Person to Person - Season 8

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • September 8, 1961
    September 8, 1961
    Episode 21
    Charles Collingwood interviews Mamie Van Doren is visited in her Hollywood home. Internationally known hairstylist Antoine is visited in Paris.
  • September 1, 1961
    September 1, 1961
    Episode 20
    Charles Collingwood interviews Jim Backus who is joined by his wife Henny Backus. Henny is a noted sculptor and Jim says he's a confirmed Easterner and proves it with a swimming pool of conventional shape. He displays some golf trophies and Mr. Magoo Oscars. French songstress Patachou whose name means "Cream Puff" shows us around her apartment on the edge of Paris and sings a bit and discusses her American engagements.moreless
  • August 11, 1961
    August 11, 1961
    Episode 19
    Charles Collingwood interviews Efrem Zimbalist Jr. from Encino. The second segment is a repeat of an earlier visit with Jane Fonda from her New York apartment.
  • August 4, 1961
    August 4, 1961
    Episode 18
    Charles Collingwood interviews Connie Francis who introduces her parents, her brother George who is a pre-law student at Seton Hall and her singing dog Mambo. Jane Powell and her husband Pat Nerney display their 40-foot ketch where they spend much of their time. She discusses her interest in sports and some of her classmates during her years as a child star at MGM.moreless
  • July 28, 1961
    July 28, 1961
    Episode 17
    Charles Collingwood interviews Johnny Mercer is visited at his Newport Beach home with his wife and two children. Johnny Mercer has written "600 to 750 songs (when you get to that number it doesn't seem to matter), has a number of intriguing things to say about his unconventional composing methods, his collaborating experiences, and his Oscars. British Actress Joan Collins, talks about her country-hopping career, compares English, American and Russian screen actors, and deplores women who compete with their men.moreless
  • July 14, 1961
    July 14, 1961
    Episode 16
    Charles Collingwood interviews Rifleman star Chuck Connors, his wife, and their four sons, in San Fernando Valley. Claire Trevor, her husband Milton Brynn, and their youngest son, at Newport Beach.
  • June 30, 1961
    June 30, 1961
    Episode 15
    Charles Collingwood interviews Carol Burnett with her younger sister Christine Burnett at her terrace apartment in Manhattan. and German actor Horst Buchholz and his wife Miriam in their Paris home.
  • June 23, 1961
    June 23, 1961
    Episode 14
    Charles Collingwood visits with three of the four Crosby boys (Gary isn't seen, although he's talked about), Lindsay, Dennis and Philip.
  • December 22, 1960
    December 22, 1960
    Episode 13
    Charles Collingwood interviews Steve Allen and his family in their home in Royal Oaks, Calif., and poet and biographer Carl Sandburg in a hotel in Bel Air, Calif.
  • December 15, 1960
    December 15, 1960
    Episode 12
    Charles Collingwood interviews performer Andy Williams, who talks about his enthusiasms from paintings, to taking French lessons and recording. Andy also sings "Under Paris Skies". Eva Gabor is visited at her apartment with her husband and talks about beauty care and her acting career.
  • December 8, 1960
    December 8, 1960
    Episode 11
    Charles Collingwood interviews Spike Jones, his wife actress-jazz singer Helen Grayco Jones, daughter Leslie Ann Jones and son, Spike Jones Jr. Singer-actress Polly Bergen and her husband talent management executive Freddie Fields with their three children are visited.
  • December 1, 1960
    December 1, 1960
    Episode 10
    Charles Collingwood interviews Joey Bishop who talks about his hobby (golf), his good friend Buddy Hackett and his reactions to his audiences (nightclub and TV), but it's his 13-year old son Larry and the youngster's puppets who really steal the show. Linda Christian is visited in Paris where she's busy getting a wardrobe together for a film.moreless
  • November 24, 1960
    November 24, 1960
    Episode 9
    Charles Collingwood talks with the McGuire Sisters in New York City and with filmmaker George Stevens and his son George Stevens Jr. in Hollywood.
  • November 17, 1960
    November 17, 1960
    Episode 8
    Charles Collingwood interviews comedian Shelley Berman, who talks about those crazy one-night stands of his performing around the country and talks about the comedians of his day. English actress Diana Dors is compared to every blonde bombshell on the screen from Veronica Lake to Marilyn Monroe, she talks about her career and dreams.moreless
  • November 10, 1960
    November 10, 1960
    Episode 7
    Charles Collingwood interviews Mary Astor, glamorous lady of the Silver Screen, who discusses her burgeoning career as a writer and her penchant for long walks on the beach. Actress Jane Fonda talks about her father Henry Fonda's painting skill and talks about her own blossoming career on Broadway.
  • November 3, 1960
    November 3, 1960
    Episode 6
    Charles Collingwood interviews Sgt. Bilko star Phil Silvers who shows off his Sgt. Bilko room where he keeps all the memories of his show-biz career. Phil also introduces his wife and daughters. Across the ocean to the left bank of the river Seine in Paris, actress Jean Seberg talks about her disastrous start in the motion picture industry.moreless
  • October 27, 1960
    October 27, 1960
    Episode 5
    Vice President and Mrs Richard M. Nixon visit with Charles Collingwood from their New York hotel suite, and all three video electronically with the Nixon children who happen to be in Washington. Technology aside, Nixon talks about his start in politics, Mrs. Patricia Nixon her beginnings as a campaigner, and the whole family looks forward to a post-election vacation, come what may.moreless
  • October 20, 1960
    October 20, 1960
    Episode 4
    Host Charles Collingwood pays a video visit to Raymond Burr in Malibu, Burr shows off his private zoo and talks about his TV knowledge of the law, his skill as a cook and introduces his house guests. Peggy Lee in Beverly Hills with her daughter Nikki and talks about antique chinaware and the recording business.moreless
  • October 13, 1960
    October 13, 1960
    Episode 3
    Host Charles Collingwood interviews Kirk Douglas who has a good deal to say about the collection of modern paintings and primitive sculptures he's acquired under his wife's influence, before his discusses his ventures in independent motion picture producing. Esther Williams talks about her three-way career as an actress, businesswoman and a mother.moreless
  • October 6, 1960
    October 6, 1960
    Episode 2
    Charles Collingwood interviews Jayne Mansfield who is joined by her husband Mickey Hargitay and daughter Jayne Marie Mansfield and sons Mikos and Zoltan Hargitay. Jayne shows off her lavish home with her fur-lined bathroom! Kim Novak lives with a female friend and companion says she's really a "home" girl and does some serious painting on the side.moreless
  • September 29, 1960
    September 29, 1960
    Episode 1
    Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy join Charles Collingwood for a nonpolitical, personal chat from their home in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Kennedy visits with Collingwood first, alone, and discusses her adjustment to marriage with a "whirlwind" politician. The Senator then makes his appearance and comments on the challenge inherent in political life; what he likes best about its demands; and offers suggestions to youngsters who may look to it as a profession.moreless
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