Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2010 on NBC

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  • It has some strong points, but also quite a few weak ones.

    Spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen the episode!
    As I always enjoy getting a few clues more about what is going on, and getting some mystery in turn - why and/or how is Victoria dead - it does need to be original. As the Joe-Janet connection is fairly obvious even to the most dimwitted person out there, it becomes more and more unclear why they pretend there isn't. Sooner or later they need to provide a reason why not, or get on with it.
    There are some original(?) elements. I like it that Jake became a follower of the islam faith, it's a new outlook on what a soldier goes through when back home. I have a feeling the new girl is going to be some sort of love interest for him (but I would like to be wrong about this) and I do resent the implication we need a black woman for that. I would have liked the extremely unlikely, but still able to happen, match between him and Victoria. He being all noble and understanding and self-sacrificing, and her being superficial, depressed and childlike. Although I see something happening with Moira as well, maybe they are just considering possible options. But again, I have no idea if this is even why they brought in the new girl and replaced Victoria with her, whom I'll miss.
    I'm also getting a bit tired with the journalist-storyline. His boss not believing him and wanting to take him of the case is getting boring and unbelievable. She is quite the hard businesswoman, and her giving him one chance after another while he doesn't get results to back it up (or they get stolen from him), is getting to be just plain unbelievable.
    I like it that Joe is on the inside, it gives it a sharper edge and I would like to know why and how he is involved. As they watch, there are also being watched. And the other mysteries - especially why Janet and Joe got to spend a night in a cottage and were brought back (were they supposed to do something different?), and Victoria really did get to leave in the cab.
    That brings me to the last weakness, and I hope the writers take notes on this, because it's the biggest. I really could have done without the implication of it being purgatory/the afterlife. Maybe it's because Lost is fresh in our minds we make that connection, or maybe the writers are riding the wave - thus being extremely unoriginal. Which is bad, I take it, for a series just starting out. Since there is all the electronics, and the phone call to the outside world, it would be very unlikely, but it's implied nonetheless. By Victoria's disappearance and being found dead in the 'real world', and the newcomer's remark about receiving the lethal injection right before coming there.

    On a good note; I like how they screw with the minds of the people kept prisoner and I wonder why they do it. Also, they probably weren't kidding with the gas masks, if they were also responsible for killing Victoria. It seems as if there is something they need to 'work on', some issue, since there are all tormented by something in the past. Did I mention I also like the grey area-theme. None of them are truly good or evil, but shades of grey. But if they needed to work on an issue, why was Victoria released without doing anything - for as far as we've seen - and ending up dead?
    Again, poor girl. I liked her.

    What did you think of the episode? I thought it was the weakest one yet, but they can't all be promising. I fear they will try to be the new Lost, but if that is the case, I won't be watching much longer. Hopefully, some original spin will once again come into play, and I get to enjoy a show during this very, very meager summer season.