Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 07, 2010 on NBC

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  • A great setup

    Its a good setup for a mesteries series, wich in the beginning is very confusing but great to watch, lots of loose ends, and lots of questuionable characters. It has all that a good show has to have.
  • A bunch of crazy people wake up in a hotel and then they eat Chinese food.

    By Thor, that was boring. Kidnapped people found themselves prisoner... nothing new here, "Cube" had already done that, well here they are prisoners of a town rather than a cube, and there are "employees" who don't seam to know much other then what their job is. There are no death traps either, but "sleep traps".

    I don't really have a problem with the setup or well, the "story", what caused me a lot of "rolling eye in the air" fatigue was the poor dialogs and actors direction. Their reactions are so unrealistic to a point that is nearly stupid. The best example is when they finally reach the ground of the hotel, and they all stand like zombies wondering around, and nobody-run-for-the-f*cking-doors ?? How stupid is that ?

    And what's with all the constant fight, violence and aggression ? Do you think that's a normal reaction when you are lost and clueless ? Wouldn't you be willing to trust others, which are in the same situation, and work in a common effort to overcome the challenges ? I really don't get the suspicious hysteria.

    I'll watch the second episode to see if it's any better, but that's a very clumsy start.
  • The Blonde Bombshell Reviews What a Pilot!!!

    A group of strangers wake up in a deserted town with no memory of how they got there. In order to escape, they must work together to solve an intriguing puzzle. I have got to say that I was looking forward to this show and it did not disapoint. The characters are great except that blonde chick. She was put there just to use up space. Most of the time I like the blonde because well we need to stick together but she was not one i will stick with. The ending was the bext part. Where you see the camera zoom out and you see how small the town really is. Wow. Great ending.
  • Pilot

    NBC has not launched a single entertaining drama in years (I think Kidnapped was the last good one, and we saw what ratings that got) but I thought Persons Unknown may have broken that trend. Well, it did not, but there is still some potential here.

    The show has an interesting premise, a group of people have been kidnapped and put into a ghost town where their every move is filmed, but they actually gave away too much too early. They showed that there are others, they showed that they are being tracked, and they showed that there is a way out of here. That's all a little bit too much for the first episode.

    Still, summer is all about these sci-fi shows. NBC had Fear Itself two years ago, ABC had Masters of Science Fiction, TNT had Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Hopefully this can continue on as an annual tradition, but I predict the ratings will not be to the delight of the peacock's higher-ups.

    Still, they may have found something here in this mysterious show.
  • Great potential.

    Wow, a lot to hold in for the very first episode. After finishing the first epsiode, and going through the cliffhanger, I realized that this show is really fresh, and it really made me think after watching it. This show has great potential and it could continue forever, endless possibilities for this show, and that is why I am hooked now, after watching the pilot episode. And for me to already be hooked to a show after seeing the pilot episode is impressive, especially in today's TV standards. All the characters were dynamic and the flow of the storyline was quite amazing. It might be weird at times, but I love things that are mysterious which kept me enticed to watch this show. I noticed a lot of foreshadowing, and I have a feeling - miniseries or not - that this is going to have a great ending that I am looking forward too, hopefully this show survives, especially in the summertime. Amazing pilot episode, a show with a lot of potential, lets just hope they take the show in the right direction.