Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 21, 2010 on NBC

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  • Back to mediocre level

    Unfortunately the show is back into its mediocre level with this episode. The real-world events are again hard to accept as possible, while the isoleted-town events are simply boring this time. I have had enough of "we love/we hate Joe" already. And the rest of the episode is nothing more than a base for some new events or main characters' decisions in the episodes to come. So there is not much really in this episode to discuss. If you have missed it, do not bother to look for it on TV programmes--you will not learn much watching it and you have not missed much.
  • An okay episode

    This started out as one of the more ambiguous episodes for me, but luckily the "we trust Joe, we don't trust Joe" tug-a-long, ended within the first 15 minutes. Although their distrust of Joe is understandable, it's becoming increasingly annoying. They keep going back and forth between forcefully pressuring him for information to not wanting to hear anything (especially Janet), for about four episodes now and I've really had enough. Thank God, so did the characters, apparently, because it died down after those forementioned 15 minutes.
    For the rest of the episode, I liked it, although it was not mindblowing. It left a couple of questions wide open and answered others. For the open questions; why were they locked into the hotel for a period of time? Were Janet's ex and his boss in the same town, or a duplicate of the town? To whom belonged those dead bodies? And why were they killed? Those are all very good questions and since this show is picking up it's pace, I don't think it will be long before we get the answers.
    The fact that Joe shot the man who is now the manager completely went past me when you saw the flashback, so it was a surprise to me. Their dynamic is great, that mock friendliness when they are definitely not on good terms with one another. And although Joe is in the system, he didn't know about this man, who is clearly higher up the ladder.
    Once again, the purpose of the town alludes us, and will continue to do so for a long time, I bet. I would like for the second/third season (if they get that far) to see how they do it in the outside world. We got a preview of that from Tori's father. And at the same time new people in the town; because I would like to see what a different and uncompromised group of people would do. But that probably won't be the case, sorry to see. I find it a stretch, I must say, that the people in charge of this program don't think it's compromised, since Joe told them almost everything he knows already.
    Erika, whom I dislike, is starting to become less obnoxious. Janet on the other hand, is getting on my nerves right about now. Her outburst at not knowing about the Gabrielle in Joe's previous life, was nothing short of insane overreaction. I beg your pardon, but wasn't he in the middle of that story? He started with the first wrong step, I'm betting Gabrielle would have come after that. But maybe it's just me, not getting what the Janet-fuss is all about. She is a pretty woman, but also loaded with personal issues. And the creators of the show would have us believe that not only Joe instantaneously fell in love with her (which I can understand, certainly), but also the new manager? And her ex-husband is frantically looking for her all over the globe as well? Come on. She not THAT interesting.
    On the other hand, I loved Moira's performance, and that of Bill as well. They were characters that were a bit overlooked in the previous episodes. Bill breaking down in the episode before this one, and now the recollection of one of the happy moments of his life, made him more real to me. And if Moira killed her parents, the reason she lives in a mental institution becomes clear as well. I don't really get how she could be upset with Graham for killing people, but on the other hand, he killed for money and she out of - presumably - desperation. So that would be different. But it seems like this information closed the gap that had come between them after Grahams secret. It appears that all of the 'potentials' in the town, let's call them that, have something to do with breaking laws or killing people. Only Janet seems to be exhonorated from that, but I'm betting we'll get to know that soon enough.

    So, this episode raised questions and answered them, and I really liked it because the characters got a bit more explored. I just hope there won't be another "Give us information! No, we don't need to listen to you, Joe!" shoutalong will come around anymore. I'm not against them all hating Joe. Just. Stick. With. It.