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Strangers wake up to find themselves locked in their individual hotel rooms and completely under electronic surveillance. They know nothing about how or why they were taken there or even who they are now trapped with together in a nameless deserted town.
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  • Another series?

    loved the series! Will there be anymore
  • Dark Elements of "The Prisoner"

    This show exhibited a lot of potential through its run with many elements taken from the 60's "The Prisoner" series and unfortunately not given the chance to conclude.
  • Why Do They Keep Ending These Shows?

    What is the point of starting a story and then never finishing it? I mean look at Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals, we just get into the thing and it ends, the same was with Firefly, Tremors, Eastwick just to name a few, At least the British can keep comming back with a continuing DR WHO a regenearting Time Lord that never dies. The Simpsons can do 22 Years in a row with a family that never seems to age?

    Even those shows that go 3-4 year and then die in their peak eg. Heroes and Stargate Atlantis....why start and then make the audience suffer??? No wonder no one watches TV these days....if the show goes a while download and watch....maybe we should see if it goes over a year before bothering with the show at all?

    My point of view and i'm sticking to it!!moreless
  • Edge of your seat stuff!!! Thanks to Jason Wiles (Joe)

    When I first read the US reviews they were all very negative, so put me off watching. Its only because of Jason Wiles I watched the pilot as he was absolutely brilliant in Third Watch. As Joe he totally makes the series its on the edge of your seat kinda stuff!!! Can't wait for the next episode......thanks Sci Fi for putting two on at a time!!
  • Psychological thriller at its best!

    Several strangers are taken out of their daily routine for an unknown purpose, the "procedure" attempts to re-create psych-ops techniques meant to bring out the core of each individual.

    Each week it's different test, the only goal its survival, regardless what you motivation may be, so survival its earned up until the last one of them remains and, just when you think you have it all figured out,...'s "Welcome, to level 2".moreless

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