Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 12

And Then There Was One

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 28, 2010 on NBC

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  • Climactic, but lacking in storyline.

    Oo, the questions this episode raised! First, let's talk about the one I anticipated previous episode; if there should be only one left standing, why has Tori been taken out of the program to work for "them"? And why so soon? On the other hand, she could have been like Liam - that she has been with the program for longer than the others. But I have no idea if that hypothesis holds up. Was it specifically said in the earlier episodes that the others were abducted at the same time as Victoria Fairchild? I thought it was. So why did they pull her out so soon, just to work for them at the "lab"?
    Why, also, is Joe again the last one standing? Why did he come back undercover to the program in the first place? If it is standard procedure, how can he be the last one? Then again, he may have been thrown back for rededication or something, although that wouldn't explain his coming and going behind the scenes. He fell to disgrace later on in the show. And still there is no answer to why these specific people were chosen to be in the program, or why Janet - who seems to be the only one with no past criminal behavior - is thought to be the last one standing. I would love to see the second season from "behind the scenes". Why do they do what they do, what are the rules? Liam talks about experiments, and Joe confirms that "you do what they want you to do", even if you don't mean to. I can't wait to find out what they are and what they have in store for a conventional town. On a sidenote; Charlie wrapped in the blanket on the bed was absolutely hilarious. The way that man was sitting there! I don't think it was intentional, since Persons Unknown obviously doesn't aim to humor us. Getting to the complaining bit; there were one or two things. Firstly, why do our two favorite reporters start screaming all of a sudden about a hidden complot? They have been chased, threatened, almost killed, almost thrown in jail for importing thumbs (how the hell did he get out so easily anyway? And if they forged accusations on her stealing meds, why isn't she arrested?) and kicked out of home and job. When you start screaming in lobby's of corporations, that's just what they need to put you away like they did the poor woman in South America. Why would they not be careful all of a sudden? And you don't uncover the truth by blowing it all in one screaming fit, I would have thought a news reporter knew how to go all the way. They would have gotten much further if they had been stelth about their discovery. A very small but specific detail stood out; everything in this program has been extremely well planned. Everything meticulously done. And then the driver of the van is listening to music with headphones on so he can't hear them coming out of the bodybags? Come on! I know this probably doesn't happen to them often, but they calculate every little thing. It is such a cheap, easy way out of it.
    But I looooved that speech from Joe when he "killed" Janet, about it being his vocation. I like the plan where they all pretend to kill each other. I knew about it because I accidentally watched the newer episode first and didn't realise it until after the "previously on". But I think I would have seen it coming. I am actually also complaining about this. After all those years and all those towns, this probably never happened before. So why should it happen now? Because they are all such nice people? They're not. We know this. Although, statistically, it is bound to happen once. I'd love to find out if it happened before and what they'd do about it. But then again, they would have made absolutely sure before driving off the bodybags. I liked the episode, but it wasn't necessarily good. Just as last episode was good but calm, this one was climactic but average in plotline. They dropped a few stitches to be sensational, I think. It felt like slasher thriller to me, and the ending not at all that surprising. So I liked watching it, but I didn't enjoy it, if you know what I mean. Show me in the like/dislike of the review!