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  • Take the worst parts of LOST, combine it with the Reality TV Survivor series and you get Persons Unknown.

    I'm sorry but this show is awful. A group of seemingly random strangers, from seemingly all walks of life are mysteriously kidnapped and trapped in a small isolated town enclosed with some invisible barrier and watched at all times by video cameras. OK, suspend belief for a while. This group, like all group of heroes try to work together to escape, but of course there are clashes in personalities which they must overcome as they try to get along. They are fed by a fully functioning Chinese restaurant in town, and there is a night manager that works in the Hotel, why I don't know. If they can get by without staff during the day, why a night manager? To add to the MYSTERY of it all a journalist trying to get the scoop on the disapperance of one of the characters is threatened for reasons unknown. Why all this happens, I guess they will reveal all at the end of season 6... but I doubt I can get past episode 3 of the 1st season, so I will never know, and honestly I don't care.

    The characters are lame and unconvincing. They flit from working together dysfunctionaly to escape to acting as if they are on some retreat vacation. Why not stick to their mysterious Chinese cooks or the night manager like glue, they must leave the town sometime. Why not just torch the entire town (except the restaurant... can't go without the yummy food). Of course none of the characters are what they first appear to be, just to add more mystery to the innane plot. They argue and fight amongst themselves that is just annoying to watch.

    I am just waiting for the observers to start offering "immunity" to the characters and voting who gets "eliminated"
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