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  • great show

    Now this was a funny little story sadly it has no ending because it was cancelled. No DVD release of it yet either. Semi good acting, but story is great about this town were People Wake up and cant ge out, and the drama around that.
  • Another Seriers coming??

    I came across Persons Unknown through Netflix and I must say the show is very good!!! When I went to watch other series I realized they cancelled the show, and I don't know why??? I wish they would continue the show!!!
  • Another series?

    loved the series! Will there be anymore
  • Dark Elements of "The Prisoner"

    This show exhibited a lot of potential through its run with many elements taken from the 60's "The Prisoner" series and unfortunately not given the chance to conclude.
  • Why Do They Keep Ending These Shows?

    What is the point of starting a story and then never finishing it? I mean look at Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals, we just get into the thing and it ends, the same was with Firefly, Tremors, Eastwick just to name a few, At least the British can keep comming back with a continuing DR WHO a regenearting Time Lord that never dies. The Simpsons can do 22 Years in a row with a family that never seems to age?

    Even those shows that go 3-4 year and then die in their peak eg. Heroes and Stargate Atlantis....why start and then make the audience suffer??? No wonder no one watches TV these days....if the show goes a while download and watch....maybe we should see if it goes over a year before bothering with the show at all?

    My point of view and i'm sticking to it!!
  • Edge of your seat stuff!!! Thanks to Jason Wiles (Joe)


    When I first read the US reviews they were all very negative, so put me off watching. Its only because of Jason Wiles I watched the pilot as he was absolutely brilliant in Third Watch. As Joe he totally makes the series its on the edge of your seat kinda stuff!!! Can't wait for the next episode......thanks Sci Fi for putting two on at a time!!

  • Psychological thriller at its best!

    Several strangers are taken out of their daily routine for an unknown purpose, the "procedure" attempts to re-create psych-ops techniques meant to bring out the core of each individual.

    Each week it's different test, the only goal its survival, regardless what you motivation may be, so survival its earned up until the last one of them remains and, just when you think you have it all figured out,...'s "Welcome, to level 2".
  • Take the worst parts of LOST, combine it with the Reality TV Survivor series and you get Persons Unknown.

    I'm sorry but this show is awful. A group of seemingly random strangers, from seemingly all walks of life are mysteriously kidnapped and trapped in a small isolated town enclosed with some invisible barrier and watched at all times by video cameras. OK, suspend belief for a while. This group, like all group of heroes try to work together to escape, but of course there are clashes in personalities which they must overcome as they try to get along. They are fed by a fully functioning Chinese restaurant in town, and there is a night manager that works in the Hotel, why I don't know. If they can get by without staff during the day, why a night manager? To add to the MYSTERY of it all a journalist trying to get the scoop on the disapperance of one of the characters is threatened for reasons unknown. Why all this happens, I guess they will reveal all at the end of season 6... but I doubt I can get past episode 3 of the 1st season, so I will never know, and honestly I don't care.

    The characters are lame and unconvincing. They flit from working together dysfunctionaly to escape to acting as if they are on some retreat vacation. Why not stick to their mysterious Chinese cooks or the night manager like glue, they must leave the town sometime. Why not just torch the entire town (except the restaurant... can't go without the yummy food). Of course none of the characters are what they first appear to be, just to add more mystery to the innane plot. They argue and fight amongst themselves that is just annoying to watch.

    I am just waiting for the observers to start offering "immunity" to the characters and voting who gets "eliminated"
  • Refrain from watching!

    How dare people even compare this show to LOST?! This show just doesn't deliver, it looks cheap, it lacks a good plot, the acting is terrible (for example Janet or what's-her-name irritated the living hell out of me) and then there is the series finale which is downright ridiculous...
    NBC promised all would be revealed by the final episode but instead nothing of importance is revealed by the end of the episode because there are such major plot holes which are only created for some cheap cliffhangers and thrills that the creators of the show apparently couldn't come up with a solid ending anymore. Instead you are left thoroughly disappointed and maybe like me even a bit mad that you've watched all thirteen episodes...
    Don't waste your precious time on this show like I did, there are far better shows out there for you to watch!
  • Strangers wake up to find themselves locked in their individual hotel rooms and completely under electronic

    If you are looking for strange edge of your seat Drama, action, thrilling suspense and much more this is the show to watch.

    For you Nah Sayers and there are some out there go build an ant farm, because you wouldn't know a real acting if it bit you in the face and danced all over your corpse.
  • LOVE IT!!!

    All I can say is that I love this show but. . . . . I've waited about what three months with nothing about another season and. . . . so I started wondering is there going to be another season. . . . then I started doing some reaserch and I didn't see anything about another season. . . . . So my question to anybody thats reading this is. . . . . . . . Is there going to be another season. . . . . Because if there isn't another season. . . I will be very sad! ! ! ! ! !
  • Well it was a summer show so a certain bit of leeway should be given.

    Well it was a summer show so a certain bit of leeway should be given. The show made the viewers take huge leaps of reason and let a lot of logic slide under the radar to accept the weekly stories. The premise was great strangers kidnapped for unknown reasons and as we later found out part of a large social experiment. Wondering if the characters would die, kill each other, or join the shadow organization was a fun jaunt. Throw in the mix outsiders trying to uncover the conspiracy and you had silly fun. A summer show on a major network is going to lack certain quality. It's not going to be as good as the fall lineup and cable has established itself as the source of good summer programming. With that said if you suspend belief and allow this show to fill the void between regular TV seasons. I think you'll have an adequate mind numbing distraction.
  • This show pays off big time in the season finale. The series was a bit redundant but honestly the final episode alone made me want a season 2. Stick with it, it pays off. LOSTesque.

    Basically a bunch of people are abducted and wake up in a town and are like WTF!? This plot point runs throughout most of the first season. Eventually some things start to happen and there is a strong secondary storyline that takes place outside of the town regarding the search for the missing people. Ultimately this season(1) feels like a set up for something much bigger and better. The final episode beautifully ties things together yet at the same time leaves things unfinished in a way that LOST wishes it could have done during season finales. At the same time though I do feel a LOST type vibe from this show in a good way. It's highly unlikely for a season 2 but after that final episode I really want it. Hopefully if NBC doesn't bring it back someone else will. (I'm looking at you cable networks!)
  • A bunch of people are kidnapped and ... well that's pretty much that, don't waste your time watching this garbage.

    This one season mini-series was announced with the premise (promise?) that it would "answer all questions," thumbing its nose at recently concluded Lost. Being summertime and with very little else premiering on TV this was an easy sell. However, half-way through this 13 episode drekfest interest began to wane as more and more time was being spent on unnecessary chase scenes (which were very yawn-inducing) than answering those questions. And at the end of it all -- which required finding one of the final 3 episodes online as it was not broadcast -- we get nothing! I don't recommend watching this show beyond perhaps the first 2 episodes and then stopping as otherwise you'll want a refund on those hours you wasted watching this.
  • Persons unknown - Lost - BSG - Fringe ... We need more like that!!!

    I do not know what you watching people think. I am watching SciFi and Mystery Shows for about 35 years. So I could really follow the evolution of building up stories, choosing the right cast and decide how much SFX I want to put in that show. I think the actors and actresses of this show were choosen brilliantly - the score was really good, the camera and the setting more than great. And the ending - oh man. Most directors and writers have their problems with the finding of an appropriate ending - most of all if the story was really mysterious. The ending - or hopefully the ending of season 1 was great. Alan Ruck and also everybody on the team - were outstanding. Not too smooth. A lot of edges and ugly sides within their characters and their acting. I really hope that intelligent and thrilling shows like this will come up more often. Not only for one season.
  • I think NBC likes to torture us just as much as the madam director liked to torture Graham at the end.

    I am seriously seriously SERIOUSLY upset at the ending, it ended like a season finale, not a SERIES finale, are you kidding? Answered what questions? Its a huge cliffhanger! It would be SOOOOO awsome if Sci Fi or some other channel picked up this show, and continued it where NBC just decided to close the door completely on it! They get us familiaraized and friendly with the characters and then torture us all with an ending like that. Whats the program all about? Why is it in place? Who was that creepy guy at the table who madame director was speaking to? I mean seriously? Unbelievable. Im so bummed and dissapointed. Thanks for nothing, NBC!
  • A COMPLETE waste of time

    According to the Producers: "Though they wanted it to go on, he made sure that they answered all of the questions by the end of the first season, to make it a satisfying story for viewers."

    They LIED! They didn't answer anything and it was NOT satisfying (way worse than Lost)

    This was just poor writing pretending to be "character driven." Who is it that thinks we, the viewers, want stupid unexplained, mysterious, unending plots... but with REALLY INTERESTING characters?!?!? I pity the person who unknowingly buys the DVD -- Don't buy...

    NBC lied to me -- nothing was explained -- what was the purpose of The Program? The Director could have slipped that in at the Board Meeting, but I doubt the writers knew what the point was themselves!

    I will not be watching nbc shows and I will specifically not be patronizing any nbc advertisers!!!
  • Loved the pilot.

    Even though the idea of someone waking up somewhere mysterious and trying to find a way out is not new, this show could be a real treat to everyone who likes mysteries and character driven TV. I loved the pilot and am really looking forward to the next episodes. I read that the ratings were not brilliant for the pilot, but that doesn't mean that people won't like it once they tune in. I highly recommend everyone to give it a chance. The actors are well cast - as far as I can tell for now and if the story doesn't stumble like in the new version of "The Prisoner", this could be a hit.
  • Saw It, Loved it

    it was great pilot, maybe one of the best!
    it is great show, with a very great potential
    interesting characters
    truly entertaining storyline
    a lot of questions and no answers of course
    ( I Really Hope that it will not end like LOST did)
    this show can become a real hit if NBC manages to make it a hit ! ! ! So I hope they will keep this show on and it won't last it for one or two seasons only and I hope they won't screw it up ! ! !
    make it good
    make it great
    make it epic
    10 / 10 with lots of hopes - me :D
  • Weak and illogical, this can summarize the whole show. Some people put in an empty village – so far so good. And here the interesting part just ends. The people seemingly do anything to get out, but it's like they suffer a hard case of retardness.

    The ideas to show people trapped, and reveal their true colors, but they are not really trapped. There are so many conceivable other ways to escape that is just odd that they don't even think about it. Weak acting just supports that bad opinion of that show. One other thing worth mentioning is that they are not alone in that village. They are cooks and some dude that works in a hotel. For them they almost don't exist. They don't want to know how they got there, who hired them and something they know. They just don't pay them much attention. Also the cameras, why the f*** they didn't break (or cover) all the firkin cameras. It's a lot easier to escape if you are not watched at all times. So all the thing combined the show is like the Spartan hole from 300 – it's there and it's endless.

    A very interesting premise which although owing a debt to cult UK show The Prisoner (and it's US overhaul) still had me enthralled. Considering the recent spate of poor Lost clones like Flashforward and even worse crud like The Gates (already cancelled in theory) it is surprising this show has had very little hype or promotion behind it. Another brave aspect of the production behind this gem is that it is a 13 part serial so therefore viewers won't be left hanging regardless of viewing figures. If only the creators of Happy Town had followed suite rather than naively belive in the exes at ABC letting a show last more than a few episodes. Thankfully Persons Unknown is on NBC who give a show a good shot even when perhaps it isn't deserved (Heroes Seasons 3/4).
  • Confusion for confusions sake.

    If there is one rule that producers seem to have learnt from Lost it is that mystery shows attract audiences because the "what is going on" feeling makes you tune in week after week. Unfortunately it is the wrong lesson. This show seems to be confusing for the sake of being confusing. Take 1 seemingly omnipotent conspiracy, add a few stereotypical examples of human society, put them in a situation where nothing makes sense, and stir.

    Unfortunately you need to have something else. Some reason to watch (engaging characters - I counted 2 in this show) and some hint of the mystery otherwise it becomes very obvious that no matter how long you keep watching you will never find out what is going on. Fair enough if that happens the show is over, that is why producers need to have the courage to end a show rather than try and stretch a story arc into 10 years.

    I like mysterious shows. I like not knowing what is going on. I like working things out for myself and having theories. I do not like when it is so obviously created for the purpose of being confusing to get ratings.
  • Great new show, interesting plot and characters

    I only just heard about this show, but i heard god things, as there has not been many new good shows to watch on TV of late, so i watched all 5 current episodes back to back and i was hooked! The show is interesting to watch and you never know what is going to happen next, that combined with an interesting set of characters and good story line. I am looking forward to seeing here this show goes, as there is definitely a sci-fi element to the show which i like, it will be interesting to find out more about the characters, why they have been chosen, who is keeping them there and where the town is.
  • If I don't know what's going on by the end of season 1 then this is my final review score, 1 = abysmal... Later: OK, "there is no such thing as free will" is the feather on the camel that bars me from ever watching this trash again.

    I hate shows that string you along and never tell you anything. It is immature. And reality shows that punish people for fun, more childishness. That's where I am coming from when I say this better pan out soon or I'm done. I think giving it the whole of Season 1 is generous. So stop writing like evil twelve year olds who circle, tease and hit the poor sucker viewer when they get them on the playground. You're acting like idiots. If you keep it up you will mature into some screwed up S&M addicts, you fools. So you are ruining yourselves as well as the viewer by this kind of junk. Good job jerks. How much are you paid for flushing yourself and your viewer?... Later: Ahhh, "there is no such thing as free will"! So this must be a corporate-sponsored show, designed to demoralize, defeat, and and make us docile! It's Corporate PROPAGANDA! They control everything and there is nothing we can do, no hope but to surrender and fall back in line! Ho ho! No no! We won't betray our souls! Hey hey! Yo yo! It's YOU who will go!!! What a RETARDED show to make when the country is in such a demoralized state! You imbeciles!!!
  • Amazing!

    great show... i dont understand why there are many bad reviews ... when lost ended i said to my self thats the last good
    show on television, never thought that a good mystrey
    show would come after it ... i was wrong .

    this show is brilliant if you like lost then you'll
    love this , its very rare to see a show and fall in love with each character , this one will make you care and think about the fates of each one ... its a bit simillar to lost and the prisoner but its not a rip off ... i thought of that at first but its not.

    I highly recommendet you wont be disapointed.
  • I somehow managed to survive three episodes of this show.

    When I first watched it, I thought it was an interesting show and possible addition to my favourites list.

    As the show got on, and we saw the introduction of the night manager and the cooks, I completely lost interest as how they could walk around saying 'How can we escape from this place?' 'Where are we?' when there is a kitchen full of chefs and a room where a hotel manager 'lives', the first thing on my mind would be to get information from them.

    However, I'll be fair, they did try, yeah, they asked the night manager 'Why are we here?', he replied something along the lines of 'I don't know' and they just took his word for it (so realistic).

    This will drag on for 5 seasons when we realize they're in hell.
  • Good plan, bad execution.

    High concept shows always have to walk a tightrope between entertainment and intrigue. They have to pull you into the intricacies of the plot but also make you care about the characters. They have to get the audience to buy the premise and root for at least some of the people on screen. They also have to have the full support of the network that airs the show. Sadly, this show falls short on pretty much every aspect. Among the many problems of "Persons Unknown" is: A) The network didn't air all episodes yet still ran "previously on" notifications including things that didn't air which could cause some people to get fed up and change the channel.

    B) They spent all summer saying that by the end all would be revealed and it wasn't.

    C) There would be long periods of time were not a single question would be answered. Things would just happen. There was never any sense of connection. No, for lack of a better phrase, "aha" moment where you could say "I get it now".

    All in all a bad show that makes the abysmal "Harper's Island" look good by comparison. Hey, at least in that show, the answers bad as they were were actually given. The show really did get wrapped up. And if nothing else, at least there were some interesting death scenes.
  • This show has potential and some great ideas, but they just don't come together well.

    From the commercials I thought this was going to be this year's "Harper's Island". A horror/thriller type of show for the summer. I was wrong. Persons Unknown has potential. It just doesn't have good enough characters or story to do it. They've tried to make it like Lost with all of these different characters, the only problem is...these characters suck compared to Lost's. My favorite part of Persons Unknown is the scenes with the two reporters traveling around the world. I'm actually now stuck because I know how bad this show is but now I have to find out what happens! I'll keep watching, but at the same time wishing it was just a little better.
  • Good summer fun

    This show is like watching one long episode of The Twilight Zone and pretty good one at that. The characters have intrigue and likeablity even in their flaws. The basic plot is interesting and because this is probably only going to last 6 summer episodes it seems like it will not overdraw the mystery of the cameras. Janet, the protagonist, so to speak is the weakest of the lot but does her job well in her relentless quest to reunite with her daughter. It was obvious from the start that one of the residents was in on it and they revealed who it was in a timely matter without drawing it out. The more subtle friendships are very interesting and the interactions with the outside world are very interesting. This show was destined to be cancelled and have low ratings but I find it to be very intriguing and fun to watch.
  • Great show but something missing.

    Great show but something missing like flashbacks to the individual characters lives to show how and eventually how they ended up in the town I hope to see a little more of that so that we can better understand the characacters and at the same time not take away any kind of mystery.

    The show seem to progress at a good rate and then at some point accelerates, to me anyway. I noticed as some others have also noticed that the nee night manager had fallen for Janet wat too fast. I think the show is great and just needs fine tuning.

    Who am I anyway...This is just my opinion.