. General Carlos Romulo recalls his service with the American Army in World War II under General Douglas MacArthur, and discusses the United Nations and the importance of Asia in the decade ahead. Actor Melvyn Douglas and his actress former congresswoman wife, Helen Gahagan Douglas, talk about their children and grandchildren, as well as the coincidental content of Douglas' recent Broadway appearances.moreless
  • July 22, 1960
    July 22, 1960
    Episode 35
    Host Charles Collingwood interviews Cesar Romero and his mother from their Brentwood, California home. Frederick W. Ford chairman of the Federal communications commission from his home in Alexandria, Va.
  • July 8, 1960
    July 8, 1960
    Episode 34
    Charles Collingwood interviews former light heavyweight championship-turned actor Archie Moore and his wife Joan Moore and Country & Western singer-actor Gene Autry and his wife Ina Autry.
  • July 1, 1960
    July 1, 1960
    Episode 33
    TV's Wyatt Earp Hugh O'Brian shows off his bachelor quarters, a barn turned into quite a house and explains how a busy TV series actor can manage a number of business interests and be on the set at the same time. Robert Ryan introduces his wife and three children and his burro who keeps the grass trim and discusses his acting, his organizational activities and his previous careers.moreless
  • June 24, 1960
    June 24, 1960
    Episode 32
    Charles Collingwood visits the Gordon MacRaes of Hollywood, California. Gordon's wife, Sheila, is rapidly emerging as a good performer in her own right and they have four little performers aged 6 to 15 in their merry household. Philippe Halsman holds up the New York end, showing off his apartment, his wife and two daughters as well as dozens of pictures he's taken over the years. He'll show some of his "jump" pictures of celebrities, pictures illustrating the Halsman theory that you can judge people by the way they jump.moreless
  • June 10, 1960
    June 10, 1960
    Episode 31
    Charles Collingwood visits with the 10th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, the present occupants of the beautiful and historic Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. Stage and film actress Anne Bancroft is paid a visit in her unique apartment in New York City's Greenwich Village.
  • June 3, 1960
    June 3, 1960
    Episode 30
    Charles Collingwood interviews Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald who rocketed to fame in 1937 with her recording of ''A Tisket a Tasket" which sold a million. Ella is well known over the world, through her concert tours, but who knows her home? Millions will, after tonight's visit in her Los Angeles home, where she will receive us with her son Ray Brown Jr. Also to be visited by Person to Person tonight will be Robert Stack, often associated with Chicago because of his star role in The Untouchables series. Actually Stack, a fifth-generation Californian, will be visited with his wife Rosemarie and their two children, Elizabeth, 3, and Charles, 2, in their home at Bel Air.moreless
  • May 20, 1960
    May 20, 1960
    Episode 29
    Charles Collingwood visits Peter Gunn actor Craig Stevens and his actress wife Alexis Smith. Charles also interviews Earl Kintner, chairman of Federal Trade Commission.
  • May 13, 1960
    May 13, 1960
    Episode 28
    Charles Collingwood interviews the 31st President of the United States Herbert Hoover. The episode was pre-recorded at President Hoover's cottage in Key Largo, a fishing resort on Florida's East Coast.
  • May 6, 1960
    May 6, 1960
    Episode 27
    Teen idols Fabian and Frankie Avalon have a serious discussion with Collingwood about Fabian's movie, Frankie's night-club act, competition in their trade and their futures. Dana Andrews and his wife Mary and four children aged 26 to 12 talk about family life in the San Fernando Valley, Dana's career on film and stage.moreless
  • April 22, 1960
    April 22, 1960
    Episode 26
    Charles Collingwood interviews Architect Charles Luckman and Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper.
  • April 15, 1960
    April 15, 1960
    Episode 25
    Charles Collingwood visits dancer Barrie Chase in Hollywood. Italian novelist, artist & physician Carlo Levi is visited in Rome.
  • April 8, 1960
    April 8, 1960
    Episode 24
    Charles Collingwood interviews German actress Simone Signoret and her husband actor/singer Yves Montand. Film director Roger Vadim and his wife actress Annette Stroyberg at their Rome apartment.
  • April 1, 1960
    April 1, 1960
    Episode 23
    This time the Person to Person calls not on a person but on an institution: the Vatican. For half an hour Reporter Charles Collingwood looks at the Pope's private gardens, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.
  • March 25, 1960
    March 25, 1960
    Episode 22
    Charles Collingwood interviews Roddy McDowall is at home in his apartment which has so many candles around that Lauren Bacall calls it "Candlestick Park". Julie Newmar is visited at her penthouse, you will hear her play the piano and learn all about her talented family.
  • March 18, 1960
    March 18, 1960
    Episode 21
    Charles Collingwood's visits take him to an ancient Parisian house and a Gettysburg, Pennsylvania museum. Fashion designer Madame Elsa Schiaparelli discusses fashions and her well-traveled existence, who divides her time between her Paris home, New York and the rest of the world. A serious Cliff Arquette talks about the preservation of the Battlefield in Gettysburg.moreless
  • March 11, 1960
    March 11, 1960
    Episode 20
    Charles Collingwood visits Italian actor Vittorio Gassman and stage and screen actress Anne Bancroft.
  • March 4, 1960
    March 4, 1960
    Episode 19
    In Rome, Charles Collingwood visits actress Silvana Mangano and Gaston Palewski, French ambassador to Italy.
  • February 19, 1960
    February 19, 1960
    Episode 18
    From Paris, Charles Collingwood visits Ballet star Jeanmaire and her husband Roland Petit. Also on the agenda is the Tunisian Ambassador to France, Habib Bourguiba Jr.
  • February 12, 1960
    February 12, 1960
    Episode 17
    Charles Collingwood interviews Columnist Art Buchwald who now resides in Paris as well as French Chanteuse, dancer and comedienne Line Renaud.
  • February 5, 1960
    February 5, 1960
    Episode 16
    Charles visits with model/actress Suzy Parker and Countess and Admiral Guy de Toulouse-Lautrec.
  • January 29, 1960
    January 29, 1960
    Episode 15
    Martyn Green will be seen at his apartment on New York's West Side. Gwen Verdon and her son Jimmy will be hosts to Collingwood at her penthouse apartment overlooking Cental Park in Manhattan.
  • January 22, 1960
    January 22, 1960
    Episode 14
    Tonight's all-British program boasts of visits with former Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden and his wife, Lady Clarissa, and top actor star Sir Ralph Richardson and actress-wife Meriel Forbes. Sir Anthony, at home in his 15th-century' house in Wiltshire comments on traits dictators the world over have in common. Sir Ralph, who served with the RAF during the war traces the course of his still-flourishing career on the English stage.moreless
  • January 15, 1960
    January 15, 1960
    Episode 13
    Based in France, Charles Collingwood visits General Lauris Norstad, Commander of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe. Charles Collingwood also pays French film star Juliette Greco a visit.
  • January 8, 1960
    January 8, 1960
    Episode 12
    Charles Collingwood takes viewers to Paris to chat with Olivia de Havilland, her husband Pierre Galante, editor of Paris Match and one of their two children. Next stop on Charles itinerary is to dress designer Pierre Balmain's home.
  • January 1, 1960
    January 1, 1960
    Episode 11
    This show consists of one visit to Maurice Chevalier in his home in Paris, France. The veteran French entertainer tours the grounds of his home and shows his open-air stage to visitor Charles Collingwood. Inside the house, he displays his collection of paintings by French impressionists and discusses his show business plans.moreless
  • December 25, 1959
    December 25, 1959
    Episode 10
    In France, Charles Collingwood visits movie stars Jean Pierre Aumont and his wife Marisa Pavan, and Paris restauranteur Claude Terrail. The Aumonts and their children Maria Christina, 13 and Jean Claude 2, are visited at their home near Paris on the grounds of what was once Napoleon's estate. Terrail, owner of the Tour d'Argent famous Left Bank restaurant overlooking the Seine is visited in his apartment above the establishment.moreless
  • December 11, 1959
    December 11, 1959
    Episode 9
    First show via tape from Europe. A visit to the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough's ancestral Blenhelm Palace makes every other joint this program has ever called upon look like a slum by comparison. Blenheim, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, boasts 200 rooms, a six-acre roof and some of the most fabulous furnishings and art work you'll ever see outside of a museum. Other guests include Leslie Caron and her husband director Peter Hall from their London home. Miss Caron is charming but note how that adorable French accent of hers is beginning to develop British overtones.moreless
  • December 4, 1959
    December 4, 1959
    Episode 8
    Vance Packard, biographer, so to speak, of the American public and its buying and living habits, Charles Collingwood takes note of the author's modest Connecticut home and car, wondering by-the-by of its place among the "status symbols." Collingwood also chats with singer Jaye P. Morgan, in her New York apartment, about her career in the entertainment world.moreless
  • November 27, 1959
    November 27, 1959
    Episode 7
    Cartoonist Al Capp whose "Li'l Abner" is a daily and Sunday feature in The Tribune, will be visited Person to Person by Charles Collingwood. Opera singer Eileen Farrell, in private life the wife of Robert Reagan, a retired New York City policeman, will be visited in their Staten Island home; with them will be their two children, Robbie and Kathy.moreless
  • November 20, 1959
    November 20, 1959
    Episode 6
    Charles Collingwood's revisited after three and a half years, Circuit Court Judge Harold R. Medina from his West Hampton, Long Island home. For the second interview Charles calls on writer/actress Ilka Chase.
  • November 13, 1959
    November 13, 1959
    Episode 5
    Charles Collingwood visits with Ventriloquist Shari Lewis and her husband Producer Jeremy Tarcher. Charles interviews politician, businessman and diplomat W. Averell Harriman, son of railroad baron E.H. Harriman.
  • November 6, 1959
    November 6, 1959
    Episode 4
    Host Charles Collingwood visits mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner and Marge and Gower Champion, husband-and-wife dance team. Gardner, creator of "Perry Mason", is visited at his ranch at Temecula, California. The Champions, with their three year old son Gregg are seen at their Hollywood Hills home.
  • October 30, 1959
    October 30, 1959
    Episode 3
    Charles Collingwood visits Rawhide's Gil Favor actor Eric Fleming. For the second interview Charles talks to concert pianist Eugene List and his violinist wife Carol Glenn and daughters Rachel and Allison, using Indian instruments to perform.
  • October 23, 1959
    October 23, 1959
    Episode 2
    Charles Collingwood interviews actor Jack Lemmon and Hollywood Restauranteur Mike Romanoff.
  • October 16, 1959
    October 16, 1959
    Episode 1
    Season premiere with Charles Collingwood. Charles interviews James Mason and designer Edith Head who were both last minute substitutes for Jack Webb and Mae West.
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