Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 21, 2010 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Moira and Graham are talking outside, after he tells her to let go of her past, she lets the scarf go and it blows away on the wind. In the next frame, when Graham holds Moira, you can see her still holding on to the scarf.

  • Quotes

    • Graham: So you failed the test.
      Joe: There is no success or failure here, only results.

    • Janet: So by vows, you mean celibacy?
      Joe: Celibacy is funny. I thought that would be the hard one. No, obedience.
      Janet: I can relate to this. So, you're celibate.
      Joe: Yes.
      Janet: Wow. I... I mean, no sex ever?
      Joe: Not for a very long time. No.

    • Renbe: Yeah, about the thumbs.
      Kat: Why do they collect thumbs?
      Stefano: They don't. I do.
      Renbe: You cut off their thumbs?
      Stefano: Yes.
      Renbe: Aw, come on!
      Stefano: How else could these bodies by positively identified by the authorities a thousand miles away from here?
      Kat: It's genius.
      Stefano: Thanks. I try.

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